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7 Homeopathic Remedies for Your First Aid Kit


Like many people living in Wisconsin, I like to spend time in the garden, hiking or cooking out with friends and family. Of course, there are those little outdoor emergencies that come up: a little too much sun, unknowingly walking into poison ivy, or even pesky bug bites. You don’t have to let these seasonal outdoor occurrences become a daytime disaster. With some cool thinking, just reach for your homeopathic first aid kit! Here are some must-have homeopathy products to include among the wellness products in your homeopathic kit.

Bug Bites and Bee Sting Homeopathic Remedies

Stock your cabinet with these homeopathic remedies for bug bites and bee stings.

Ledum Palustre

Ledum Palustre by Boiron can always be found in my homeopathic medicine cabinet and is my number one choice for mosquito and tick bites. Ledum helps relieve swelling, itching, lethargy and joint pain associated with insect bites. Ledum can work very quickly for tick bites in pets and in people. It should be taken three times a day for at least seven days.

Urtica Urens

Also known as stinging nettle, this remedy is useful for many skin complaints including itchy and stingy hives. Urtica urens is also indicated for insect bites that leave red blotches and cause burning sensations.

Histaminum Hydrochloricum

Histaminum Hydrochloricum by Boiron is a homeopathic game changer for symptoms of seasonal allergies. A body releases histamines in response to an allergic reaction. When histamine levels get too high, this can lead to an abundance of respiratory issues: runny nose, watery eyes, nasal congestion. Taking Histaminum hydrochloricum can make a big difference!

Apis Mellifica

Reach for this homeopathic if you are suffering from insect bites that cause swelling, where itching improves with cold compresses. Boiron’s Apis Mellifica can bring relief when the bite causes intolerable or intense itching at night. This homeopathic is also indicated for bites that are sensitive to the touch or leaves large, red, elevated circles on the skin.

Poison Ivy or Poison Oak Homeopathic Remedies

Poison ivy or poison oak can turn a beautiful summer day into a raging nightmare. Be sure to keep a few of these homeopathic remedies in your medicine cabinet.


Instead of reaching for steroid creams, use Boiron’s Anacardium for the tremendous itching brought on by Poison Ivy or Poison Oak exposure. If you can’t find Anacardium, opt for Rhus Toxicodendron which is used for skin irritations or joint pain improved with movement. Rus tox can also be useful for itching pain associated with small sores filled with clear liquid (think cold sores).

Sunburn Homeopathic Remedies

Don’t let a day spent out on the water, in the park or at the beach go astray with too much sun. Be sure to use a zinc-based sunscreen, but if it washes off or you miss a spot, keep these remedies on hand for sunburn.


Made from the simplistic marigold, calendula can be found as a cream or gel and should be applied topically for minor burns, scrapes and cuts two to three times a day. Calendula Cream by Boiron provides healing support for these and other skin irritations, including sunburn.


Commonly known as St. John’s Wort, topical Hypericum Perforatum 30C by Boiron can be used alone or with calendula to help ease the pain, swelling and tenderness associated with sunburns. Orally, take pellets three to four times a day for continued relief and skin repair.

HomeoFamily Kit

For your one-stop homeopathic first-aid kit, try multi-dose samples of the best homeopathic first aid remedies in the Boiron HomeoFamily Kit. It includes 12 doses of Oscillococcinum 30C and additional doses of 29 other essential homeopathic ingredients, including several of the ones listed in this blog.

These 7 homeopathic remedies for your first aid kit and dietary supplements may help you overcome many unpleasant symptoms of common health issues. However, how to take homeopathic medicine varies between people depending on age and personal health history. Always inform your doctor of their use. Potential side effects may include indigestion or rashes. Seek medical attention if your allergic reaction includes rapid swelling of the tongue, mouth or throat, shooting pain, or if you have difficulty breathing or have heart palpitations.