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6 Ginger Recipes for Dinner, Dessert and More


Do the holidays have you thinking about gingerbread men? Spice up your cooking for Christmas – or anytime of year – with these great recipes featuring healthy and invigorating ginger!

Ginger: Some Good Stuff

Not only can ginger lend great flavor to desserts, drinks and other dishes, it also has some nice health benefits. In the same family as cardamom and turmeric, ginger is probably best known for its digestive support. A nice soothing cup of ginger tea is a great natural way to calm your stomach, especially if you’re dealing with nausea. It may also give you some relief from minor aches and pains, and contains natural antioxidants for overall health support. Definitely sounds like something to work into your cooking! Let’s take a look at some ginger recipes!


Fresh Ginger Honey Syrup


This sugar-free, all-natural syrup is a great way to spice things up. Keep it on hand for adding healthy flavor to teas, cocktails, sauces and more. Or, just take a spoonful if you’re feeling a little under the weather – honey can do some great things for your immune system! You can get all-natural, pure honey here.

Get the complete instructions from Three Leaf Farm.


Very-Ginger Gingerbread Cupcakes


Looking to up your gingerbread game? Put a new twist on traditional holiday gingerbread with these cupcakes. With a great blend of ginger and other spices in the cake, and a delectable cream cheese frosting made with real maple syrup, these are sure to be a real treat!

Get the recipe from Todd and Diane at White On Rice Couple.


Ginger Hot Chocolate


As long as we’re talking holiday classics, let’s take a look at hot chocolate. With a little bit of ginger, you can make your cozy cup of hot chocolate a perfectly sweet-and-spicy, invigorating experience. Choose from standard cocoa powder or darker natural cacao powder. And choose your sweetener, too – stevia, honey or agave all work. For a finishing touch, go ahead and add a few pieces of candied ginger.

Get the complete recipe from Minimalist Baker.


Pimm’s Cup Cocktail with Fresh Ginger, Lime and Tarragon


The creator of this recipe offers it up as a great summer cocktail, but personally, I think it would be refreshing anytime of the year. Zesty and herbal, it would be a great change of pace from all the sugary sweets of the holidays. Real ginger, simple syrup, lime and garnishes of tarragon and cucumber are sure to make this drink stand out. It’s more labor intensive than opening a bottle of wine, but in my opinion, a good cocktail should take a little time. A carefully crafted cocktail is a cocktail that shows you care!

Get all the details from Feed Me Phoebe.


Ginger Shrimp and Broccoli Stir-Fry


Let’s switch on over to the entrees, shall we? Ginger packs a flavorful punch in this super simple, but still delicious stir-fry. If you’re looking for a nutritious dish that keeps things light after all the holiday indulgences, this would be perfect.

Get the easy recipe from Life’s Ambrosia.


Ginger Garlic Baked Chicken


Getting tired of your typical chicken recipes? Change it up with this Asian-inspired dish. Marinate some drumsticks in this gingery, sticky, savory-sweet sauce, put them in the oven to bake and get ready for a delicious, family-friendly dish.

Get the recipe from Bee at Rasa Malaysia.


Want other ways to incorporate ginger into your life? Whether you’re looking to support your health or just love the invigorating smell, take a look at some of our favorite ginger products.