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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Send to Kindle As a child of the 90’s, I have not even been alive during a time when cigarettes were promoted as safe. I remember seeing occasional cigarette ads but they always had the Surgeon General’s warning plastered over them; so from a young age I learned that smoking cigarettes is dangerous and unhealthy. […]

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New Year Help for Breaking Bad Habits

OK, 2013 is looming and no doubt your mind will soon be turning to some bad habits you want to leave behind in 2012. Losing weight, quitting smoking, cutting back on the booze, and doing more than simply collecting gym memberships will feature high for many. But it may well be name dropping, […]

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Stop Smoking Now!

Send to Kindle Do you smoke? Are you dying to quit? (No pun intended!)  Today is World No Tobacco Day, a World Health Organization campaign and when WHO talk, YOU should listen – “Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death. This year, more than 5 million people will die from a tobacco-related heart attack, stroke, cancer, lung […]

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