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Why Try a Bone Broth Diet?

bone broth diet

Learn how a bone broth diet may help promote a healthy lifestyle in this blog post.

When you’re living a healthy lifestyle, a diet isn’t just something you go on temporarily. Your diet plan is a vital part of healthy living in the form of the foods, nutrients and supplements you ingest. So could a bone broth diet – or at least incorporating bone broth into your diet – be beneficial to you? Read this blog post to learn more!

Bone broth is a nutritious foundation for many soups, stews, gravies, and sauces. Even though it’s now being touted as trendy on the internet, bone broth diets have been around for ages. Jokingly referred to as caveman food, bone broth is also a healthy meal choice for anyone following a Paleo diet. Although the thought of walking down the sidewalk sipping a warm cup of broth in lieu of your usual warm cup of coffee might sound a little strange at first, the reported benefits are hard to ignore.

Potential Benefits of a Bone Broth Diet

01. Bone broth may promote digestive health. If you follow the Kettle & Fire Blog, you know they list bone broth as one of the top six foods for promoting gut health and easing the symptoms of other digestive issues. According to the blog, “bone broth contains collagen, gelatin, and glutamine, which all help repair the gut lining…” Ingesting bone broth may even help prevent future damage to the gut. Bone broth is easily digestible as well, allowing your body to quickly absorb all those key nutrients.

02. Bone broth may promote healthy looking hair, skin, and nails. You’ve probably taken a multivitamin just for healthy looking hair, skin, and nails in the past. Well, you can toss that bottle in the trash! According to Wellness Mama, bone broth is reported to have the same benefits but in a non-processed, all-natural, delicious form. The key nutrients that benefit digestive health also promote healthy looking hair, skin, and nails. Of course, we all want to look as healthy as we feel!

03. Bone broth may promote a healthy immune system. Remember being sick as a kid, and your grandmother insisting on filling you up with chicken soup? That chicken soup – made with a base of chicken bone broth or stock coupled with a kiss on the forehead from Grandma – always seemed to do just the trick. Recent studies are beginning to confirm that “we are what we eat” in the sense that if we eat healthier, we are healthier.

To make your own bone broth to incorporate into your healthy diet, there are literally thousands of recipes online that all have a few ingredients in common and are easy to make right in your own kitchen. If you’re willing to forego the delicious smell of bone broth wafting through your home as it cooks though, you can always opt for the ease and speed of bone broth supplements. The potential dietary benefits are the same, giving you the freedom and ease of filling potential nutritional gaps in your diet, all while saving you time for other things like exercise, mindful meditation, or aromatherapy.

A Well-Rounded Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is much more than just what you eat and the nutritional supplements you take. Making sure you’re getting enough water, participating in deliberate exercise and physical activity, and doing something that you enjoy as a form of stress relief are all pillars of living your best healthy life. When combined with a bone broth diet, all of these things have the potential to improve your health, and equally as important, the way you feel.


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