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A Brief History of Arjuna Ayurveda

arjuna ayurveda
Learn the potential health benefits of arjuna ayurveda supplements.

If you’ve taken a yoga class, or dabbled in meditation, massage or other relaxation techniques, you’ve likely heard the phrase: mind, body and spirit. Or perhaps, you’ve heard of the three energies (or doshas) known as vata, pitta, and kapha. In the most basic understanding, participants are aware that in order to maintain balance in the body, the three energies must stay aligned. This notion has become quite popular in modern society, but many don’t realize that this way of living is actually part of an ancient lifestyle that originated in India thousands of years ago, called Ayurveda. Part of the Ayurvedic lifestyle includes the administration of medicinal herbs to help maintain balance and address certain disturbances in the body. One of the cornerstones of this belief system is arjuna Ayurveda, an ancient herb often referred to as a heart tonic. Read on to learn more about the potential health benefits of arjuna Ayurveda.

Arjuna Ayurveda Practices

The bark of the Indian arjuna tree is one of the highest regarded herbal medicines in the culture of arjuna Ayurveda. Once a year, this tall 80-foot tree molts its bark, making it easily accessible for collection. For thousands of years, arjuna bark extract has been regarded by Ayurvedic practitioners as a heart healer, who claim it may help balance symptoms of all kinds of heart conditions and blood pressure disorders. It seems its reputation may be worth the hype too as modern scientific research backs up many of the arjuna Ayurveda claims, which could make the herb a valuable support supplement for those being treated for heart health issues.

Why Try Arjuna Ayurveda Supplements?

There’s no need to go foraging through an Indian forest to find access to arjuna Ayurveda. Because scientific research has begun to confirm its value, you can easily find arjuna Ayurveda supplements capsulated according to your needs. A few of our top-sellers are USDA Certified Organic Arjuna caplets from Himalaya or Arjuna-Heart veggie capsules by Ayush Herbs, both formulated to provide Ayurvedic support for cardiovascular health.

While supporting heart health is its main attribute, arjuna Ayurveda has many other potential health benefits as well.

Potential Health Benefits of Arjuna Ayurveda

  • May Support Blood Pressure Levels Already in the Normal Range
  • May Support Healthy Cholesterol Levels Already in the Normal Range
  • May Promote a Healthy Libido
  • May Support Urinary and Digestive Tracts
  • May Support Healthy-Looking Skin

Whatever your reasons for seeking out the potential health benefits of arjuna Ayurveda, talk to your doctor first before adding any supplements to your daily routine. You may also find it beneficial (and highly interesting) to learn more about the Ayurveda life system. It may speak to you in ways you’ve never considered and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Do you practice any aspects of the Ayurveda life system or take an arjuna Ayurveda supplement? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!