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A Tribute to Dr. Mayer Eisenstein

Dr Mayer Eisenstein

Have you ever been surprised by your grief at someone’s passing?

When I heard the news of the untimely death of Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, I cried.

Why would it hit me so hard? After-all, I’d only met the man once at a health expo in Chicago.

But as a champion of parental rights in healthcare choices, he was a real-life-hero to me.

I grew up embracing allopathic medicine (both my grandfathers were doctors). I vaccinated my kids, gave them antibiotics, Tylenol, and strove to be a model parent in the eyes of Western medicine.

Fortunately, I came to see a natural approach to health and wellness was the better way.

Drugs and surgery have their place, but complementary and alternative medicine should be first choice whenever possible. It was exciting and liberating for me to know there were actually medical doctors who felt this way, too.

I counted Mayer Eisenstein among my  medical heroes: Joseph Mercola, Sherry Tenpenny, Lawrence Palevsky, and Suzanne Humphries, to name a few. (I have another list of Lyme Literate docs who are also my heroes, but that’s for another post.)

These doctors were all living proof to me that God didn’t make a mistake when he created the immune system.

Dr. Eisenstein had over 40,000 un-vaccinated, healthy children in his practice – most delivered at home. The children in his practice had little or no asthma, allergies or any of the chronic illnesses seen in countless children today.

And they had NO autism!

When I first started to question why children in the US were so unhealthy, and autism rates were climbing, I didn’t know of Dr. Eisenstein. I started researching everything.

I read award winning author and physician, Robert Mendelsohn’s book, How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor. (If you haven’t read it, you should. It’s an excellent eye-opener on pediatric medicine in the US.)

I read medical journals, followed Dr. Mercola, Dr. Tenpenny, and the National Vaccine Information Center. I attended the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccination, searched the web, read countless books, and  help start a group for holistically minded parents. Along the way, I learned of Dr. Eisenstein.

It was no surprise to learn Dr. Eisenstein had studied closely under Dr. Medelsohn. No wonder he chose a more natural approach to medicine! This gave me even more confidence to tell parents about him and direct them to his website for information.

As an attorney, Dr. Eisenstein advocated for the legal rights of parents to opt-out of the mandatory, one-size-fits-all vaccine schedule. As a grandparent I wanted the tools to help my grown children defend their rights to decline or limit the vaccines they gave their children.

I signed up for his newsletter, watched his webinars with Vaccine Rights Attorney Allan Phillips, and followed his social media pages.

And I learned even more.

Like my other health heroes above, Mayer Eisenstein gave me HOPE.

Hope for parents to choose what they feel is best for their children – in their birthing options and the medical care they receive.

Hope for children to be free of chronic illness, allergies and autism.

Hope for a medical community that might once again listen to their patients.

Hope that the pharmaceutical industry would no longer have its strangle-hold on our healthcare system.

Hope that doctors would remember the oath to “First, do no harm.”

Thank you, Dr. Eisenstein, for all you did to give me hope, and protect the children. You will always be a caped-crusader to me.

Mayer means “bringer of light” in Hebrew. Please help keep his work and his memory shining bright.

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