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15 Fun & Healthy Foods to Make for Halloween


When it comes to Halloween treats, fun doesn’t always have to come with sugar loaded candies and snacks. There are a whole bunch of ways to get creative and have some fun with good for you foods. You’ll most likely find something you’d love to try in this collection of 15 healthy Halloween ideas that we dug up…

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1. Spooky Spider Snack

These purple grapes look so dark, I thought they were black olives at first. I supposed it could work with olives, too. But I guess that depends on the taste buds of whoever gets to eat this silly spider snack. You probably guessed you’d need a plum for this one. You’ll also need some pretzel sticks, grapes or olives, and some edible eyes. You can use peanut butter or cream cheese to stick the eyes to the plum.

2. Clementine Pumpkins

This would be the perfect Halloween touch to your kid’s lunch or dinner on the 31st. Or, a fun and healthy snack to bring in for your co-workers on Halloween day. It’s pretty self explanatory, but you just stick a slice of celery in the top of the clementine for the stem and viola! You’re done.

3. Witch’s Broom Snacks

Witch's Broom Snacks fun and healthy Halloween snack or treat. Great for parties or lunchboxes.

Aren’t these such a cute idea? If you can find organic, grass-fed string cheese, that would be ideal health-wise. Otherwise, you’ll just need pretzel sticks, string cheese and fresh chives to make this creative snack into a Halloween party masterpiece. It tastes good too!

4. Frankenstein Kiwis

Frankenstein Kiwis Recipe – (Another!) Healthy Halloween Treat {}

LOL. Another awesome Halloween themed idea that anyone will get a kick out of. You even get to be Franken Kiwi’s hair stylist using your veggie peeler. Kids would most likely have a blast helping you add the arms and mouth made out of pretzel sticks and eyes made of mini chocolate chips or wild blueberries! Enjoy.

5. Spooky Eyeball Caprese

Eyeball Caprese Halloween Recipe

This is one of the trickier snacks to put together, but so worth it and super healthy too! Using a straw as your key tool, you’ll poke a hole in a green olive for the iris of the eye and using that same technique, you’ll cut a small round part of the black olive for the pupil.

Some fresh mozzarella balls, a leaf of fresh basil, a drizzle of olive oil and a shake of salt and pepper later and you’ve made a deliciously spooky eyeball Caprese that’s perfect for your Halloween get-together.

6. Vegetable Skeleton

64 Non-Candy Halloween Snack Ideas

This is the perfect way to make eating your veggies fun! Especially when it comes to the kids. Although this would be such a fun way to present a veggie tray and dip to a a large group of guests at a Halloween party, I’m not sure it would look like much of a skeleton after the first couple of people dug in. Perhaps there’s a way to make mini single serving skeletons?

For a fun snack to bring to your own table at home, or even a smaller gathering of family or friends, put some veg dip in a bowl with  lettuce leaves for the hair and olives for the eyes. Then build the body with organic baby carrots, bell peppers, cukes, cauliflower, mushrooms, celery, pea pods and a couple cherry tomatoes. What a great idea!

7. Mummy Toast

Mummy Toast Healthy Halloween Snack

Here’s a fun snack for the little ones – Mummy toast! It’s easy to tell from the picture that you toast a slice of bread, add some marinara or pizza sauce, strips of cheese for the bandages with a couple slices of black olives for the eyes. Then pop it into the oven for a couple of minutes to melt the cheese a a little bit.

8. Carrot Fingers in Dip

Eww. I think the sliced almond fingers are the creepiest thing about this healthy Halloween snack! It would be fun for kids, or as an addition to any Halloween party. Just make it a large bowl of veggie dip and have plenty of carrots for dipping on the side. That way, everyone would know to leave the creepy fingers for show.

Pick out an extra thick carrot for the thumb and four slimmer looking ones for the other fingers. Then cut a flat notch at the top of each carrot and glue the sliced almonds with a little cream cheese or veggie dip. That’s it! Enjoy.

  • Find this idea and more from Chicanol.

9. GoGo Squeeze Mummy Pouches

GoGo squeeZ Mummies

This is such a neat idea for a class snack for kids, and it’s very easy too! Plus, GoGo Squeeze applesauce is an organic healthy treat. All you need is some glue dots, white crepe paper, plastic googly eyes and a permanent marker, and you can mummify these pouches in a flash. Have fun!

10. Black Spaghetti

If you’re having friends or family over for a Halloween dinner, this black spaghetti with garlic Parmesan and sun dried tomatoes would make the perfect dish! I found some organic black squid ink linguine here. Although it looks scary, this recipe is made with butter, fresh basil, lots of garlic to ward off vampires and Parmesan cheese, so it will taste delicious!

11. Stuffed Jack-O-Lanterns

Here’s yet another great dinner idea to impress your Halloween guests, or to have a little fun with your own family. Get out your pumpkin carver and turn your bell peppers into Jack-O-Lanterns! Then add some of your favorite homemade spaghetti for the guts. Otherwise, Leanne, a holistic nutritionist from Healthful Pursuit includes her raw red sauce recipe you could try. It sounds delicious and I’m sure this would be a hit at the dinner table too.

12. Leggy Whoopie Pie Spiders

Halloweegan Leggy Whoopie Spiders

You’ll definitely have to make a visit to Wing it Vegan to learn how to make these cute little creepy crawlies. But if you have the time and patience, have at ‘er! They are super fantastic and impressive looking. Plus, the creamy, chocolaty deliciousness of the whipped ganache made with coconut milk and organic maple syrup, paired with the cakey goodness of the chocolate cookie will be so worth your time. And if you decide to make these, send us a picture, because we’ll think you’re amazing!

13. Silly Monster Apple Bites

Silly Apple Bites

Turn regular ‘ol apples into these cute monster bites with a strawberry tongue! It’s so easy and allergen-free, too. The recipe uses raw sunflower seeds and sunflower butter. Fork and Beans includes the recipe for how to make vegan googly eyes that go on top.

14. Candy Corn Popsicles


Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Layer one, plain greek yogurt with a little organic honey or agave. Layer two, 100% organic orange juice. Layer three, 100% organic pineapple juice. Let each layer set in the freezer for about five minutes before you add the next one. Then, let the entire pop freeze for a few hours and you’ve got frozen candy corn on a stick.

15. Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats

Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats are a fun Halloween tradition!

So, this may not be the healthiest option ever, but I guess it might be better than eating an entire bag of candy corn! The recipe does call for a little yellow and orange food coloring as you probably guessed. Then it’s just the same as making a batch of regular rice krispie treats. I wondered if you had to use a triangle cookie cutter to make the shape, but it turns out you just let them set for two hours and then mold them into the candy corn shape with your clean hands. Great idea!

There are so many ways to have a candy-free, or at least candy-limited Halloween that is still a ton of fun! And there are so many ways to get creative. If you have a great Halloween inspired snack or treat idea to share, leave a comment and keep the ideas rolling!

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  1. Shelley @ Two Healthy Kitchens October 20, 2015 at 9:57 am #

    I just love these ideas for healthier Halloween treats and snacks – it’s so great to have more nutritious options, to replace at least some of the processed sugar, candy and junk foods at Halloween! Definitely pinning this to share! And thanks so much for including our Frankenstein Kiwis! 😀


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