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How to Choose Beard Balm and Beard Oil


If you are a gentleman who chooses to cultivate a facial garden, or you are a clean-faced individual, beard balm and beard oil may pique your interest. Beard balm is the prize and property of the put-together beardsman. For scraggly beginners, however, the question is almost always where in the world do I start?

What’s the Difference Between Beard Balm and Beard Oil?

Beard balms and oils aren’t interchangeable. Not by a long shot, sport. There are those who would benefit from both, but most bearded folks are looking for the effects of one or the other. We’ll quickly give a breakdown of the uses and differences between both helpful toiletries.

  • Beard Balm: This is viscous, gooey stuff, meant to go onto a beard like a lotion or gel. The thickness of the product means that beard balm can be easily spread evenly through beards, even (and especially) long beards. It takes awhile to absorb into hair, but once it has it provides a great deal of moisture to a beard and the skin beneath it. This is a perfect option for beardsmen with dry skin, longer beards, those with difficult-to-control flyaway beards, and those who want their beard to have a healthy shine. Different beard balms have differing scents and finishes.
  • Beard Oil: Beard oil is oil. As an oil, it’s much more runny and thin than beard balm. This is by design. Beard oil is typically the choice of fellas with short beards, which may be itchy to the wearer, or sandpaper to the face of a romantic partner. Beard oil nourishes skin and is quickly absorbed into the beard hairs. Because it absorbs quickly, it leaves a matte finish, not the characteristic sheen of beard balm.

Beard balm and beard oil are great products in their own right. Different brands will have vastly different ingredients and most appropriate uses, but with a little research and trial and error, the important beard in your life will soon be looking and feeling its very best.

Awesome Beard Balm and Beard Oil Available on NHC

Natural Health Concepts stocks a number of high quality beard balms and oils. Here is a quick breakdown of the best products we believe in most, all of which are loved by many of our customers.

Man Care Beard Balm (2 oz.)

This leave-in conditioner is packed with nourishing oils and vitamins, with the structure and suppleness of beeswax. For intensive moisturizing and non-greasy control, Man Care is a great place to start.




Spice Island After Shave Balm (4 oz.)

This is not so much a beard balm as it is a balm for the newly beardless. This gel-like balm moisturizes sensitive post-shave skin, reduces razor bumps, and quickly tightens pores.




Man Care Beard Oil

Oil-soluble antioxidants, essential oils, vitamins, and botanicals conspire to make a nourishing and moisturizing beard care product. Your beard will be softer and healthier looking than ever before.




Beard Grooming Kit

Don’t know whether you should try beard balm or beard oil? Why not try both? One or both products may become essential to your beard care regimen.




City Rhythms After Shave Balm Men’s Stock

The scent of cedar and sandalwood accompany the hydrating and calming action of this excellent after shave balm.





100% Pure Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is one of the most common (and, let’s face it, most effective) ingredient in beard oils and balms. That being the case, why not go straight to the source? Many beard care purists choose jojoba oil at the expense of all other products.



For the beard in your life, a lovingly applied balm or oil can make all the difference. Try the above, and we think you’ll find new life in the beard you love most.