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9 Fun Calorie Blasting Winter Workouts (Infographic)

9 Fun Winter-Activities That Blast Away Calories (infographic)

Did you know if you snow shoe for 1 hour you will burn enough calories to drink 6.9 glasses of wine?

This was the first bit of information I found when I was researching how many calories a person can burn doing winter exercise.

While I never could (and certainly don’t aspire to) drink 6.9 glasses of wine at one time I was surprised to learn how many calories you can burn during certain winter activities. For those of you who have experienced a “true” winter (sorry Floridians, 47 degrees does not qualify as winter– that’s shorts weather in Wisconsin) you know that with the snow and the cold come many opportunities for fun outdoor activities and exercise.

Here are just a few of the many winter activities you can do for a fun “workout.” Your actual calorie burn may vary based on body weight–these are all averages based on a 150 pound person. Someone who weighs more than 150 will burn slightly more calories while someone who weighs less than 150 pounds will burn slightly fewer. Check out our infographic below to learn more about the amount of calories burned during these 9 fun winter activities.

Calories Burned Winter

Get the Right Gear

The other thing you’ll want to remember when outside this winter is to dress appropriately. Wisconsinites know how the temperature can fluctuate but it is extremely important to pay attention to the weather and dress accordingly.  There are a few basic guidelines to follow for winter exercise.

  • Dress in layers. You’ll want to start with a thin layer made out of a material that will draw sweat away from your body. Make sure to stay away from cotton. Your next layer should be an insulation layer of fleece or wool. Finally throw on a top layer that is waterproof and breathable.
  • Take care of your feet, ears and hands. Make sure to have a good pair of gloves as well as a hat or headband.
  • Be safe. There is much less daylight in the winter months and you may end up running or exercising while it is dark out. If this happens to you make sure you have some sort of light and/or reflective gear on so you are easily visible to cars on the road.
  • Be smart. If the temperature is below zero stay inside. Missing one workout won’t ruin your entire training plan. Choosing to run outside when there’s a -32 windchill doesn’t make you tough, it makes you irresponsible (and cold). Pay attention to the falling temperatures and know when to stay inside.

I hope I’ve given you a few easy ways to burn calories during the winter. When you’re dressed correctly winter workouts can be a lot of fun and a great way to burn some calories. Now we just need to wait for the snow.

What’s your favorite way to stay active during winter months?