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Two Chances for You to Win Our April Showers Giveaway Prize Package!

April Showers contest

Spring has arrived and it’s time for another exciting giveaway from Natural Healthy Concepts!

You can win a prize package full of items that will turn shower-time into a refreshing, all-natural experience. It includes personal care products from 100% Pure, as well as some unique items from Earth Therapeutics that can help you pamper yourself and promote better health.

This time we’re giving away two identical prize packages with two chances for you to win!

Enter by choosing a product you’d like to add to the giveaway and leaving a comment below. Plus, you can also win when you take our fun personality quiz to determine your Shower Style.


This giveaway is now over. Thanks to everyone who participated!

The Grand Prize Winner for the Pick a Product and Win prize package is Alison. She who chose to add some Perfect Naked Berry Lip Cremestick from 100% Pure. Alison also wins the entire 100% Pure and Earth Therapeutics Prize Package detailed in this article.

Our Runners Up are Linda who chose a Cherry Honey Facial Scrub from 100% Pure, and S Kay DeGroot who picked some natural Clementine Hand Wash.

The random winner of our Shower Styles Personality Test is Jocelyn McGuire. Jocelyn also gets the big April Showers Prize Package!

Congrats to all the winners!  You’ll be contacted by email so we can work out how to ship your prizes!


Your showering habits really do tell you a little bit about your personality – or at least what kind of life you live.

Some people prefer steamy, hot showers, while others like them ice-cold. Some folks shower first thing in the morning, while others shower to unwind at night. Some people wash up more than once a day, and others…well…let’s just say you can smell them coming.

But what’s your Shower Style?

We bet that we can guess by asking you 8 simple questions. Take our Shower Style Quiz and you will be entered to win the prize package pictured above!

Shower Contest

There are a lot of good reasons to use natural beauty products when you take a shower. The most important stems from the fact that what gets absorbed through your skin goes directly into your bloodstream. That’s why bath products with lots of chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and other toxins could be bad news for your health.

Check out one of our most-popular infographics, which explains What Toxic Chemicals Your Body Absorbs.

At Natural Healthy Concepts, we want our customers to discover the pleasure of being clean without all of the unnecessary, unhealthy junk. That’s why we’re giving away two prize packages full of bath products from 100% Pure. This brand creates cosmetics, skincare, and beauty products that contain absolutely none of the potentially harmful ingredients found in typical products.

And that’s not all that’s in this prize package…

April Showers Giveaway – What You Could Win

Stay Fresh & Clean with 100% Pure Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash & Body Cream

products-pureYour showers will never be the same once you start using these bath products in the shower.

Our two big winners will get 8 oz bottles of 100% Pure’s Burdock and Neem Healthy Scalp Shampoo as well as Burdock and Neem Healthy Scalp Conditioner. The unique, all-natural formula is ideal for all types of hair. It can nourish and strengthen your hair while also providing burdock root and neem (a large evergreen found in  India). Both of these ingredients can moisturize your scalp and relieve irritation.

Clean and care for your skin as well as your hair with 100% Pure’s Vanilla Bean Hydrating Body Wash. The 17 oz bottle comes with a convenient pump that delivers foamy goodness with a pleasant scent. This body wash also contains antioxidants including nutrients from skin-brightening fruits to potentially provide anti-aging effects. And who doesn’t want to look a little younger?

Caring for the health of your skin continues when you get out of the shower and lotion up! That’s why we included an 8 oz bottle of 100% Pure’s Nourishing Body Cream. This luxurious lotion contains skin-softening fruit oils as well as aloe, cocoa butter, and avocado butter to add even more all-natural moisture. Best of all – it will leave your whole body smelling delicious!

Exfoliate in the Shower with Body Scrub & Hydro Gloves

exfoliation-itemsThere are a lot of excellent reasons to exfoliate while you’re showering. Exfoliation can brighten your complexion and help your skin look younger. It can get rid of problematic bacteria so you don’t get those unsightly breakouts. Plus, as it removes dead skin cells, it also detoxifies your skin.

We’ve included two amazing items in this prize package that make exfoliation truly enjoyable. You’ll get 100% Pure’s Vanilla Bean Body Scrub, which smooths away rough skin leaving a silky smooth, glowing complexion. This body scrub is full of nutrients to benefit healthy skin.

You’ll also get a pair of Exfoliating Hydro Gloves from Earth Therapeutics. You’ll love the feeling of washing with these intricately woven gloves made of 100% nylon. They will gently remove layers of dead skin from your body and unclog pores while massaging away stress as you shower.

Revitalize Skin & Improve Circulation with the Purest Palm Body Brush

earth-therapeutics_purest-palm-body-brush_main_225x225Finally, here’s a unique product that gives you another way to exfoliate.

The Palm Body Brush from Earth Therapeutics can be used while you’re showering or on dry skin. It does an incredible job of removing dead skin and helping your body with the natural detoxification that takes place through your skin.

Using the body brush could also help improve blood flower by encouraging healthy circulation.

Yet another thing skin brushing could do is reduce cellulite and enhance collagen production. It’s made with natural fibers from the Japanese palm plant.

Check out the video below for more information and a skin brushing demonstration with Natural Healthy Concepts nutritionist and president, Theresa Groskopp.

All together – the April Showers Giveaway prize package has a total suggested retail value of $112.

But that’s still not all you can win. Keep reading to find out how you can pick another 100% Pure product that you really want!

April Showers Giveaway – How to Enter

As we mentioned, you’ve got two ways to win our April Showers Giveaway.

First, you can take our personality quiz and find out about your Shower Style. Just give us your name and email at the end so we can contact you if you win!

Second, you can qualify to win by choosing any of the products we offer from 100% Pure to create a prize package that fits your shower style even more.

Here’s How to Play:

1. Visit the 100% Pure Category Page

Click Here to go to that page right now.

Shop around and find something you like. You might want to try some Hydrating Hand Soap for your bathroom, or some Argan Oil Lotion. There are dozens of options to choose from!

2. Copy the URL from the top of your web browser

You’ll find the URL for the product you want at the top of your web browser in the address bar. Highlight and right-click to copy or select the URL and hit CTL-C or Command-C on your keyboard.

We’ll need this so we know what to send you when you win!

3. Leave us a Comment with Your Email

Leave a comment at the bottom of this post and paste the URL of the product you want in that field. We’d love it if you’d tell us a little something about your shower style in the comment, or explain why you chose that particular product.

You should also make sure to enter a valid email address, because that’s how we will contact the winners.

Natural Healthy Concepts will randomly select two Grand Prize Winners. One from the comments and one from the Shower Style personality test.

We’ll also give away two runner up prizes to people who leave a comment below. Those two winners will receive the item they chose from our website.

Before you enter – please be sure to read our complete Contest Rules for further details.

Winners will be announced on Friday April 17th before 5pm Central Time.

We will contact the winners by email and announce them here on this blog post.

Good luck! And don’t use up all the hot water!

Image Credit: Emergency Brake via Flickr