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Got Cute Pet Pictures? Enter Our All-Natural Pet Photo Contest for a Chance to Win $75!


Who doesn’t love a cute pet pic? Only people with their grumpy pants on that’s who!

Whether you have a dog, a cat or a turtle, if you’re like most pet owners, you love those animals like a member of your own family! We love pets too. And while we don’t offer supplements for turtles…yet…we do have a growing selection of natural pet products.

So to celebrate the animals who fill our hearts – we’re holding our first-ever All-Natural Pet Photo Contest!

This is your chance to show the world what an adorable little furball you have. Plus, we’re also giving away cash for you to spend on natural health products for your pet…or yourself.

The photo contest starts now and continues through Sunday, July 19th, at midnight CT.

Your job is to find the cutest picture of your pet possible – preferably, a pet photo depicting them outside enjoying nature. Then upload it to the contest below and tell everyone you know to vote for you picture.

The pet pic with the most votes wins the grand prize of $75 to spend on whatever you want at Natural Healthy Concept’s online store. We’ll also be giving away $10 to the pets with the second and third most votes. (View our Official Contest Rules)

The winner will be posted here, and wherever else the contest is located on Monday July 20th!

Get More Info & Submit Your Photo Below…

Don’t Miss Our #bugfreepet Twitter Chat on July 14th!


Thanks for entering! Just one more thing before you go…

We want health-conscious pet lovers like you to know about our upcoming Twitter Chat on Tuesday, July 14th. We’ll be talking about natural pest control along with our special, expert guests from Wondercide.

Stephanie Boone, the founder of Wondercide, set out to find a better way to fight pests after her dog, Luna, nearly died from exposure to poisonous pesticides. But as Stephanie discovered, you don’t have to poison to protect!

Watch the video below to learn more about Stephanie and Luna’s story. Then get all your questions answered in our Twitter Chat with Wondercide on Tuesday, July 14th. Follow @NaturalHealthy on Twitter, and use the hashtag #bugfreepet to participate in the chat.

On the day of the Twitter chat – you can join us on Twubs to make it extra easy to follow the conversation.

We’ll be giving away a bunch of different prizes to participants too!