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California Poppy Uses for Your Health & Garden

California poppy uses
Learn the best California poppy uses for your home garden and natural health support!

California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) is the state flower of California and features fresh green leaves and golden orange flowers. Each spring these flowers dot the hills of the west coast and grow in home gardeners’ flower beds and naturally in the wild. The California poppy is protected by the state, meaning it cannot be picked or harvested on state property without incurring a fine. In addition to its beauty, the California poppy has some potential health benefits when taken in extract and supplement form. These California poppy uses for health center around well-researched data, which suggests that the California poppy may support temporary, minor pain relief, restful sleep, and a balanced mood. Keep reading to learn more about these California poppy uses and see how this plant can bring color and peace to your natural, healthy lifestyle.

California Poppy Uses for Your Garden

The California poppy grows wild across the Pacific slope of North America and became the state flower of California in 1903. It has been valued by residents of the state for centuries, and the native dwellers of California would regularly harvest the plant as a food source and as an oil extract. California poppy is an easy addition to your garden, particularly if you have spots in your landscape where the soil is sandy. These blossoms replant easily from seed with a simple scattering of the seeds after the last sign of frost. Given favorable growing conditions, these blossoms can be grown outside of the west coast, ranging across the entire continent of North America as far North as Michigan and Wisconsin.

Potential California Poppy Uses for Natural Health

The extract of the California poppy, when taken in a regulated supplement form, is a safe and legal way to experience the potential health benefits of the poppy plant. Research shows that California poppy extract supplements may ease musculoskeletal discomfort, help provide mood support, and help transition the brain to restful sleep.

There is still a lot of lingering questions about how the California poppy affects the nervous system. However, researchers believe that one of the reasons for the potential benefits of California poppy centers around the alkaloids it contains. Scientists believe that these alkaloids affect GABA receptors, which are widely expressed in the brain mainly at the inhibitory interneurons. Research is still being conducted to understand how and why the alkaloids protopine and allocryptopine, which are present in California poppy, interact with the human nervous system and cause a sense of relaxation as well as a reduction in the sensations of pain.

Try These California Poppy Products

If you’re ready to experience the potential benefits of California poppy for yourself, Natural Healthy Concepts is well stocked to meet your needs.

Stress can diminish your health in many ways, but so often it starts by robbing you of a good night’s rest. Dream Release from Megafood may help your mind and body support the transition from a busy day into a peaceful night’s sleep. Each tablet contains magnesium, Vervain, Ashwagandha, and California poppy extract to help reduce tension throughout your body and promote true relaxation.

To try California poppy in liquid extract form, consider alcohol-free California Poppy from Natural Balance. This full-spectrum extract may help promote natural, temporary pain relief as well as a calming effect to ease mild anxiety. Up to 30 drops of this extract can be taken daily, either on their own or mixed into water or juice.

Have you used California poppy in your garden or as a supplement to your natural healthy lifestyle? What California poppy uses do you prefer? Share your stories and questions with our team using the comments section below!