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How to Craft Your Own Adrenal Support Diet

Adrenal-support-dietThe adrenal glands produce hormones that are closely associated with feelings of stress and wellness. Adrenaline and cortisol are both necessary for us to live healthy lives, but too much of them and people tend to feel shaky and worried, whether or not these feelings are actually warranted by their circumstances.

The fight or flight response is closely related to these two natural hormones. This response evolved in nature. If an animal were to suddenly come across a predator, for example, the body would suddenly release a bunch of chemicals and hormones to give the body a heightened reaction time, more alertness, and elevated heart rate so the body can maintain enough blood oxygen to satisfy tissue demand while fleeing or fighting.

This reaction is at the core of human instinct, but it can be an inconvenience if it kicks in too often as a result of everyday stress. There’s only so much that we can do about life stressors. Some will be able to quit a stressful job for something easier or move to a quieter neighborhood. Others have to live with difficult circumstances, finding other ways to better manage natural stress responses in their bodies.

One of the best ways to do this is to follow an adrenal support diet, which involves selecting certain foods that may promote optimal adrenal function. If you’ve read any of our guides about diet, you’ll realize that there is one major common thread: a diet that includes natural fruits, vegetables, and meat tends to provide that nutrients your body needs for all of its biological functions! Adrenal health is no exception. Sometimes we can’t eat as we know is best, and supplements are excellent for this purpose. But there is no replacement for a diet that supports the body’s fundamental building blocks. Check below to see how foods can support healthy adrenal function.

Fruits and Vegetables for an Adrenal Support Diet

Fruits and vegetables may be your best source of the nutrients your adrenal glands need. While this can be said for many bodily processes, let’s take a look at why this works so well for the adrenal glands. The B Vitamins have been studied to help us better understand their role in modulating workplace stress symptoms. It appears that people who get all the vitamin B complex that they need every day will see an associated decline in perceptions of stress.

Many fruits and veggies are packed with various B vitamins. Dark leafy greens, oranges, papayas, and cantaloupe all contain optimal levels of naturally occurring vitamin B. But you really can’t go wrong with anything in your grocer’s veggie department. Veggies and fruits also contain ideal levels of vitamin C, which is another nutrient associated with adrenal function.

Meat for an Adrenal Support Diet

Vitamin B12 is prevalent in clams, liver, other meat products, and a variety of fortified foods. Your diet may not include clams, but this affordable food is actually straightforward to cook in a variety of methods. The liver is similarly unfamiliar to many modern people, but it is also cheap and commonly available.

For people who think they may not get adrenal function nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and magnesium through their diet, many excellent supplemental sources are also available. Supplements are almost never a bad idea in proper dosages because no two people are exactly alike in their daily requirements for these nutrients. Some days you might need a little more or less, so a combination of nutrient-rich foods in your adrenal support diet and sensible supplementation can give you everything you need to potentially benefit your adrenal glands.