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A Healthier Halloween For Your Kids: 3 Great Ideas!

How to have a Healthier Halloween for your kids

Halloween can sometimes be one of those times when health conscious moms struggle. On one hand, you don’t want to be a bummer of a mom, and on the other hand you just want to protect the health of your children.

There are a few things that you can do in order to have the best of both worlds for your kids. Plus, who says Halloween can’t still be fun without GMO laden candy made with harmful chemicals, trans fats, preservatives and petroleum based artificial colors!

Trick or Treat, anyone? In that case, the trick is in the treat! Just take a look at the ingredients in Skittles…

Ingredients in skittles - Yuck!
Toxic Ingredients in Skittles

Taste the Rainbow, huh? Not really!

We know everything in moderation is key. It’s not like you give your kids this sort of stuff every day of their life, right? But still – it’s hard to watch them eat things that you know aren’t good for them.

So here are three helpful alternatives you could try this Halloween…

1. Healthier Candy Options:

Whether you are going to be a healthy trend setting mom and hand these healthier options out to the neighborhood kids, or simply switch out your own kids’ candy with the good stuff – here are some better treats to choose from. Free from GMO’s, organic, allergen free and no yucky additives. Plus, some of the items listed below have bulk options in case you do want to hand them out at the door to help spread the healthy message around.

Also check out NaturalCandyStore.com for a ton of great candy choices for Halloween and a special introductory price!

If you want to know more about what GMOs are and why they are harmful, check out this great video!

2. Non-Candy Treats:

Decorate a Clementine for a Halloween Treat!
Decorate a Clementine for a Halloween Treat!

Kids don’t need a bag full of sugar to be happy and have fun!  They’d love to find little snack packs of crackers, a juice box or a pumpkin decorated clementine in their bucket too!

Check out these non-candy treat ideas:

3. Toys, Gizmos & Gadgets:

If you visit your local hobby or craft store, you’ll most likely find a great assortment of small and very fun toys for kids! This can be just as exciting to our little ones as treats, and sometimes even more exciting! Then you don’t have to worry about all that sugar, but still get to watch the joy on your kids faces.

If you don’t have time to run to the store, check out these great ideas for little toys you can get on Amazon. They come in bulk and are pretty inexpensive.

Hopefully we can make Halloween a fun time without the harmful effects on our children’s health.

Year by year as more people jump on the health bandwagon, we will start to see a better variety of treats, snacks and toys for our little Trick or Treaters.

What are your ideas for a healthier Halloween for kids? Share your knowledge!

Watch this helpful video on how to Have a Healthier Halloween!

Watch this humorous and slightly sarcastic video with some very familiar faces! Prop 37 was narrowly defeated last year, but other states are battling for the right to label GMO foods. They could use your help! Vote yes on 522 to help Washington now.