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Workout Wednesday: An Explanation of Tabata

Send to Kindle Tabata workouts were all the rage last year, and it looks like they’ll be pretty high up on the popularity list this year, too. For some, right now the biggest question is this: Just what is Tabata? Because of its popularity, most people already know, and that’s great. However, if you don’t quite understand […]

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Workout Wednesday-Tabata Calorie Burn

Send to Kindle I featured the Tabata protocol in a “Workout Wednesday” post a few months ago. 20 seconds maximum intensity activity followed by 10 seconds rest, repeated for 8 rounds total. The last Tabata workout I mentioned was geared towards the leg muscles. This week’s Tabata workout is a high intensity cardio workout. There are […]

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Workout Wednesday: 50/50 Circuit

Send to Kindle Happy Wednesday! Are you ready for a workout? This week, we’re trying a 50/50 circuit, a mixture of cardio and strength. The workout is broken into three different sets. Repeat each set three times. You can rest 1 minute between each completed set but try not to rest between exercises in each […]

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Workout Wednesday – HIIT Kettlebell Workout

Send to Kindle Welcome to Workout Wednesday! Every Wednesday we’ll be posting a workout for you to try. Each workout will require minimal equipment and will challenge you to improve your fitness level. This week’s workout comes from Fitness Magazine. I mentioned the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training in my blog post here so here’s […]

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