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Workout Wednesday: 50/50 Circuit

Send to Kindle Happy Wednesday! Are you ready for a workout? This week, we’re trying a 50/50 circuit, a mixture of cardio and strength. The workout is broken into three different sets. Repeat each set three times. You can rest 1 minute between each completed set but try not to rest between exercises in each […]

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Workout Wednesday-Legs

Send to Kindle First things first….I don’t like the name of this workout. I don’t like any workout that promises to “thin” a certain area or workouts that will “shed fat” from your stomach, thighs, etc. You can’t choose where you lose fat. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. You can, however, work on toning […]

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Circuit w Weights

Workout Wednesday-Circuit Training

Send to Kindle Circuit Training is a form of training that maximizes the work in a shorter amount of time. It’s great for weight loss, for gaining muscle, and for improving your overall fitness. Circuit training involves a high level of exertion with a small amount of rest. This week’s circuit training workout comes from […]

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Workout Wednesday-The 99 Workout

Send to Kindle Ready for a challenge? Then give The 99 Workout a try! This workout uses only a few simple moves: jumping jacks, crunches, wall-sit, leg lifts and push-ups. It starts with 99 of each, then 88, 77, 66 etc. and finishes with an 11 minute run. No equipment is needed for this workout […]

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core challenge

Workout Wednesday-Core Challenge!

Send to Kindle If you’ve been paying attention to fitness trends at all you might have heard about core work or core exercises. The term core exercises has become almost synonymous with abdominal exercises but core muscles are more than just the abs. Core muscles can include the back and glutes as well. Having strong […]

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Workout Wednesday – HIIT Kettlebell Workout

Send to Kindle Welcome to Workout Wednesday! Every Wednesday we’ll be posting a workout for you to try. Each workout will require minimal equipment and will challenge you to improve your fitness level. This week’s workout comes from Fitness Magazine. I mentioned the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training in my blog post here so here’s […]

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