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Cancer Survivors Speak Out – Nutrition & Fitness Matter!


Unless you’re a cancer survivor or have a loved one who is, you probably didn’t know that the first Sunday in June is National Cancer Survivor Day.

Since I first wrote this post, I’ve known many more people who’ve been diagnosed with Cancer – it gets depressing. But, it’s good to be reminded of the people who’ve had some success in their battle against cancer!

We have many customers who are cancer survivors and incorporate natural health and fitness in their recovery. We asked some of them to share their story.

Our first guest has a powerful message to share and unique circumstances surrounding her cancer story. She hasn’t always agreed with mainstream medicine cancer treatments and wants to avoid any repercussions for the choices she’s made, so she’s asked to remain anonymous.

Rejecting the “standard of care” for cancer treatment can be difficult. If you don’t believe it, watch the documentary “Cut, Poison, Burn.” Our health freedoms are hanging in the balance.

We assure you, this cancer survivor is a very real person and she visits us at Natural Healthy concepts regularly!

When were you first diagnosed with cancer?

In July 2010, Jane (pseudonym) saw her doctor for a routine physical, by all accounts everything was fine, but her doctor said it was time for a mammogram. She had it done on a Friday and was called back on Monday. Something wasn’t right and they wanted another mammogram. They also did an ultrasound and sent her back for yet another mammogram. This was a total of three mammograms within a two week period.

Not only did she have three mammograms in this brief period of time, but because she is smaller chested with dense breast tissue, her mammograms required extra views. They told her they had never squeezed anyone that tight before – she obviously has a good threshold for pain because it hurt me just thinking about it. It was then time for a needle biopsy.

Jane found out the next day that she did indeed have cancer. It was ductal carcinoma in situ – stage 2 (DCIS). The National Cancer Institute defines DCIS as a “noninvasive condition in which abnormal cells are found in the lining of a breast duct.”

It should be noted that six months prior to Jane’s diagnosis, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, her sister had a suspicious spot on her breast, and she had a cousin on her dad’s side that also had breast cancer. Her mom went through genetic testing and while Jane had several of the genetic tests done, she didn’t complete the series of tests. She was not going to let her genes define her.

 Was the diagnosis a surprise or did you have some prior health concerns?

Because of her mom’s diagnosis it wasn’t a complete surprise, but in hindsight, she wondered what might have brought her to the big “C.” Her “aha” moment came when she realized that for almost eight years she’d been having significant arthritis pain throughout her body and she had a great deal of neck pain, too. Jane had been seeing a chiropractor who sent her to a neurologist. It was clear she was dealing with inflammation throughout her body and surgery on her neck seemed inevitable.

Jane had been good about doing monthly self-breast exams and would periodically find a sensitive area, but didn’t make much of it at the time. Breast pain generally doesn’t mean cancer is present.

Like most women, Jane had trouble sleeping – she seldom got a good night’s rest and she was dealing with hot flash issues, which often means a hormonal imbalance.

What was your first step –did you seek traditional treatment and if so, what?

It’s hard for the rest of us to wrap our heads around a cancer diagnosis, what would we do? Jane’s doctor told her to schedule a lumpectomy and then she’d have to do radiation and Tamoxifin. If she didn’t do that, then the doctor recommended chemo. Jane asked her doctor if there was anything she could do nutritionally and the answer was a resounding no.

Jane knew better – some time before her diagnosis, she had been to an iridologist who had put her on an organic diet! That was perhaps a life changing and life-saving, decision. Her surgery was originally scheduled for four weeks out, but Jane wanted to get as much information as she could and she pushed it back to eight weeks. From her original appointment, Jane came right to Natural Healthy Concepts.

She met with Theresa Groskopp, CN, at Natural Healthy Concepts, who helped her get her health back on track. Detoxing her body was the first step and part of her protocol included Cell Guardian and some Green Vibrance and ClearVite-CR from Apex Energetics and iodine from Xenostat from Premier Research. Note: You should never do an intense detox without the help of a certified healthcare practitioner! Jane experienced a Herxheimer response to her detox – this is an often common occurrence and why a detox should be done under the care of a practitioner.

What Is The Herxheimer Reaction?

The Herxheimer Reaction is an immune system reaction to the toxins (endotoxins) that are released when large amounts of pathogens are being killed off, and the body does not eliminate the toxins quickly enough. Simply stated, it is a reaction that occurs when the body is detoxifying and the released toxins either exacerbate the symptoms being treated or create their own symptoms. The important thing to note is that worsening symptoms do not indicate failure of the treatment in question; in fact, usually just the opposite.

Jane also needed to address the pH levels in her body. Did you know cancer can thrive in an acidic environment? It’s important to know your pH levels.

She was supposed to go in for surgery but cancelled because she felt so lousy, even though the medical staff said it would be fine to go ahead!

Finally after 8 weeks, she had the lumpectomy.

After reading the book Cancer Can be Cured about how aloe fights cancer, Jane immersed herself further in the pursuit of natural cancer treatments. Jane received help for her poor sleeping habits from someone who did Reiki, and researched essential oils and other books on natural health. Jane never did have radiation or chemo. This was her personal choice. In one of her appointments with her oncologist, she asked for statistics on nutritional protocols in treating cancer but the response was “We don’t do those kinds of studies.”

 Did you make lifestyle changes?

Definitely! She changed her diet to whole, organic, clean foods, and went vegan for awhile as she detoxed. She has always exercised but changed up her routine a little after the diagnosis. She was very calm about facing cancer once she got the diagnosis – she felt prepared to meet the enemy. She lost 30 lbs, and she felt better because she ate better.

 How  is she doing today?

After three years, Jane is still cancer free (She looks great and is wonderfully fit & trim!) She knows she must continue to take care of herself, getting enough rest and making sure she’s eating right. Jane’s diet is gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free. She had food sensitivity testing and avoids her trigger foods.  She constantly educates herself on natural health.

What do you wish you knew before the diagnosis? Is there anything you’d do differently?

She wishes she would have known more about natural health & essential oils before she was first diagnosed. She knew that sugar feeds cancer so she immediately got off the sugar.

As for what she’d do differently – her response was “Pretty much everything!” She’d always been physically active and worked out regularly, but she would have made many more healthy lifestyle changes.

 How are things different today?

So much has changed! Her arthritis is gone, her mood health is so much better, her hair is thicker and healthier (no more toxic perms!) Her voice isn’t gravelly anymore and she’s singing again! Her hot flashes are gone, too. She sees a chiropractor regularly and said she adjusts so much easier. The best part is, she doesn’t need neck surgery anymore.

She is a firm believer in the power of prayer and making the most of your circumstances. She had down days like everyone else, but now she loves how she can just pop out of bed in the morning. The old Jane couldn’t do that so well!

 What would you like to tell someone today?

1. Eat an organic diet with free range meats and unprocessed foods.

2. Get rid of sugary foods.

3. Get your body moving – exercise is critical!

4. Get quality sleep!

5. Get rid of toxins in your house.

6. Take care of yourself and make your health a priority. No one else can do it for you!

What resources or websites do you like?

• Dr. Mercola at

• In keeping with her healthy diet, Jane sells Wildtree products which are made with all natural ingredients.

• Natural Healthy Concepts

What an inspiration Jane is! It was great to get to know her better and see her not only survive but thrive after cancer! And yes, it’s a little convicting, too….it made me take a good inventory of my own health habits! Time to make some changes!

Products for cancer prevention:

Vitamin D3 – Clinically proven to reduce cancer risk

Antioxidants – Help fight free radicals from oxidative stress

Detoxification – Get the junk out of your body!

Immune support – A weak immune system leaves you vulnerable to disease.

Are you a cancer survivor? We’d like to know your strategy for staying cancer free. Please share in the comments section below!

 Additional Resources:


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4 Responses to Cancer Survivors Speak Out – Nutrition & Fitness Matter!

  1. natural health June 29, 2013 at 1:58 am #

    Nice post, lot of people loose hope after hearing about cancer and they need to know that will is one thing which can cure many diseases and family also helps in this. stay +ve stay healthy.

  2. Meena Kiri December 12, 2013 at 5:47 am #

    Very nice post. Thank you for this info. For Health guidelines, Art of alive, problem and answers, Yoga, pranayama, patanjali yoga peeth, fitness, community, yoga books, packages for diseases and home remedies.

  3. Adam March 11, 2014 at 11:59 am #

    There is a lot of great information in your post! I personally believe that cancer is a serious enough battle that it is worth using every ‘weapon’ at your disposal. While I thoroughly believe that many people can be healed of their conditions through the power of herbal and/or homeopathic treatments alone, I also believe that there are circumstances where conventional treatment may also be necessary.

    In truth though, I see no reason why both natural and conventional treatments cannot be used simultaneously. Both have had quite a lot of evidence that supports their efficacy, and I believe its critical for the individual to explore all of their options to beat horrible diseases like cancer.

    I’m very happy that ‘Jane’ was able to beat her cancer, and I am especially happy to hear that she used natural means to so. I wish there were a few more details about what exactly she changed in her diet and in her life to get these results, but it is still a very inspiring story!

  4. Kaye Johnson October 5, 2019 at 4:13 am #

    My aunt has celebrated as she was finally cancer free. Nutrition and fitness.. and happiness, are really helpful. More than people could have ever thought.

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