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How to Balance Your Body With Specially Formulated Supplements


Too many of us think about our health concerns and immediately set dietary and fitness goals to set things straight. But wellness requires so much more than just the nutrients we take into our body and our overall physical composition.

While exercise and healthy foods are great for the body, they may only be providing support to small parts of the body. Meaning that if you don’t take a holistic approach to health and account for all of the complex systems that make up the whole of our being, you may wind up with an imbalance.

For example, if you eat right, maybe you maintain a healthy weight and have more energy. If you exercise, you may find yourself getting stronger or running further. But perhaps you still have a lot of stress, or your gut keeps acting up, and maybe your mind is occasionally foggy.

So to balance the body, you have to look at other important areas of the body and start supporting them in combination with eating right and exercise. Keep reading to check out a few supplements and general life tips that may help you make this happen.

Supplements to Balance the Body


The detoxification process helps to remove metabolic waste, free radicals, and environmental toxins. But when the body is overwhelmed, it can enter a state of oxidative stress, which can contribute to numerous health challenges during normal aging.

Burbur Pinella from Nutramedix is a combination of two herbs that may help to support the natural detoxification process, including support for general cleansing of the body. In traditional medicine, burbur and pinella have been suggested to support properties and normal function of the stomach, kidneys, gut, and blood purification in the liver.

Manage Stress

Stress comes at us from everywhere and is a constant for everyone. While always presenting a new challenge, stress can be managed.

Click here for tips learn about managing stress, then combine those easy-to-follow suggestions with L-Theanine 100 Mg from Enzymatic Therapy. This formula interacts with transmitters in the brain to promote feelings of relaxation without disrupting focus and alertness.


The gut and mind are inexorably linked. If the digestive system isn’t working at its best, then the body isn’t breaking down foods properly or absorbing essential nutrients. In fact, some research suggests that the quality of bacteria in the guy may affect the brain.

To make sure your gut is working at its best, use a probiotic like Probiotic Pearls Acidophilus from Enzymatic Therapy. This formula contains 1 billion colony forming units (CFUs) that support the good bacteria found in the gut. These bacteria support the absorption of nutrients, promote bowel regularity, and may be ideal for aiding the digestion of lactose. The pearl design keeps the probiotic intake until it enters the digestive tract for optimal support.

Hormonal Balance

Hormonal Balance for Women from NutraMedix is a specially formulated women’s supplement that contains seven plant extracts that may support normal hormone production during aging and monthly challenges. For both men and women, try Maca from NutraMedix to help maintain a normal balance of hormones. Both formulas may provide support for a healthy mood, support for sleep, and much more.


Sleep is essential for helping your body to recover from the previous day and to ensure that you have the energy to focus and complete new tasks each day. If you aren’t getting the sleep you need, try Revitalizing Sleep Formula from Enzymatic Therapy, which is an herbal formula that works to support your body’s normal sleep cycle naturally. The formula is non-habit forming and works to promote relaxation in the mind and muscles.

Tips for Balancing Your Lifestyle

When supplements aren’t enough, try making changes to your lifestyle. The below suggestions may work alongside your supplements to provide optimal support for wellness and balance.

  • Meditation - Taking a moment every day to meditate can help you to find your center, ease stress, and help with creativity, focus, and learning.
  • Continue Learning - Education doesn’t stop when you graduate. Reading stories you love and listening to experts about new or familiar subjects will help to expand your mind and connect you more to the world around you.
  • Explore Nature - For those of us that spend much of our day inside at the computer, it can be a refreshing step away and appreciate the natural world.
  • Avoid Bad Relationships - Gossip, drama, and anything that will drain you personally or financially can throw your entire life out of balance.
  • Focus More On Your Needs - Sometimes it’s okay to be selfish and say no so you can focus on what you need.
  • Volunteer - Giving back and offering a helping hand to those in need is its own reward and can make you feel more fulfilled and happy in life.

Finding balance in life is a marathon, not a sprint. If your life is out of balance, you need to be persistent and work each day to make things a little. Once you achieve that balance, it’s especially important to keep working forward and finding new ways to remain stable so you don’t get thrown out of balance again. Add supplements and changes to your lifestyle and see if this helps you to get where you want to be in life!