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What’s “Movember” and Why You Should Care?

Can you believe that it’s November already? What a great month! It’s our chance to show our gratitude to the brave soldiers who’ve fought for our freedom on Veterans Day. Then, we get to feast on our favorite foods while spending quality time with friends and family on Thanksgiving. These two holidays are […]

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10 Ways to Maintain A Positive Attitude

Send to Kindle If you’ve ever watched Saturday Night Live you’ve probably seen a skit or two involving Debbie Downer, a character who frequently adds negative feelings and/or bad news to a situation. Do you know anyone like that? They’re not all that fun to be around, are they? While we’d all love to be […]

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Traumatic Brain Injury

Overcoming Traumatic Brain Injuries

Send to Kindle Nearly 4,000 former football players filed a lawsuit against the National Football League (NFL) claiming that they failed to protect the player’s long-term health after suffering concussions. If you’re a football fan or if you watch the national news, you’ve probably heard about all the latest research in concussions and head injuries. […]

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How to Spot Signs of an Eating Disorder

Send to Kindle With 30m Americans expected to struggle with an eating disorder over their lifetime, many of us will experience the tragedy of watching someone we care about battle such conditions as anorexia and bulimia. Many affected by these disorders will begin to experience complex mental and physical illnesses related to eating disorders during […]

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