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6 Asparagus Recipes to Try this Season


Alleluia, it’s officially asparagus season! The first edible thing in my garden to pop up after winter, I await these treasures every year. They’re just so fresh and delicious – and healthy! Full of  fiber, folate, vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as trace minerals like chromium, these bright green spears are powerhouses of nutrition.

Make the most of asparagus season with six recipes that go beyond steaming, grilling and roasting.

1. 5-Ingredient Bacon Asparagus Pasta

5-Ingredient-Asparagus-Bacon-Pasta-21Incorporate asparagus into the main course with this simple, but flavorful pasta. Start by cooking the bacon and then cook the asparagus in the same pan to soak up all that delicious flavor without extra work. And when your pasta is done boiling, it gets thrown in there, too, so you have minimal dishes.

If you’re not a fan of cooking with wine, swap it for vegetable or chicken broth.

Get the recipe from Gimme Some Oven.


 2. Asparagus Pasta Salad with Creamy Peanut

Asparagus-Pasta-Salad-with-Creamy-Peanut-Dressing-by-The-Lemon-BowlAnother great way to pair pasta and asparagus, this recipe has an Asian-inspired peanut dressing to mix up your weekly dinner routine. It features flavorful and healthy ingredients like fresh ginger and garlic in the sauce, and a sprinkling of scallions and toasted almonds to finish it off.

Check out The Lemon Bowl for the recipe.


3. Baked Asparagus Fries

IMG_2809editFeel like getting your snack on? These asparagus fries are the perfect choice. Baked, not fried, they’re a much healthier alternative to your standard fries and might even be just the trick to get kids enjoying vegetables. Of course, no grown up would turn them down, either. They’d make a great appetizer or light dish when you need to provide some munchies.

Head to Damn Delicious for the recipe.


4. Millet with Purple Cabbage and Asparagus

Millet-with-Cabbage-and-Asparagus-DONE-470x260This dish is a health nut’s dream. Grains and fresh greens? It doesn’t get much healthier than that. With added purple cabbage, it just looks fresh and beautiful. Add lemon juice and parsley, and you get invigorating flavor. Use it for an easy workday lunch, light dinner or as a side to your protein of choice.

Get the recipe from Pathways to Family Wellness.


5. Eggplant and Asparagus Stacks


These are definitely going to make it into my summer recipe rotation. I always seem to end up with extra asparagus and eggplant in my garden. Super simple but super elegant, these stacks of roasted eggplant and asparagus with ricotta and fresh basil are the perfect appetizer or light lunch for summer.

Learn how to build these stacks at Tina’s Chic Corner.


6. Asparagus and Egg Tart with Goat Cheese


If you’ve only been enjoying your eggs for breakfast, you’ve been missing out. While this tart is great for brunch, it’s equally perfect for lunch or a light dinner. Eggs are a wonderful source of protein and nutrients, so why not change up your basic chicken routine with them? Plus, a nice, runny egg yolk pairs beautifully with asparagus. Asparagus and poached eggs is a favorite clean, fresh dish of mine, so I’m definitely going to give this tart a try!

Get the recipe from Just a Taste.



What’s your favorite way to enjoy asparagus? Tell us in the comments!

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