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Workout Wednesday: The Cardio Dance Workout

Send to Kindle I love running, I really do, but I have to be honest here—I hate cardio workouts at the gym. I know you’re probably thinking “Wait…what? That makes no sense at all!” and that thought is totally justified. While running outside offers a change of scenery, cardio workouts indoors do not. My biggest […]

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Workout Wednesday: The 10-Minute Cardio Workout

Send to Kindle  One of the biggest excuses people give for not exercising is “I just don’t have time.” I can definitely understand that because it used to be my excuse, too. With kids, families, social commitments, and our uncanny knack for being workaholics, it’s true–sometimes there isn’t any extra time to devote to the […]

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Workout Wednesday: Cardio Kickboxing

Send to Kindle Kickboxing has been around for hundreds of years and has been steadily growing in popularity among children, as well as adults. Kickboxing isn’t for the faint of heart, but the faint of heart can learn it. Kickboxing can be brutal and is taxing on the human body, as it requires a high […]

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