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Can Diet Induced Thermogenesis Help You Lose Weight?


Thermogenesis is the production of heat in the body. This occurs naturally when the body converts calories found in the food of our digestive tract or the fat located beneath our skin into energy. This energy can then go towards regulating our internal temperature, or keeping the brain or body active.

With your busy schedule or long hours spent sitting behind a desk, you can’t always be physically active. So instead, you want to convert excess calories into heat while you work. So the idea behind diet induced thermogenesis is to eat foods that “trick” your body into converting calories into heat.

How to Boost Thermogenesis With Food

Most of these foods have a place in many cultural traditions, such as Ayurveda or keto. Whatever the origin, thermogenesis-boosting foods tend to take a lot of energy to digest. Therefore, they increase the amount of energy that becomes heat. 

Many foods fall into this category:

Make sure to avoid sugary foods when eating for thermogenesis, as these are quickly digested without much effort at all, and because these also contain a lot of calories by weight. 

You can also supplement your efforts with natural products formulated to help support a healthy metabolism. These products seek to provide a more body-friendly approach than competing products that may lead to discomfort or other side effects.

Check out some of these products and see if they fit your individual weight goals!

Exercise With Diet

It is time to point out that any diet without exercise will have limitations. You can eat fewer calories than your resting metabolic rate to lose weight, but your body will respond in turn by slowing your metabolism. This can lead to problems if you decide to start eating more. Your metabolism is slower and does not burn those extra calories as efficiently, which can lead to rapid weight gain. 

We can increase the rate of calories to burn through exercise. This is why it’s called warming up! You start with simple movements to get your body’s metabolism working before increasing the rate and intensity of movement, at which point you might get uncomfortably hot. This is the point where you are burning the most possible calories! However, you can scale back your workout and still burn calories.

So while you can look to burn weight through diet alone, it is still a good idea to consider adding physical activity to your daily routine.


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