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Looking for the Best Chyawanprash Recipe?

Looking-for-best-Chyawanprash-RecipeChyawanprash is one of the most intriguing supplements available, with a history stretching all the way back to ancient Ayurveda. This jam of ghee, honey, herbs, and spices is reputed to support immune function and general wellness. It’s also a tasty addition to many foods you already enjoy.

Whether you make your own chyawanprash at home or get it through a trusted provider, you’ll likely want to find a chyawanprash recipe that is true to ancient tradition. Fortunately, Ayurvedic practitioners have preserved these recipes and methods, making it possible to have an experience of chyawanprash much like that of ancient peoples.

How to Make Chyawanprash at Home

The hardest part of making this jam at home is finding the many ingredients called for in the chyawanprash recipe. Some ingredients like cardamom or basil will be easy to find in any grocery store. But what about shatavari or lotus flower?

You may not be able to find every ingredient on the list linked above. Fortunately, chyawanprash is meant to be versatile, made from ingredients that are important and available to you. Don’t worry if you can’t find an item or two.

On the other hand, you may be surprised at how many of these items you can find. Here are some ways to try.

  • Find an Indian grocery that specializes in medicinal foods. Stores like these can be found in cities and suburban areas with large Indian populations. You might find one close by through Google or Yelp.
  • Ayurvedic festivals happen regularly in certain parts of the country. Here, you may find ingredients for sale that you won’t find anywhere else – at least not locally. Bring your shopping list and don’t be afraid to ask vendors for advice.
  • Almost all of these ingredients will be available online. Make sure to find trusted vendors with good reviews from customers experienced with chyawanprash and Ayurveda in general.

Once you’ve assembled your ingredients, all you have to do is prepare and combine them. Each ingredient requires different treatment. Spices may be roasted and ground to a fine powder. Fruits like amla will have to be peeled and pressure-cooked. Jaggery sugarcane will need to be grated, while ginger and shatavari may need gentle pan frying.

The more ingredients you purchase for your chyawanprash recipe, the bigger the job. But never fear; you don’t need to rush. Every item is going into the same jam and can be prepared one at a time. As long as you take your time, it’s hard to ruin chyawanprash.

Buying Premade Chyawanprash

Chyawanprash is revered throughout the world, so there are many manufacturers who supply high quality products.

One of the best reasons to buy a chyawanprash product is to gain access to a wide variety of ingredients that you might not be able to find at home. Look for products that have a few dozen ingredients. Well-reviewed, organic products are widely available, so be on the look for quality.

You will be able to buy chyawanprash from India, the United States, and many other locations around the world. Whatever you choose, pick a seller who lists detailed information about the product. The more you know, the more certain you can be that you’re getting the greatest potential benefits from the product you choose.

Chyawanprash is an exciting supplement to add to your diet. It’s fun to make at home, and also widely available online. Whatever your situation, you may find that chyawanprash is a great way to support your health and wellness goals.