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bone broth diet

Why Try a Bone Broth Diet?

When you’re living a healthy lifestyle, a diet isn’t just something you go on temporarily. Your diet plan is a vital part of healthy living in the form of the foods, nutrients and supplements you ingest. So could a bone broth diet – or at least incorporating bone broth into your diet – […]

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healhty cake recipes

6 Healthy Cake Recipes For Your Next Party

Send to Kindle “Let them eat cake!” So said Marie Antoinette (allegedly). But what if you’re just a lowly peasant who can’t eat gluten, or perhaps someone from the Bourgeoisie following the Paleo diet? Cake often becomes the sweet centerpiece at birthday parties and many other get-togethers. If you’ve ever politely refused a slice because […]

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All About the CrossFit – Paleo Lifestyle

CrossFit-Paleo Living

Send to Kindle AMRAP. WOD. KTE. Double Unders. Paleolithic Diet. Any of these terms sound familiar? If so, I am guessing, at one point or another, you have done a CrossFit workout. I love to exercise; in fact, you could probably say I am an exercise addict. April 22nd-28th is Medical Fitness Week and I […]

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