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iron rich recipe roundup

Iron Rich Recipes For Energy and Healthy Blood

Iron is an essential mineral for the human body. It is found in all of our cells and has many functions. How Iron Functions in the Body Iron, as part of the protein hemoglobin, transports oxygen from our lungs to all of the tissues in the body. Iron helps our muscles store and use oxygen. […]

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Workout Wednesday: The 7-Minute AMRAP Workout

While fitness trends will come and go on a regular basis, one that has remained a constant over the last few years is the AMRAP workout. AMRAP stands for “As Many Reps As Possible,” and the general ideal is to go all-out and do as many rounds (or reps) as you can. Because being able […]

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Heartworm Preventatives: Do Dogs Need Them?

Every pet parent knows there are a lot of choices you have to make for your pet’s health. What kind of dog food should I buy? Should I have a fenced yard? Am I giving him too many treats? With prime mosquito season on the way, the big questions on many dog owners’ minds are […]

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6 Homemade Baby Food Recipes That Are Ideal For Starting Solids

I wish I would have researched different ways to feed my babies before I started feeding them solid foods. Now I want a do-over! I think every expecting mama or new parent should read this book – Super Nutrition for Babies. It’s about how to feed your baby for optimal health, and was written by […]

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Workout Wednesday: Prepping for a Marathon

Marathons. 26.2 miles of taxing, painful hell. Many people see these races as a right of passage that offers membership into the elusive club of running elite. With the 2015 Boston Marathon quickly approaching, a large number of people may be putting finishing touches on their preparations for it. Whether you’re a veteran runner with […]

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Natural vegetable Gardening

Natural Gardening Tips – How to Grow a Healthier Vegetable Garden

Starting your own vegetable garden is more than just a hobby. It’s a fantastic idea for anyone who wants to eat more fresh, nutritious food while also saving money on groceries. If organic, healthy food is your goal, there are some things gardeners like you can do to make sure those vegetables are grown in […]

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What’s a Healthy Weight? BMI May Not be the Best Measure

At some point or another in your life – or regularly in your life – you’ve probably thought about your weight. The number on the scale, your favorite jeans feeling a little snug, those dimples on the back of your thighs, the super-fit models in every advertisement – there are a million things in our […]

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Get Nutty in the Kitchen…with Pecan Recipes

“Pah con” or “pee can”? No matter which way you say it, this nut can’t be cracked when it comes to nutrition. In fact, the American Heart Association has certified pecans as heart-healthy food when enjoying them as part of a healthy eating pattern.

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What Does Gluten-Free Actually Mean, Anyway?

It’s pretty hard to go to a grocery store or corner market and not see products that are labeled gluten-free. If you’re celiac like me or suffer from gluten intolerance, seeing this label more often probably makes you pretty happy. After all, more gluten-free labels mean more food options. It seems that anything and everything […]

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Workout Wednesday: The Fat-Burn Kickboxing Routine

I love kickboxing, and that’s really no secret. I love it because of the broad spectrum of great things it can do for your body and your health. From improving your flexibility and confidence to building muscle, boosting your cardiovascular health, and generally making you look (and feel) like a badass, kickboxing seems to cover […]

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