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How to Start the 50 Day Diet

50 day diet
Find out if the 50 Day Diet is right for you!

As the new year approaches, many people vow to finally lose the weight they’ve been carrying around for months, even years. Many of us start researching the latest fad diets to get the weight off fast, because once you decide to do it, you want it done now! But instead of giving into the gimmicks, why not try something that will not only get the weight off, but keep it off for good? We’re talking about the 50 Day Diet.

What is the 50 Day Diet?

It’s less than two months, but plenty of time to convince your brain and body about a new way of life. Something that will teach you new healthier habits that will not only help you lose weight, but keep it off. Here’s how the 50 Day Diet works.

Phase 1: Kick-Start

This is the “diet” phase of the 50 Day Diet, but don’t worry, it only lasts for 10 days (that’s just a week and a half!) For 10 days, you’ll need to reduce your calories to 1,000 a day and kick-start your body into diet mode. After the 10 days is up, you will have already lost a few pounds, and the next phase of the diet will seem so much easier. Here are some things that will help you through the Kick-Start phase.

  • Cut Out Sugar and Starches – Your 1,000 calories a day will stretch much further if you get rid of the high calories snacks, such as cookies and chips. Instead, use your calories wisely and load up on veggies and lean protein. You won’t feel deprived and you will start to drop the weight faster as your body starts burning fat instead of carbs for energy. 
  • Take Supplements – To make sure you are still getting all the proper nutrients you need, it’s important to take supplements while on any diet. You can get the vitamins you need, plus some extra weight loss support with these 3-in-1 supplement packets from Designs for Health. They help support your energy, promote metabolism, and may help reduce cravings. 
  • Don’t Over Exercise – One of the easiest ways to get burnt out on a diet is to overdo it in the beginning. While in the kick-start phase, you only need to be doing light exercise such as walking or yoga.

Phase 2: Long Haul

After your 10 days is up with the Kick-Start phase, it’s time for the Long Haul of the 50 Day Diet. This is where you will learn new habits about eating and exercise that will shape your new healthy lifestyle. During this phase, you’ll want to aim for 1,500 to 1,800 calories a day, depending on your size. This phase will seem like a holiday feast compared to the last ten days! Here’s some things that can help you maximize your weight loss.

  • Discover New Fruits – If you’ve been missing that something sweet after dinner each night, try fruit to satisfy your cravings. You’ll still want to avoid foods with a lot of sugar and carbs at every meal (although a cheat day here and there won’t sink the ship). Stick with the veggies and lean meats, and throw in some grapes as a snack.
  • Weight Loss Support – To help keep the scale moving backwards, try a weight loss supplement like this thermogenic formula from Now Foods. It will encourage your body to keep up the progress it’s already started.
  • Start Exercising – Find some physical activities that you enjoy and do them for at least 30-minutes every day. No need to run a marathon, just move your body at a pace that feels right for you.

Phase 3: Maintenance

This is the trickiest phase, because technically your 50 Day Diet is over. You’ve been released back into the world to make your own diet decisions. So many people gain the weight back in this phase, but there are some things you can do to ensure that you don’t slip into your old habits.

  • Treats in Moderation – So it’s your birthday, can you have a slice of cake? Yes, just don’t overdo it. One slice of cake on your birthday (or even every Saturday night) won’t hurt you. It’s when you take the leftover cake home and eat it all in one sitting (or every night for a week) that will get you in trouble. Treat yourself, but don’t sabotage all your hard work.
  • Try Monk Fruit – Replacing sugar with an all-natural sweetener, like monk fruit, can save you a bunch of calories and help you maintain your weight loss. Try these on-the-go packets from NOW Foods so you always have it when you need it!
  • Get Back on Track – Remember, if you fall off the horse all you have to do is get back on! Try restarting with a full-body cleanse from Designs for Health so you don’t have to go all the way back to the kick-start phase. Just don’t give up!

Are you ready to start the 50 Day Diet? Let us know how you’re doing in the comments below!

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