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Is Your Smartphone Affecting Your Health?

Today’s technology seems to advance in the blink of an eye, doesn’t it? It’s hard to look around without seeing the latest and greatest in laptops, tablets, and cell phones. They’re everywhere. Cell phones–smartphones, to be exact–really are everywhere. It can be pretty hard to find someone who doesn’t own one, and there are good reasons […]

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chiropractic care for babies

Chiropractic Care for Babies

Being born is a traumatic experience: tissues and organs can often be damaged due to the physical pressure a baby encounters during birth, not to mention the forceps, bright light and major temperature drop! As more and more parents are becoming educated about this spinal trauma, there appears to be an increase in demand for […]

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Best Vegetarian Recipes Even Meat-Eaters Will Love

Did you know that October is Vegetarian Awareness Month? No? Well, now you’re aware. As a vegetarian myself, I’m not exactly sure why my people need an awareness month – after all, my diet is a choice, not a diagnosis – but I’m in favor of chances to share recipes I love, so I guess […]

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15 Fun & Healthy Foods to Make for Halloween

When it comes to Halloween treats, fun doesn’t always have to come with sugar loaded candies and snacks. There are a whole bunch of ways to get creative and have some fun with good for you foods. You’ll most likely find something you’d love to try in this collection of 15 healthy Halloween ideas that […]

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Workout Wednesday: Is Your Workout Hurting You?

Daily workouts are something we all love to hate, but we know they’re good for us. If you’ve got fitness or health goals you’re committed to reaching, you’ve likely established a set routine for yourself. We all love to challenge and push ourselves, but it’s important to be careful when doing so. Overdoing your workout […]

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Be a health literacy hero

Why You Need to Become a Health Literacy Hero

October is Health Literacy Month. So what, right? October is also National Eczema Awareness Month, Cyber-security Awareness Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Pit Bull Awareness Month and Black History Month in the UK. That’s only the beginning. With so many things to be aware of every month, you might have a hard time caring about […]

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5 Breast Cancer Charities You Can Trust

It’s no secret that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Just look around and you’ll see pink everything everywhere. There are a number of breast cancer charities that work hard for donations not only during the month of October, but also throughout the rest of the year as well. However, with so many different […]

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healthy breakfast for kids

7 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Your Kids

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day, right? Then why do I habitually take off in the morning with nothing but 2.6 cups of coffee sloshing around in my gut? Because I’m rushed! That’s why! Okay? I’m sure a lot of you are in the same boat. But when it comes to my […]

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Workout Wednesday: The Sparta Workout

While it can be beneficial to follow set workout programs—you know, lift this much, run that far, etc.—it can also be beneficial (and uber fun!) to create your own workout and tailor it to your specific goals and needs. This week, we talk about doing just that, and we also highlight one of our favorite […]

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7 Chicken Recipes to Help You Switch Things Up

Stuck in a rut when it comes to dinner ideas? Staring at those boneless chicken breasts in your freezer without a shred of inspiration or imagination? Those of us who work tirelessly and often thanklessly to feed the people we love have all been in the same situation. You run around like a chicken with […]

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