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Vitamin Code Raw B-Complex

Natural Solutions for Unnatural Pain

Send to Kindle According to Nature’s Pathways, the intention of Pain Awareness Month in September is to raise awareness about the prevalence of pain and the available treatment options. 4 in 5 people will experience some form of physical pain in their lives whether it’s chronic or acute. What does chronic pain feel like? Imagine […]

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Problems with your Vision? Glaucoma could be the Cause!

Send to Kindle When I first started researching this topic I was surprised to see that one of the first options that popped up on Google when  I typed in “glaucoma” was “glaucoma jokes.” I was intrigued so I clicked on it and have to admit, the joke made me laugh. It’s probably not the […]

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6 Ways to Absorb Magnesium + Health Benefits

6 Ways to Absorb Magnesium + Health Benefits & Symptoms of Deficiency

Send to Kindle Did you know that medications, poor food choices, alcohol and even our daily stress can deplete important minerals like magnesium from our bodies? Most people are magnesium deficient. If you drink soda, eat white bread, white rice, sugar, saturated fats or other processed foods – you’re most likely deficient. It’s a challenge […]

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Are You Lactose Intolerant?

5 Signs You Might Be Lactose Intolerant

Send to Kindle Lactose intolerance occurs when a person’s body has trouble digesting lactose, a sugar found naturally in milk and other dairy products. The enzyme lactase is required to breakdown and digest lactose. If a person does not make enough lactase enzyme they will have difficulties digesting dairy and other milk products. The symptoms […]

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Could You Have Hyperthyroidism?

Send to Kindle Are you experiencing unexplained weight loss? An irregular heartbeat? Nervousness or irritability? If you answered “yes” to these symptoms you may be part of the 1% of Americans who suffer from hyperthyroidism, a condition characterized by an overactive thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck that is responsible for […]

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Cancer Survivors Speak Out – Nutrition & Fitness Matter!

Send to Kindle Unless you’re a cancer survivor or have a loved one who is, you probably didn’t know that the first Sunday in June is National Cancer Survivor Day. Since I first wrote this post, I’ve known many more people who’ve been diagnosed with Cancer – it gets depressing. But, it’s good to be reminded of […]

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Facts & Prevention Tips for Cataracts

Send to Kindle The human eyes contain more than 2 million working parts and process 36,000 bits of information every hour. Needless to say your eyes are one of the most complex parts of your body! With that many working parts it’s not surprising that many people develop problems with vision or their overall eye […]

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8 Foods To Help Fight Allergies

Detox and Reduce, or Eliminate Allergy Symptoms [Infographic]

Send to Kindle While many people are born with allergies, many develop them later in life.  I developed airborne allergies when I was about 14 – hay fever. I would wake in the morning with my eyes nearly glued shut, had terrible congestion and itchy eyes when outdoors. I don’t recall taking medication but I do […]

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What do I do about restless legs syndrome

What to Do About Restless Legs Syndrome

Send to Kindle Restless Legs Syndrome can be very problematic for adults and even children, too. The Facts About Restless Legs Syndrome: It affects up to 10% of the population. There are more than 5 million people who suffer from the more moderate or severe forms of RLS. Twice as many women suffer from RLS as […]

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Five Overrated Heart Health Myths to Ignore!

Send to Kindle February is all about heart health and there’s plenty of advice out there from the mainstream medical community on how best to take care of your heart. Over the years you’ve heard a number of recommendations on how to avoid a heart attack. Here are five myths you’ve been hearing for years and why […]

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