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6 Salmon Recipes the Whole Family Will Love


Salmon is one of the most popular fish varieties, and for good reason. It’s great for your health, offering a range of vitamins and other nutrients essential for optimal health.

One of my favorite things about salmon (aside from the obvious health benefits) is the fact that it tastes great any way you decide to make it. Throwing it on some foil in the oven might get old after a while, so we’ve got six ways you can enjoy salmon in a new way!

The Nutritious Side of Salmon

Not everyone likes the taste (or smell) of fish, and that’s okay. Others have allergies and can’t have it, but for those of us who love salmon, the nutrient profile is something to get excited about.

According to World’s Healthiest Foods, one 4 oz. piece of broiled, wild-caught salmon (which is thought to be the healthiest variety) provides the following nutrient amounts in relation to the daily recommended value:

  • Vitamin B12: 236%
  • Vitamin D: 128%
  • Selenium: 78%
  • Vitamin B3: 56%
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: 55%
  • Protein: 53%
  • Phosphorous: 52%
  • Vitamin B6: 38%
  • Iodine: 21%
  • Choline: 19%
  • Pantothenic Acid: 18%
  • Biotin: 15%
  • Potassium: 14%

The Delicious Side of Salmon

As I mentioned before, salmon can be prepared in a number of different ways, and I wanted to offer some of those ways in this week’s roundup. So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Honey Salmon in Foil

honey-salmonPrepping fish in foil is a no-fuss, easy way to enjoy a delicious dinner. This recipe from Chungah at Damn Delicious takes it up a notch. She uses a simple sweet garlic mixture that contains white wine vinegar, garlic, olive oil, honey and tons of fresh thyme.

Simply line a baking sheet with foil, lay out your salmon fillets and spoon your mixture over each fillet. Fold up the foil sides and pop it in the oven for 15 or 20 minutes (or until the fish is cooked through). Serve up this tender, flaky fish with some seasonal veggies for a simple, healthy dinner.

  • Get the full recipe from Damn Delicious here.

Deconstructed Stuffed Salmon

When I was younger, my mom use to make stuffed catfish multiple timesDeconstructed-Salmon-Jenny every summer. It was one of my favorite things to eat then, and still is now. When I saw this recipe for deconstructed stuffed salmon from a blog called The Healthy Foodie, I had to give it a try. I’m glad I did.

The stuffing consists of a mixture of raw shrimp, egg, onions, parsley, salt, pepper, garlic, and almond meal. (It also calls for lard, but I left that out when I made it.) Spoon this mixture over two pieces of salmon and toss it in the oven. The best thing about this dish is that it can work as a complete meal, or you can serve it with sides, if you want.

  • Get the full recipe from The Healthy Foodie here.

Citrus-Avocado Salmon Salad

salmon-citrus-avocado-saladEveryone (well, almost everyone) loves a good salad every now and again. This salad from Lindsey Johnson over at the blog called Cafe Johnsonia is an option you’ll love. It’s heart-healthy and filled with all sorts of flavorful goodness.

Packed with salmon, avocado slices, navel oranges, grapefruit slices and almonds, there’s a little something for everyone’s taste buds. Add some olive oil, lemon, and salt and pepper, and there’s even more deliciousness. The best part? It only takes about 10 minutes to whip up, making it perfect for lunch or dinner.

  • Get the full recipe from Cafe Johnsonia here.

Lemony Salmon with Broccoli and Tomatoes

We’ve all had busy days that have left us feeling less than motivated to the-good-life-salmonmake dinner once we get home. If you’re in need of something quick and easy, yet still healthy, this recipe from Dr. Oz The Good Life should fit the bill nicely.

Broccoli, cherry tomatoes, garlic, lemon, and salmon are combined into a skillet and coated with a simple lemon juice and olive oil mixture, then flavored with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Simmered for 12 minutes, then topped with olives and more lemon and olive oil mixture, this is the perfect way to still have a healthy meal, even when you’re short on time or energy.

  • Get the full recipe from Dr. Oz The Good Life here.

Naked Salmon Burgers with Sriracha Mayo

salmon-burger-with-sriracha-mayoSometimes, fish is just better in burger form, you know? If you haven’t given salmon burgers a try yet, you’ll want to start right now with this recipe from Gloria over at Skinny Taste. She says, “some burgers are just meant to be eaten without a bun,” and this is a perfect example.

Packed with flavor, these burgers can be whipped up ahead of time and refrigerated until your ready to cook ’em up. Each burger is pressed with so much more than salmon—red and yellow bell peppers, garlic, and a hint of soy sauce, just to name a few.

Cook the burgers for about five minutes on each side, place on a bed of arugula (not a bun!), then top with avocado slices and the homemade sriracha mayo. It’s the perfect taste combination!

  • Get the full recipe from Skinny Taste here.

Pan-Seared Salmon with Pasta & Spinach Cream Sauce

I’ve always been a sucker for salmon in any kind of pasta dish. This recipe

from The Paupered Chef is one of my absolute favorites. Light and delicious, it’s the perfect dinner idea for anyone who loves salmon.

Simply saute your salmon, and while that’s happening, you can zest a lemon and chop up some parsley. Get your noodles boiling, too! Saute some spinach in the same pan as the fish (after you’ve removed the fish, of course), then add heavy cream. (Yes, that might sound scary, but just go with it—it’s delicious!)

You’ll want to chop up your salmon and add it to the pan, mixing it with the cream, spinach, and chopped parsley. Add your drained pasta and mix together. This dish may take a little longer to prepare, but you’ll be glad you put the time in—it’s absolutely delicious and all of the flavors complement each other really well.

  •  Get the full recipe from The Paupered Chef here.

So, there you have it. New and totally delicious ways to enjoy your favorite fish. If you have other great recipes, we’d love to hear about them. Share them in the comment section, please!