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Why People Use Bitter Melon to Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

bitter-melon-control-blood-sugarBitter melon has many uses. If you can handle the taste, bitter melon is great for salads, added to tea, and in green smoothies. But not everyone will enjoy the taste profile and that’s okay! Just don’t let that keep you from potentially benefiting from the medicinally beneficial compounds found in the fruit!

Thankfully, you can find bitter melon in supplements. When taken as a supplement from brands like Metagenics, you are getting the isolated plant compounds and not the taste.

In the case of bitter melon, one of the most popular uses for the supplement is to help maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range. Bitter melon offers other benefits as well, but we’ll get those a little later in the article.

Blood Sugar Support

Bitter melon contains three compounds that are believed to provide an effect similar to that of some diabetic therapies. These potentially beneficial compounds are charantin, vicine, and polypeptide-p.

Research suggests that charantin may help individuals to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Charantin is a steroidal glycoside that has hypoglycemic activity, meaning it lowers blood glucose levels found in the body.

Both vicine and polypeptide-p are suggested to stimulate the body’s insulin response in plasma membranes found in muscle and adipocyte (fat) cell lines. At least one article calls these compounds “plant insulin,” which describes the ability of these compounds to stimulate insulin secretion from the pancreas and to support the metabolism of glucose.

Before using bitter melon as a medicinal aid for blood sugar control, talk with a doctor about interactions with medications you are already taking and your individual risk factors.

Potential Health Benefits

Bitter melon has a lot more to offer than potential support for blood sugar. The fruit contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that work together to support the body in other ways.

Weight Management

Two separate studies found that bitter melon may help to support healthy weight management. In the first study, patients were fed either a high fat or low fat diet over the course of seven weeks. In the high fat group, patients given bitter melon had less fat accumulation when compared to the high fat group not given bitter melon.

The second study found the same results and suggested that the reason bitter melon helps with fat accumulation is that it influences how the liver processes fat, controls blood sugar, and regulates fat production.

Immune System

Bitter melon is nutritious, with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that may support the healthy functions of the body including the immune system, liver health, and feelings of vitality.

The fruit is a good source of vitamin A, C, and E, plus B1, B2, B3, and folate. Eating bitter melon also provides minerals like potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. Perhaps more important and medicinally beneficial are the bioactive compounds that act as antioxidants in the body and help to scavenge free radicals, support detoxification, and may support healthy-looking skin.

Metagenics Bitter Melon Formulas

Haven’t tried the Metagenics brand before? It’s not too late to experience them today. Metagenics is unique among supplement manufacturer because they don’t rely on other companies for knowledge. Instead, they employ an in-house team of specialists in the field of naturopathy, general medicine, nutrition,  manufacturing, research, and technology to develop formulas and produce supplements that seek to be superior to anything else available on the market today.

Metagenics offers you a choice of supplements that include bitter melon. For general multivitamin supplement, PhytoMulti should be your daily goto to ensure there are no nutritional gaps in your diet. For blood sugar support, Wellness Essentials Healthy Balance blends bitter melon with other essential herbal extracts and nutrients to provide optimal support for blood sugar metabolism.

Whatever your needs, take a look at Metagenics before any other brand. If you’re looking for a new way to help you maintain your blood sugar, consider a bitter melon supplement. Normal blood sugar levels are essential to feelings of energy and vitality, a sense of overall wellness, and may even contribute to healthy weight management.

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