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Win a Back-to-School Prize Package – Just Tell Us What You Use to Keep Your Kids Healthy!


UPDATE – This Contest is Now Over. Winners are listed below…

Grand Prize Winner – Lucy Bourque

Lucy chose to add Vita-Kids Immune from Douglas Labs. She says she chose it because “it’s important to add a supplement with zinc and echinicia” for those little immune systems.

Lucy wins the entire prize package pictured above – plus the product she chose to complete it!

Runner Up Winners

Claire McGuire chose and won Dynamic Kids Drink (Gluten Free) from NutriDyn.  She says it’s “a good way to load in lots of nutrition which is sometimes not easy with children…especially picky eaters.”

Andrea Gallegos chose and won Solaray’s Focus for Children to support healthy brain function during the school year.

Jen Palazzolo chose and won Nordic Berries Kids’ Multivitamin from Nordic Naturals. That’s one of the products generously provided by our brand sponsor. Jen says she already uses other Nordic Naturals products for her family.

Congrats to our winners and Thank You to everyone who played.


Another school year is just about to begin for students all over the country. Is your family ready?

Soon your kids will be filling their backpacks with books and filling their minds with knowledge.

But what about the things going into their bodies?

Have you ever noticed how kids start catching all sorts of sicknesses as soon as they’re back in class? Then it spreads to the rest of your family. Sometimes it seems like as soon as one wave of an illness is over, a new one begins.

Check out this interactive graphic based on an NSF study that shows bacteria levels around a typical school.

Keyboards, water fountains and school restrooms can all be traps for potentially harmful bacteria. You probably don’t even want to think about what’s on that one kid’s retainer, who’s been putting their mouth on your daughter’s saxophone or what’s growing inside your son’s dirty gym socks.

But you can take steps to keep your family as healthy as possible when you boost their immune systems through good nutrition and smart supplementation.

That’s why Natural Healthy Concepts has teamed up with Nordic Naturals to give you the chance to win a prize package that supports strong immune systems in kids while helping you out with back-to-school shopping at the same time.

All you have to do is tell us what kids’ health supplement you would use to make sure your family’s natural defenses stay strong.

What You Can Win

Nordic Naturals and Natural Healthy Concepts have put together a selection of beneficial children’s supplements along with a brand new backpack and a gift card to use for school supplies. To win it all…just leave us a comment with the link to the NHC product you would add.

1. SwissGear Student Backpack

backpack-giveawayRetail Value – $75

Your child will be all set with this durable and stylish backpack from the makers of the Swiss Army knife.

This backpack has a padded pocket for kids to carry around a laptop or tablet with them. The shoulder straps and the back are padded too – making it super comfy to wear.

There’s a handy internal organizer for all the other school supplies – plus – two water bottle pockets on the side. You want your kids to stay hydrated!

Your student will look sharp, stay organized and this backpack is ergonomically designed for a good fit. Read more about the right way to wear a backpack in our Infographic on Backpack Safety.

Backpack Dimensions: 18 1/2″H x 7 15/16″W x 13 7/16″D

2. $50 Gift Card for Office Depot

office depotKids need so much stuff for school these days. The National Retail Federation says American families will spend more than $260 per kid on back-to-school shopping in 2014.

We wanted to make your shopping a little easier by giving the winner a $50 gift card to spend at Office Depot.

Use it for pens, pencils and notebooks, put it towards a new tablet for the high-tech student in your family, or save it so you can get the materials your kid needs for the next big school project.

3. Nordic Berries Multivitamins (2 Bottles)

nordic-berriesRetail Value – $47.90

These yummy gummy multivitamins are a favorite of the kids in our house. (And okay – Mom and Dad like them too.)

Your kids will love these so much, they’ll remind you that it’s time to take their vitamins.

The sweet-and-sour Nordic Berries are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They’re citrusy and sweet – but contain no artificial flavors. They’re brightly colored – but use no artificial colors either. These gummies are even free of gelatin as well as gluten and other common allergens.

The Nordic kids multivitamins have a 5-star rating on our website and are ideal for children as young as 2 years old.

4. Nordic Omega-3 Jellies

Retail Value – $21.25

You’ve heard of Swedish Fish – but how about Norwegian Fish?

These gummy fishies from Nordic Naturals are loaded with beneficial Omega-3 essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA). These important nutrients support brain development and vision as well as immunity and optimal well-being. So your kids will stay healthy and smart!

Each “jelly fish” comes individually wrapped and has a lip-smacking tutti-frutti flavor.

This children’s supplement is derived from purified deep sea fish oil and provides 250mg of Omega 3s in each chewable fishy. They make staying healthy fun and tasty.

5. Nordic Liquid Omega Boost

nordic-naturals_omega-boost-Retail Value – $19.95

Kids will also love the taste of Nordic Natural’s Omega Boost with its tropical mango flavor.

This liquid Omega 3 supplement provides 525mg of beneficial fatty acids from purified fish oil in every teaspoon.

And you won’t find any PCBs, heavy metals or other contaminants in this fish oil. Nordic Naturals has its products third-party tested so they meet the strictest international standards. It’s also formulated to be highly bioavailable.

Health experts say Omega 3 EFAs are lacking in many of our diets. If your family doesn’t eat much seafood – this could be an important supplement to promote immune system strength and much more.

Kids will take this creamy concoction right off the spoon – or you can mix it in a healthy fruit smoothie.

6. Nordic Vitamin D3 Gummies (2 bottles)

Retail Value – $26.90d3-gummies

Yet another nutrient that many of us often lack is Vitamin D3.

For the most part – the only way we can get Vitamin D is by absorbing sunlight on our skin. But when kids go back to school, many of them end up spending less time outdoors and more time under the artificial lights of the classroom.

The situation is even worse for kids living in the northern U.S. where long winters make sun exposure scarce.

Vitamin D3 is essential to bone health and promotes a positive mood. There is even evidence that this vitamin might reduce the chances of school-age children getting respiratory infections in winter months – including helping them avoid the flu.

Nordic Natural’s Vitamin D3 Gummies provide 1,000 IU of D3 in every serving. Each all-natural gummy has a yummy wild-berry flavor too.

7. Nordic Vitamin C Gummies

nordic-naturals_vitamin-c-gummies-NN60_mainRetail Value – $11.43

You’ve probably heard a lot of different views about what Vitamin C can do for your health.

One thing we know for sure is that this nutrient is a potent antioxidant that supports a wide-range of bodily processes and is crucial for normal growth and development.

Vitamin C helps ease common cold symptoms and provides immune boosting support as well.

It seems to play a big role in helping the body repair itself and could improve recovery time from those bumps, scrapes and bruises that kids get so often.

Nordic Natural’s Vitamin C Gummies are ideal for kids as young as four and come in fun, orange slice shapes with a tangy, all-natural tangerine flavor. They are pectin-based (no gelatin) making them a good choice for vegetarian families.

8. FloraBear Chewable Probiotics

flora-bear probiotics kidsRetail Value – $14.99

Your children’s immune systems are directly connected to the health of their gut. A daily probiotic like this one can promote healthy microflora in the intestines so that your kids have a proper balance of beneficial bacteria.

Those beneficial bacteria can fight the bad bacteria and help keep kids from getting infections. Of course, probiotics also support healthy, normal digestion.

FloraBear Probiotics for Kids from ReNew Life are made for kids as young as two. They also contain added amino acids to support a healthy intestinal lining.

And just like the rest of these natural health products – they are fun to take! Natural orange flavor and cute chewable shapes will put a smile on the faces of your little ones.

PLUSYou will help finish things off  by adding the one kid’s health supplement from NaturalHealthyConcepts.com to complete this prize package.

Total Retail Value – More than $267 – before the addition of the prize you choose!

Three Runner-Up Prizes!

In addition to the big prize package. Three contestants will receive the Kid’s Health Product they chose for their entry in this giveaway.

How to Play:

Entering this giveaway is extra easy!

All you have to do is Visit Our Kids’ Health category page. Then pick out the product you would add to this prize package and tell us a little about why  you chose it in the comments section below.

IMPORTANT – you must add the link (URL) of the product you choose. This will ensure we send the correct products to the winners. Simply copy and paste the product’s web address from the top of your web browser.

Make sure that you also enter a valid email address when you leave your comment as this is how we will contact the winners.

IN ORDER TO QUALIFY  – Entries must be made before August 24th, 2014 at Midnight Central Time.

Winners will be randomly selected and announced on this page as well as via email on August 26th.

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You can also view our Complete Contest Rules.

How To Be a REAL Winner!

There is no purchase necessary for winning or entry into this giveaway.

But there is a way you can guarantee that you will feel like a winner…

Nordic Naturals is giving away a backpack loaded with school supplies to a child in need for every single bottle they sell from now through September.

This is an excellent way for you to help less-fortunate families cover the cost of sending their kids to school.

To top off this generous offer – Natural Healthy Concepts is giving you 10% off all Nordic Naturals products until the end of this contest (August 24th at Midnight). Just use Promo Code – NORDIC-10 when you check out.

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Good Luck! And remember – “Your Health is the Best Investment You’ll Ever Make.”