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5 Perfect Magazines For a Natural Parenting Lifestyle


Sometimes it feels really nice to sit back and relax with a magazine instead of starring at a screen all the time. Plus, there’s something about holding it in your hand and flipping the pages that is comforting.

If you’re raising a family, and like to live a more natural lifestyle, you’ll probably really enjoy some of these parenting/family magazines that are much different than the popular ones you find at every newsstand.

Check them out!

1. Natural Child World Magazine

Natural Child World Magazine

The first thing you might notice when you get your first Natural Child World magazine in the mail, is the quality and thickness of the pages, as well as the beautiful photography and design. As you take a closer look inside, you’ll quickly realize that this magazine is meant for parents who appreciate eco-friendly ideas and suggestions for how to live a modern sustainable and a healthy life – in style.

The creators of the magazine hope to, “inspire positive change in a new generation of parents today that are facing educational but also ecological and social challenges.”  Each magazine has a theme, like “The Indulgence Issue”, “The Relationship Issue,” or “The Happiness Issue.”

Examples of articles you’ll come across are:

  • What dads wish they could tell their daughters
  • A man’s perspective on pregnancy and sex
  • What is in your food: the watered down use of ‘all-natural’ in food labels
  • How to keep your family safe from harmful chemicals and toxins
  • Life, family and our pursuit of happiness
  • Could your child be suffering from food sensitivities

People who have subscribed to this magazine have really liked the well-researched and helpful articles, the creative green alternatives, tips, product reviews and even a few recipes.

2. The Green Parent Magazine

The Green Parent Magazine

You’ll be inspired to make your home a happier, healthier place with The Green Parent magazine. Other crunchy readers say it gives them the hope and strength to raise their family in a loving and joyful way.

Discover articles and tips like:

  • Why older kids need nature
  • An ethical guide to craft your own presents
  • How to prepare siblings for the new baby
  • 22 alternatives to punishment
  • Ways to parent your strong-willed child
  • Why are dogs good for families
  • Foods to support healing after fever

Each issue or The Green Parent has columns featuring organic gardening, seasonal foods, green travel, ethical fashion, crafts and more. It is the UK’s leading green lifestyle and natural parenting magazine.

3. Kiwi Magazine

Kiwi Magazine

Kiwi magazine is all about raising families the natural and organic way. The mission behind this magazine is to help parents make the best practical, healthy and green choices for their families. Nutrition tips and recipes, family wellness ideas and fun environmental projects are just a few things you’ll find within each issue.

Article examples you’ll come across are:

  • Eco-frienldy costumes for Halloween
  • Holistic remedies for the whole family
  • How safe is your water?

Some readers have said this is their favorite parenting magazine ever. Plus, there are bonus coupons in each issue for popular natural and organic products!

4. Family Fun Magazine

FamilyFun Magazine

Most parents believe being involved and interactive with your kids is both healthy and necessary.

Family Fun magazine really focuses on that family time and ways parents and kids can enjoy doing things together. Readers have said they love the fact their kids get excited to look through the magazine and find fun stuff to do with their mom and dad!

It may be an activity or craft, a game, a place to travel or a recipe to try that is easy enough for a kid to master.

Every issue of Family Fun magazine has a section called Create, Play, Smile and Explore. You’ll also find some good parenting advice in the articles.

If you want to find ways to add more fun and creativity to your family life and treasure the time you have together, this magazine is the perfect one for you!

5. Nature Friend Magazine

Nature Friend Magazine

The people who subscribe to Nature Friend magazine say it’s the best magazine for families, hands down. It’s also packed with wholesome content.

You won’t find one ad in the entire issue. It’s a family-run magazine that focuses on faith-based teachings about God and His creation through art, nature photography and nature-themed stories, puzzles, poems and more.

Some of the articles are even written by children! That’s because the magazine gives children the opportunity to complete the “you can draw” lessons for possible publication as well as their own stories and photos.

If you think your family would benefit from an artistic, christian magazine, this one’s for you!

Hopefully, you saw some unique magazines on this list that you’d want to sit back, relax or have fun with all year long. If not you, then you could keep them in mind as a great gift idea for the holidays, a baby shower or anytime!


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