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7 Ways to Nurture Your Body & Make it Last

7 Ways to Nurture Your Body & Make it Last

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Beth Karpinski, recently visited Natural Healthy Concepts to speak about disease prevention and reversal, weight management, and taking control of the future of your health. Her presentation was a step-by-step process of recognizing and addressing the toxins in our food, toxins in our life, as well as the emotional toxins that affect our health. She expects you to leave the conversation feeling inspired to prioritize your health, rather than feeling defeated that your health problems control you.

Here is some great insight from Beth about how to treat your body as a prized possession along with 7 ways to nurture your body and make it last…

I have a Vitamix blender. It is my prized possession. I bought it for myself for my 38th birthday. It took me five months to pay off this blender, but it was worth it. It makes the best smoothies, chops onions, makes soups, nut butters, and grinds everything to a perfectly smooth consistency.

Anytime I use this blender, I wash it immediately so that nothing sticks or stains. Everyone in my family knows that they are not allowed to touch the blender, or they see my “dark side”. It never gets put away, staying on my counter top as a showpiece of culinary beauty!

What is your prized possession?

I bet that you clean your prized possession meticulously, treat it with care, follow all directions for it’s perfect use, and show it both love and respect. If it is not working properly, you might consult an expert that can have it working again like new.

What if we treated our body as our prized possession?

What if we loved and respected our body for all it does for us?

What if we took care of it, fed it what it needs, exercised it to keep it strong, and gave it special care when it wasn’t functioning correctly?

Instead, we feed it processed, sugary, and chemical-laden fuel.

We often over-load it with caffeine and artificial stimulants, make it work hard without giving it any down time, allow it to feel stress without a break, and don’t appreciate it for all it does for us each day.

We don’t even think about the fact that it continues to breathe… continues to pump blood to and from our heart… continues to perform countless functions each second without our knowledge. When our body does start to show age, wear and tear, extra weight, or signs of break down… we are disappointed. We often berate our body for not looking or feeling like we want it to.

Instead, we should be treating our body as our prized possession, nurturing it and handling it in a way that will make it last!

7 Ways to Nurture Your Body & Make it Last

Thankfully, our body’s owner’s manual is not long or confusing. It is really quite simple, and it goes something like this:

  1. Provide body with clean, pure water daily
  2. Feed body with real food that has not been processed… vegetables & fruits of every color, 100% whole grains, high quality proteins, & healthy fats
  3. Exercise body regularly
  4. Provide body with adequate sleep
  5. Provide body with fresh air
  6. Keep body clean
  7. Keep body away from chemicals and toxins to the best of your ability

Keep it simple.

If we listen to our body and follow the 7 basic steps of it’s owner’s manual, our body can be our prized possession, looking and feeling exactly how we want it to!

beth karpinskiBeth Karpinski is a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach.  Her passion is to prevent disease by empowering individuals to take control of their life and health through clean eating, clean living, and getting the toxins out.  With a background in Psychology and Nutrition, Beth understands the connection between emotional and physical health and well-being.  She coaches her clients to reach their health goals in a manner that puts them in control of their success.  Beth works with clients both individually and in group settings, as well as with corporations to provide wellness to their employees.

Visit Beth Karpinski’s Health and Wellness website for more good stuff!

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