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5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy & 3 Supplements to Give Them

Keep Your Pet Healthy


Do you treat your pet like one of the family? I confess, my dog, Bandit (pictured below) was rather indulged!

My dog "Bandit"
My dog, “Bandit”

Our pets love us unconditionally and bring great joy and companionship. There is even proof that they can improve the health and well-being of people! Read about it here.

So, protecting our pets’ health and keeping them around for a long time is important, right? Many Americans must think so since we are spending a lot of money on our pets! The latest numbers show that in 2014, we were spending about $541 million on dog supplements alone.

As a company that sells supplements, we admit we’d appreciate a piece of that pie, but not when it’s contrary to our beliefs. We’d be happy to sell you supplements for your dog or cat, but not if they don’t really need them and certainly not if they aren’t a quality product. We believe you should get your nutrients from healthy food first and then from supplements.

So how do you keep your pet healthy on a tight budget? Here are 5 great ways!

1. Take Your Pet to a Holistic Veterinarian

Holistic vets will follow a first do no harm philosophy in treating your pet, and they’ll help you avoid costly, unnecessary drugs or medical procedures. This practice centers on treating both the mind and the body, so meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of the pet. They take into account all body systems/organs when evaluating a patient, not just the current symptom, when developing a treatment plan. Check out the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association website for more information.

2. Feed Your Pet Quality Food

This might seem like a contradiction, especially after I mentioned a tight budget, but giving your good food now will save you on vet bills later – and vet bills aren’t cheap! Unless a specific diet is ordered by your vet, your dog or cat should have a low-carb, grain free, moisture rich and varied diet.

  • Watch this video from Dr. Mercola, The Quality of Pet Food Ingredients as Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, gives a great tutorial on what to look for in your pet’s food. She explains that high-protein, dehydrated diets can lead to kidney stress, liver stress and metabolic stress.

The same goes for any treats you give your pet. Beware of anything made in China or those made with strange ingredients you can’t read. You might be thinking that you just can’t afford this, but if you want to avoid veterinary bills, do what you can to give them healthy food and treats.

3. Avoid Too Many Vaccinations

I know this will make most vets angry – but it’s the truth. If you board your pet or take them to doggy daycare, your pet may need them, but most pets don’t need all of the recommended shots, and certainly not every year!

Years ago, veterinarians almost always treated animals with dietary changes, herbs or homeopathic remedies. (That’s how doctors used to treat people, too!) Now, Big Pharma has too much influence in veterinarian medicine, and vaccines are pushed on our pets,  just like they are on our children.

Do you realize that just as a human baby will receive the same vaccine a 200 lb. man receives, your 10 lb. puppy will receive the same vaccine as a 130 lb. Great Dane? That just doesn’t make sense! Do your research before every vaccine you give your pet and weigh the risks versus the benefits. Vaccines are big profit makers for drug companies and doctors.

Doesn’t it seem strange that animals are getting so many people diseases now, like tumors, cancer and diabetes? Could there be a correlation between the number of vaccines they are getting and the vaccines themselves?

4. Exercise Your Pet!

Exercise is one of the cheapest most beneficial ways for humans and pets to stay healthy. Play with your cat, take your dog for regular walks or to the dog park, just get it moving! If your pet is hyper or misbehaves because it doesn’t get exercise, whose fault is that? Please don’t take it out on your pet!

Exercise provides many health benefits, including keeping your pet agile, healthy and limber. It can also help with weight management, digestion, excess energy issues, stimulating their mind and relationship strengthening (between you and you pet). This post touches on how exercise may help your pet with anxiety issues, too.

5. Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Clean

Remember, there’s a direct correlation between your teeth, gums and your overall health. We are no different from our pets in this way. It’s called the oral systemic connection.” If we take steps to keep our pet’s mouth clean, it will help keep them healthier. Natural Healthy Concepts has a nice selection of oral pet care, like toothbrushes and oral sprays to help keep Fido’s teeth nice and clean. And remember, high-carb diets cause plaque buildup on the teeth, just one more reason to feed them quality food.

To learn more, consider reading these resources:

Bonus: Keep Pests at Bay

Our pets can be exposed to a variety of pests, especially during the warmer summer months. So, we need to protect them from those pests as well as the illnesses they can transmit. Use a natural pet product that kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes with all-natural ingredients. Skip the chemicals!

Will my pet still need supplements?

If you do the five things listed above will your pet still need supplements? Most likely they will still benefit from some, but you don’t need to get carried away. Here are three supplements I’d give my pet.

3 Simple Supplements to Keep Your Pet Healthy

In my natural health opinion, if you give your pet these three supplements, you may save yourself some unnecessary trips to the vet.

Keep Your Pet Healthy with Actipet Digestive Blend

1. Enzymes – Since most pets don’t get the diet they need, giving them enzymes to aid in digestion is very important. They help break down food before it travels to the intestinal tract. Digestive Blend for Dogs and Cats by ActiPet is one option that supports digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

Keep Your Pet Healthy with Dr Mercola Complete Probiotics For Pets

2. Probiotics – Bowel issues are one of the top 10 reasons pets require veterinary care, so you’ll want to support your pet’s gastrointestinal tract with a good multi-strain probiotic like Complete Probiotics for Pets from Dr. Mercola. It’s a good way to save on vet bills.

Keep Your Pet Healthy with Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Pet

3. Omega-3s – Fish oil is necessary for joint, heart, stress and immune support, and it can help keep your pet’s coat extra soft. It also helps fight dry, scaly skin, and it’s a known anti-inflammatory. Omega-3 Pet for Dogs from Nordic Naturals is popular with our customers, but we have other great omega products for your pet, too!

In addition to these types of pet supplements, Natural Healthy Concepts also offers pet joint support and oral care products.

These supplements combined with a healthy diet, clean teeth and exercise will go a long way in keeping your beloved pet around for a long, long time!


Is there something you give your pet that keeps them healthy? Please share it by leaving a comment below!

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