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Best Mineral Sunscreens for the Whole Family

mineral sunscreen

The warm weather has finally arrived and school has let out for the summer. This means grilling, late nights on the lawn, days at the pool, and stocking up on sunscreen. A few years ago, the only thing we found on a bottle of sunscreen were the SPF levels and application instructions.

Nowadays we’ve learned so much more about the chemical content of our health and beauty products and want to be mindful of what we put on our skin. We still need to protect against the sun but we don’t want a side of unwanted chemicals. Keep reading to learn more about the best mineral sunscreens for your family as well as what to look for in a “natural” sunscreen.

What’s in a Bottle?

Although the market is improving, a large percentage of sunscreens still contain harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals such as oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate. These chemicals can be absorbed through the skin and may lead to hormone imbalance and cell damage. While these chemicals are effective at protecting the skin from sun damage, there are other options for skin protection with ingredients that are more safely absorbed by the skin.

Why Mineral Sunscreens?

Health experts and dermatologists agree that the safest and most effective sunscreens contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, natural minerals which deflect the sun’s rays. Although these minerals aren’t purely natural, they are far safer for your body. Additionally, you’ll want to look for a product that is labelled as “broad spectrum,” which means it is effective at deflecting both UVA and UVB rays.

Application Matters

When it comes to sunscreen, especially mineral sunscreens, application is important. You need to take the time to ensure you’ve covered all areas of exposed skin. This may take a bit more as some mineral sunscreens are a bit thicker. Allow your sunscreen to “set” or sink into the skin before plunging into the water and be sure to re-apply regularly about every two hours. Your best bet is to follow the instructions on the bottle, as the manufacturers know what guidelines best support each individual product.

Best Mineral Sunscreens on the Market

Ready to stock up on mineral sunscreens? Here are a few brands you can trust when it comes to protecting your family’s skin this summer.

Alba Botanica: If you’re looking for a wide range of mineral sunscreens that fit the needs of every member of your family, Alba Botanica has you covered. Alba Botanica offers natural, vegetarian products that are cruelty-free and include fragrance-free options for sensitive skin. Best of all, their products are proven effective and easy to apply, perfect for those moments when your kids can’t wait another second to dive into the pool.

Derma E: As your family explores nature this summer, you want to take along a sunscreen created by a company that cares for the earth you’re enjoying. Derma E offers trust personal care products that are eco-conscious and free from gluten, GMOs, parabens, and dyes. Their natural mineral sunscreens can protect your entire family’s skin – including products for babies and sensitive skin.

How do you protect your family from sun damage without a side of unwanted chemicals?