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8 Butterbur Uses for Your Health

butterbur uses

Discover 8 potential butterbur uses to support optimal health.

Migraines and seasonal health issues top the list as some of the most disruptive events in the life of an otherwise healthy person. Any of these ailments can ruin a productive day and leave you buried in your bed sheets, begging for relief. Science is still hard at work trying to understand both the causes and cures of these sudden onset health interruptions. However, the natural health community may have a centuries-old remedy that could potentially provide comfort in the midst of both conditions. Keep reading to learn more about 8 butterbur uses that may help support you on your journey to natural health.

The butterbur shrub, or Petasites hybridus flourishes throughout wet, marshy climates in Europe, Asia, and North America. It is most easily identifiable by its large, green leaves and was named for its original use – a wrap for butter, intended preserve it during the warm summer months before the invention of refrigeration.

Today, scientists believe that every part of the butterbur plant may be uniquely helpful in supporting optimal health. In fact, the butterbur extract is used in many natural health communities not only for seasonal support and migraine support but to also promote urinary tract health, digestive comfort, mood balance, and more. Here are several butterbur uses that you mind find helpful for achieving your natural health goals.

8 Potentially Beneficial Butterbur Uses

Butterbur for Migraines

One of the most widely tested uses for butterbur is in the treating and prevention of migraine headaches. In fact, the American Academy of Neurology and the American Headache Society have both endorsed butterbur extracts, specifically those made from the root or rhizome of the plant, in the prevention of migraines.

Butterbur for Urinary Tract Health

The petasins contained in butterbur have been shown to support a healthy bladder and elimination, resulting in a more regulated urination schedule and potential support in the midst of urinary tract discomfort.

Butterbur for Digestive Health

One of the oldest uses for butterbur involves the treatment of stomach upset and discomfort. Some studies show that the extract of the butterbur plant has been used to calm the stomach since the 17th century.

Butterbur for Seasonal Discomfort

A sudden bout of sneezing and itching can stop you in your tracks, but studies show that butterbur extract may help temporarily relieve these reactions by supporting a healthy internal response during seasonal health challenges.

Butterbur for Mood Support

Research shows that butterbur extract may help bring balance in the midst of mood instability, particularly those issues relating to anxiety and somatoform disorders by restoring brain-body balance and communication.

Butterbur for Respiratory Health

A few promising studies show that butterbur may help promote healthy breathing, keeping airways open for optimal oxygen flow during seasonal changes and for those who struggle to maintain healthy airways throughout the calendar year.

Butterbur for Pain Relief

Traditionally, butterbur has been used as an antispasmodic and pain reliever, but some also find it particularly helpful in the fight against nerve pain – although minimal research has been done regarding the use of butterbur for pain relief.

Butterbur for Restful Sleep

The strong, pleasant scent of butterbur leaves may help promote restful sleep.

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Do you have any questions about these butterbur uses? Our team would love to hear your thoughts and field your queries in the comments section below.

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