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Boswellia for Dogs: 5 Healthy Benefits

boswellia for dogs

Learn about 5 potential health benefits of boswellia for dogs.

Just like us, our four-legged friends get aches and pains as they age or develop medical conditions. Many times, if your dog is suffering from pain due to swollen, stiff or inflamed joints, veterinarians will prescribe pain medicine. That’s not always necessary though. There are several natural herbs that could provide relief on their own. One supplement that is often recommended is boswellia for dogs. Read ahead to learn about five potentially healthy benefits of boswellia for dogs.

What is Boswellia?

Boswellia serrata, also known as the Indian version of frankincense, is a resin that is extracted from the sap of the Boswellia tree. The tree, which is native to India, has been used medicinally for thousands of years, and is believed to assist in temporarily relieving minor aches and pains. It’s still used today for those same reasons, and many studies show that boswellia for dogs may be highly effective as well.

Here are five potential health benefits of using boswellia for dogs:

01. Provides support for overall joint health – Just stop and think about all the things your dog does everyday. It’s not easy chasing after balls, encouraging you to exercise daily, and performing tricks for treats. Normal physical activity takes a toll on the joints (particularly the hind legs) as dogs get older. That’s why it’s important to help provide support for them while they are healthy. A daily boswellia supplement may help with that. Try a blend of herbs containing boswellia and other vital vitamins and minerals. We recommend Hip & Joint Beef Flavored Powder from Vital Planet. It’s easy to use; just mix it in with your pet’s food and get ready to play fetch!

02. May help maintain flexibility and mobility – Stiff hips and joints are a common issue with older dogs, particularly larger breeds. Mobility problems are often the result of chronic inflammation, which can lead to other health problems like obesity due to sluggish activity levels. Some studies show that dogs who suffer from these types of issues may find relief by adding a boswellia supplement to their diet. In fact, one study showed that 25 out of 29 dogs tested showed noticeable improvement in mobility after using boswellia for dogs daily for six weeks.

03. May alleviate minor aches and pains – No one wants to see their dog in pain, but medication pain relievers can cause a lot of nasty side effects, like digestive problems, liver damage, kidney toxicity, and more. That’s why many pet owners seek out natural alternatives such as boswellia for dogs, as well as similar supplements for cats. A good option to help with this is a liquid supplement call Agile Joints for Pets by Pet Wellbeing. Just keep in mind that boswellia shouldn’t be used if your animal is already on any other medications for pain, and it should not be used during a dog’s pregnancy.

04. May encourage playfulness and healthy activity levels – Because boswellia is believed to help relieve muscle and joint discomfort and promote natural flexibility, you may see a change in your pet’s energy levels. When we feel healthy and strong, we feel more encouraged to use our bodies as they were intended. Animals are no different. After taking boswellia for dogs, you may notice your pet wanting to play or exercise more. It’s always a good idea to encourage and reward this type of behavior. Reward them with Hip & Joint Soft Chews for Dogs from Vital Planet as a healthy, yummy treat they’ll love!

05. May encourage feelings of contentment – Most dogs and cats are naturally active, so when they start to reclaim mobility and strength after having lost it for a while, it’s likely you’ll see some changes in their attitudes – for the better! It’s not hard to understand the correlation between the two; when we feel good we naturally feel happier. So if you know there is a health issue that you could easily help with, why not try it? Warning: You may experience lots of nuzzles, kisses, and cuddles from your pet as a result.

Have you tried boswellia for dogs? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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2 Responses to Boswellia for Dogs: 5 Healthy Benefits

  1. Susanna November 26, 2018 at 1:11 pm #

    Can I give my dog tumeic paste and Boswellia at the same tim she is a 45kg German shepherd and I was wandering how many tablets of Boswellia 200 mg should I give her a day thanks

    • Leslie Benson November 26, 2018 at 1:17 pm #

      The best advice would be to talk to your dog’s vet, and only use pet-safe brands such as Pet Wellbeing.

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