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3 Reasons to Try California Poppy Extract for Pain Support

California poppy extract for pain
Learn 3 reasons why you should try California poppy extract for pain relief!

The California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) is the state flower of its namesake and when in bloom it dots the western hillsides of the San Francisco Bay area and beyond with colorful golden-orange blossoms. Not only is this perennial plant lovely to look at, but research shows that California poppy extract may also support restful sleep, a healthy mood, and can be used for temporary pain relief. A cousin to the more notorious opium poppy (Papaver somniferum), California poppy does not contain opiates and has a more gentle sedative effect on the body as perfectly legal way to ease minor pain and promote feelings of calmness. Keep reading to understand the effects of California poppy extract for pain and other ways it may be used.

How Does California Poppy Extract for Pain Work?

California poppy extract is sold worldwide as a potential method for relieving minor pain and helping to soothe feelings of anxiety and unrest. While science has several theories on why this extract may be helpful, there are still more questions than answers. One theory centers around the way in which the alkaloids contained in the California poppy affect the neurons in the human brain. Researchers theorize that the alkaloids affect GABA receptors, which are widely expressed in the brain mainly at the inhibitory interneurons. Further studies are currently underway to help understand how and why the alkaloids protopine and allocryptopine, which are also present in California poppy, interact with the human nervous system. It all comes down to the possibility that there may be a link between the human body and taking supplements of California poppy extract for pain.

Why Try California Poppy Extract for Pain?

Provides Gentle, Natural Temporary Pain Relief
Pharmaceutical drugs are certainly effective in the battle against pain, but the way in which California poppy extract relieves pain is more gentle on the body. It has a unique way of targeting your nervous system, supporting the slowing of pain receptors without disturbing the system’s overall balance.

Supports Relaxation of Muscles
California poppy extract acts as an antispasmodic and can offer targeted support for musculoskeletal system discomfort. This means that if muscle aches or joint pain are causing you to lose sleep, this extract may be potentially beneficial on both fronts without an overt drowsy effect.

Provides Mood Support

Time and time again, studies show that anxiety and pain go hand in hand. One of the potential benefits of using California poppy extract for pain is that it may also promote a healthy mood. The anxiolytic properties of the plant can work in tandem with the pain-relieving alkaloids to support overall relief for both mind and body.

Ready To Try California Poppy Extract For Pain?

If you’re ready to experience the potential pain relief that comes from using California poppy, Natural Healthy Concepts is well stocked to get you started. California Poppy from Natural Balance is an alcohol-free full-spectrum extract that may help provide natural pain relief and a calming effect, helping to ease mild anxiety. This liquid supplement can be taken alone or mixed in juice or water.

For another liquid option, try organic California Poppy extract from Herb Pharm. This formula contains extracts of the whole flowering plant (root, leaf, and flower) which is grown on Herb Pharm’s farm. If, on the other hand, you’re located in California and opt to grow the plant yourself for the purpose of concocting a liquid tincture, be advised that the state flower is protected and cannot be harvested on public land unless you want to risk a hefty fine. In addition, be careful not to drink California poppy tea, as it may be lethal.

For another safe option, try California poppy extract in capsule form, which contains a much smaller amount of the ingredient than the fresh herb. Start with California Poppy Extract from Genesis Today. Each easy-to-swallow, vegan capsule contains 533 mg of California poppy and provides botanical support for rest and pain relief.

Have you used California poppy extract for pain? We would love to hear about your experiences and answer your questions in the comments section below.