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What You Should Know About Eating Gluten-Free

Send to Kindle Have you been feeling fatigued? Has your stomach been angry? Have you seen a doctor about this problem, yet he found nothing irregular with your test results? The answer could be in your food. I started having trouble with my digestive system in college. There were days that my stomach seemed to […]

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Is Gluten Intolerance the same as Celiac Disease?

Send to Kindle Celiac. Gluten-free. G-free. You’ve probably heard these terms in the media recently. Gluten-free foods are popping up everywhere and more and more stars are starting to live a gluten free lifestyle. It seems as though the media has glamorized gluten-free living as the latest trend when, in reality, those who have gluten sensitivity or […]

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The Basics of Celiac Disease

Send to Kindle Celiac disease affects 1% of healthy, average Americans. This means at least 3 million people are living with Celiac disease and 97% of them are probably undiagnosed. To put Celiac Disease in perspective, consider these facts from the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center. Type 1 Diabetes affects 3 million people. 6% […]

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