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Workout Wednesday: Can Physical Activity Help You Sleep Better?

There’s been a bit of back-and-forth over the years about exercising before bed. First, it seemed to be a big no-no because the energy boost could keep you awake. Later, exercise was thought to be a good idea because it could wear you out and make you tired. So, what do we believe? A new […]

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Healthy Baking Substitutes

Who can resist a delicious treat fresh from the oven? No one! From pies and tarts, to cakes and muffins, there are so many goodies to indulge in. But with the fat, sugar, calories, allergens and other less-than-healthy things that come with your favorite baked goods, dessert can take a toll on your health. Nobody […]

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7 Delicious Pie Recipes for Your Gluten-Free Holiday Guests

The holiday season has arrived, and with it comes the meal planning preparations, as well as the high levels of stress that accompany those preparations. Making enough food to feed everyone present can sometimes be tough all on its own, but when you add in the fact that some guests may have celiac disease or […]

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Workout Wednesday: Are Crunches & Sit-Ups Good for You?

From a fairly young age, we’re taught that some of the best ways to build a strong core and get rock-hard abs include sit-ups and crunches. While those exercises do give your abs and other muscles a pretty good workout, they may also be harming your back and spine. So, how do these exercises affect your spine? What […]

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Comment to Win! Tell Us What You’re Thankful for That Keeps You Healthy & Happy

You know you’re supposed to be thankful. But how many of us actually take time each and every day to express gratitude for the good things in our lives? If I’m being honest…I can go quite a while without remembering to think about what I’m truly thankful for.  And it sounds like I might be […]

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Gratitude – The Science Behind the Benefits of Being Thankful Every Day

If you’re only giving thanks on Turkey Day – you could be missing out on a healthier, happier life. It turns out there are many benefits to expressing gratitude on a regular basis. In fact, if you can find a way to make a conscious effort to be more thankful, you could find yourself with […]

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Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is almost upon us! But how do you celebrate Turkey Day if you’re vegetarian? Stuff your face with these delicious meatless recipes even meat-eater family friends are sure to love! Consider your search for vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes at an end.

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Best Teas for Natural Sore Throat Relief

We’ve all experienced it … the raw, scratchy, painful throat that can come with seasonal illnesses. Viral infections that cause sore throat are more than irritating for the sufferer, they also contribute notably to our public health problem of overprescribed antibiotics. Research suggests that up to 75% of patients receive an antibiotic when presenting with […]

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Workout Wednesday: Exercises for Building Bigger Legs

Ahh, legs. They keep us upright and mobile, and—let’s face it—we all love to show them off, summertime or otherwise. Whether you’re a runner, a weightlifter, a yogi, or just a fan of looking good, your leg muscles matter. This week, we’ve got a list of amazing leg exercises that’ll help build strength and muscle. Oh, […]

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Grandmother of Health – The Hanna Kroeger Story

People with unconventional ideas are often ridiculed in their lifetimes. But sometimes – for better or worse – those who have what seem like radical beliefs end up changing the world. Hanna Kroeger has the look of a sweet little old lady, but she also had the tenacity and dedication to be a pioneer in […]

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