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3 Ways to Keep Kids Healthy

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Between the germs at school, processed foods, and the overuse of screens, keeping your children healthy sometimes feels impossible. Even though our culture works against raising healthy, active kids, taking small and thoughtful steps can add up to big results. When you focus on offering whole foods, getting your kids outside, and providing quality multivitamins you’ll give your kids what they need to grow and thrive. Keep reading for ideas on how you can keep your kids healthy and active!

A Healthy Diet Begins at Home

Let’s face it, the foods available outside the home are typically over-processed and heavy on white carbs and sugar. Even the lunches provided in many school cafeterias rely on white bread and chocolate milk to round out the afternoon meal.

Your best bet to getting your kids to eat healthy food for your kids is to cook meals and pack their lunch at home. As best you can, offer a rainbow of fruits, veggies, whole grains and proteins. If you’re running low on lunchbox ideas, try cheese and veggie skewers, or a thermos of homemade chili instead of the typical sandwich.

Up Your Kids’ Active Time

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids over 6 get at least 60 minutes of active time every day. Sadly, many kids fall short of this goal due, wasting long hours on TV and video games.

An hour of active time sounds like a lot, but when you factor in gym class or a round of catch in the backyard, it adds up quickly. If you’re looking to boost your kids’ activity time, enroll them in a new class like dance or martial arts or schedule family bike rides. This will not only provide you with great family memories, it will keep you active as well.

Multivitamins to Help Kids Thrive

No matter how hard you try, some kids are just picky eaters and their diets lack important nutrients. This is where a quality multivitamin can help, filling in the gaps left by healthy foods your kiddo refuses to eat. Here are some vitamins and minerals you should focus on when it comes to your child’s diet or kid-friendly supplements.


Vitamin A Supporting healthy skin, eyes, and a strong immune response, vitamin A can be found in milk, cheese and orange veggies like carrots and sweet potatoes.


Calcium Found in dairy products and leafy greens, calcium promotes strong teeth and bones and is an essential part a healthy diet. If you’re looking to ensure your child is getting enough calcium, Thorne Research has multivitamins containing calcium, iron, and more.


B Vitamins The family of B vitamins includes B2, B3, B6, B12, biotin, and folic acid. These vitamins help your child’s energy levels, circulatory system, and metabolism. Good sources include meat, eggs, milk, and beans. Terry Naturally offers child-safe supplements containing these important B vitamins to support healthy kids.


Iron Iron is essential for energy and healthy blood and circulation. To ensure your child gets enough iron, offer red meats, spinach, and beans.


Vitamin D Your child’s best source of vitamin D is time spent outside in the sun, but school time and cold weather can sometimes eliminate this option. If you’re looking for a multivitamin to up your child’s vitamin D, Metagenics offers quality supplements tailored to your child’s unique needs.