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6 Low-calorie Holiday Cocktails

Send to Kindle We’ve all overindulged these past weeks, but just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean the splurging is. With everything to fit in for the holidays, the festivities always overflow well into the New Year. And we all know what else is flowing. Drinks. We all get our fair share during the holidays. With […]

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25 Simple Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

Send to Kindle It is estimated that 40%-50% of American women are trying to lose weight at any given time.  There are hundreds of different diets or weight loss plans to follow–some healthier and/or more successful than others. There are also simple things you can do to help yourself stay on track and be successful with […]

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What Changes in Food Labeling May Mean For You

Send to Kindle You may have heard on the news recently that there are changes coming to nutritional labels. The changes are still pending but this article from CNN says: If approved, the new labels would place a bigger emphasis on total calories, added sugars and certain nutrients such as Vitamin D and potassium. The article […]

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Stay Healthy During the Holidays By Tracking Your Food

Send to Kindle Happy Holidays blog readers! ‘Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry–and many take the “eat and drink” part pretty seriously! Recent research suggests that the average American gains a pound during the holiday season. You’re probably thinking “big deal, it’s one pound,” but research also suggests the average American will […]

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Simple Exercising Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Simple Exercising Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Send to Kindle The concept of New Year’s resolutions dates back to the Romans, who promised better behavior to the god Janus, a two-headed deity who looked both forward and backward and welcomed the new year. If we scroll through history, I’m sure we’d find some pretty ridiculous resolutions, and we’d also probably see weight […]

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