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Try These Products for Skin that Looks and Feels Beautiful


The skin is one of the most important parts of your body. Beside being a large canvas to decorate with new styles, it also helps to protect you from environmental toxins and foreign microbes. The skin goes through a lot and is always changing with each day. That’s why it’s crucial to treat your skin well.

If you deal with skin that is dry, flaky, cracked, red and irritated, or even wrinkled, you may want to consider one of our product recommendations below to see if they help to provide the appearance of soft, smooth, and plump skin that you desire.

Skin Serums

Specialized skin serums can do wonders for feelings of confidence when you have trouble spots that seem to follow you around life. If you’re shopping with Devita, it will be easy to find a serum that is right for you. The brand’s products are made with select ingredients that are believed to help with very specific trouble areas of the skin.

Skin Brightening is a non-bleaching formula for skin discoloration that may help to balance out the tone of skin for a more even appearance. For added support, combine this serum with the formula below.

Sun Damage Repair seeks to help with skin that has been exposed to damaging ultraviolet light. Exposure to sunlight without UVA and UVB protection is associated with dry skin, spots, and wrinkles.

Perfecting Time Moisturizer is a moisturizing formula that works to help turn back the clock on aging skin by providing antioxidant support and helping to fill in wrinkles and fine lines.

Along with serums, provide your skin additional support with a specialized oil, which we’ll look at in the next section.

Emu Oil

Emu oil is not some clever name used in marketing; we’re talking about the actual oils from the rendered fat of the large flightless bird that is native to Australia. It should be clear already that emu oil won’t be for everyone, but for those that can use it, expect a few potential benefits.

Emu Oil from Thunder Ridge is a bright yellow liquid that is mostly fats and contains compounds that provide antioxidants, support for skin hydration, and temporary relief from occasional redness or irritation. Some people may choose to apply it to insect bites or other skin challenges. Emu oil is noteworthy because it is thought to help support blood flow to the area of application and aiding the flow of oxygen and nutrients into the skin.

Emu oil may also be useful on joints or muscles if mobility is a concern, or if you’re active and need support for recovery after a hard workout.

Extra Support With Collagen

New skin cells form with the help of collagen, but as you age the body doesn’t make as much collagen, losing up to 50% of production by the age of 60. That’s why when you’re young, your skin tends to look full, bright, and smooth. This means that as you age, you may want to consider adding a collagen supplement to your daily skin care regimen.

So taking a collagen supplement may help to fill nutritional gaps to support the normal growth of new skin. Reserveage Nutrition has a formula known as Collagen Replenish Powder for exactly this purpose. It contains collagen peptides, vitamin C (an antioxidant and supports the function of collagen in the body), and hyaluronic acid. Simply mix this powder with liquids or add it to your food.

If you’ve tried other collagen supplements but want more support, Ultra Collagen Booster is for you. It provides three types of collagen and a fruit blend and an herbal blend that work together to help detoxify the skin and support the growth of normal skin.

Why Skin Care Matters

While there is no single cure for the things that affect the skin, you can start to make your skin more of a priority with a few changes. A healthy diet with vitamins and minerals, drinking enough water, wearing sunscreen anytime you go out into the sun, and a combination of serums, oils, and collagen may be the best way to help keep your skin looking and feeling at its best at every stage of life.

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