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10 Ways to Spice Up Your Health with Fenugreek

10 Health Benefits of Fenugreek

Herbs are not only as great as spices, but many also help protect you against disease, cleanse your body and provide you with essential vitamins and minerals!

Some herbs are really remarkable – like fenugreek. Although this Mediterranean herb is probably best known as a culinary spice in Indian curries and other ethnic dishes, it also gets its recognition for its many health benefits.

Dating back to early ancient Egypt – nearly 6,000 years ago, fenugreek is one of the oldest medicinal herbs in recorded history. Originally, the early Egyptians used fenugreek plants as an additive to low quality horse feed, which often made it more appealing and appetizing for the horses.

The fenugreek seeds were of particular interest to humans. The early Egyptians primarily used fenugreek seeds to treat tuberculosis, bronchial infections, wounds, and other skin ailments. Through the centuries, fenugreek was also adopted for cosmetic purposes – often used as a skin moisturizer and facial serum.

So here we are today… Fenugreek is still around, and is still being used as a medicinal herb and cosmetic ingredient – so the early Egyptians must have been on to something.

What can fenugreek do for your health?

Here are 10 Ways to Spice Up Your Health With Fenugreek:

  1. Increases Breast Milk Production in Lactating Women– For nursing mothers, fenugreek offers a safe and natural alternative to boost milk production. In fact, women have been using fenugreek to increase milk flow for centuries. According to BabyCenter.com, research has shown that fenugreek can increase milk production as much as 900 percent! Kathleen Huggins, a lactation consultant and registered nurse at San Luis Obispo General Hospital in California, recommends fenugreek to women who aren’t producing enough milk. However, she notes that fenugreek will not improve breast milk production if the “breasts are not being well drained.” To adequately increase production, she suggests women need to take two or three capsules (usually around 580-610 Mg) three times a day–rather than the suggested one capsule three times a day. Here’s another perspective–we recently interviewed a baby who’s mother was using fenugreek, and he replied, “Mmmmm.” So there’s that.
  2. Support Menopause and Reduce Menstrual Cramps–  According to The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, fenugreek can also be used to support menopause and ease menstrual cramps. Since fenugreek is one of the richest food sources of phytoestrogens, it has been known to help support healthy estorgen levels, while reducing symptoms of menopause including hot flashes and anxiety. Dr. Mercola also recommends fenugreek for menstural cramps.
  3. Helps Reduce Inflammation- In a recent article published in the Huffington Post,  Dr. Richarch Palmquist explains that because of its antioxidant properties, fenugreek can be used to reduce chronic inflammation and swelling.  Chronic inflammation is often associated with joint pain, heart disease, dementia and sometimes cancer. By reducing inflammation, fenugreek may reduce the risk of various chronic illnesses and cancers.
  4. Helps Arthritis Symptoms- Several small studies on animals have found that glutathione, protein, and hemoglobin levels were restored in arthritic rats when supplemented with fenugreek.  According to LiveStrong.com, fenugreek’s estrogen boosting properties has also been shown to stall auto-immune disorders- specifically auto-immune arthritis.
  5. Supports Cholesterol Health– Fenugreek seeds contain properties that inhibit  cholesterol absorption in the intestines and cholesterol production in the liver. Other research has shown that fenugreek can lower LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels in individuals with high lipid levels. In doing so, this may help to increase good HDL cholesterol levels.
  6. Supports Digestive Problems– Ancient Egyptians and early Chinese herbalists often used fenugreek for digestive problems and constipation. WebMD explains that fenugreek is used for digestive problems such as loss of appetite, upset stomach,constipation, and inflammation of the stomach (gastritis). Traditionally, people consume fenugreek tea, or fenugreek mixed with organic honey and lemon to support digestive problems.
  7. Helps Lower Blood Sugar Levels– Several small studies and clinical trials have found that fenugreek  may help lower blood sugar levels and improve glucose tolerance in people with type 1 and 2 diabetes. For those that care about the technical side, it’s the 4-hydroxyisoleucine component of the seeds that stimulate the secretion of insulin which lowers blood sugar, and reduces sugar absorption.
  8. Supports Skin Health– Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, fenugreek has can also be used to reduce skin inflammation, including boils, burns and eczema.  Fenugreek’s anti-oxidant properties also make it great for protection against free-radical damage–which has been known to cause aging, wrinkles, and more! FoodFitness.com explains that “it can be used as a natural scrub and can exfoliate the skin, removing dead cells and making the skin healthy and shiny.  Grounded fenugreek seeds along with water can be directly applied on to the pimple and acne marks to heal and remove them.”
  9. Stimulates Hair Growth- Because of its high levels of proteins and vitamins, fenugreek can also be used to stimulate hair growth, reduce baldness and prevent hair loss.  Fenugreek leaves when applied to your scalp helps reduce dandruff and acts as a conditioner.
  10. Spice up the Bedroom- That’s right ladies- if your man is suffering from low libido, slip in some fenugreek in his dinner and whal-la! Well maybe it’s not that easy, but a new study conducted by Australia’s Centre for Integrative Clinical and Molecular Medicine found that “there was significant improvement in sexual function and performance following [the supplementation of] fenugreek extract.” Good news for guys, not only because it “spices up the bedroom,” but also because most men with good sexual health, live longer than those without. Eat up boys.

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