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Workout Wednesday-Legs

First things first….I don’t like the name of this workout. I don’t like any workout that promises to “thin” a certain area or workouts that will “shed fat” from your stomach, thighs, etc. You can’t choose where you lose fat. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. You can, however, work on toning the muscles throughout […]

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10 Healthy, Easy Recipes & Snacks Even Your Kids Will Love

Sticking to a healthy diet is tough when we’re constantly surrounded by unhealthy food choices. Our grocery stores are filled with processed junk that we buy because it’s quick, easy and convenient. But these so called “foods” are just not good for us. Besides being processed, most likely with GMOs – they’re made with additives, […]

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Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday-Tabata

The Tabata Protocol was created by Izumi Tabata. Tabata is a form of HIIT and was developed in the 90s. The traditional Tabata Protocol requires the following: 5 minute warm-up 20 seconds all out intensity, 10 seconds rest (8 times total) 2 minutes cool-down This Tabata workout comes from and is an absolute killer […]

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Natural Solutions for Stress and Anxiety

Natural Solutions for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Are you over stressed? What if I told you 77% of Americans regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress? Alarming, isn’t it? April is Stress Awareness Month; a great time to evaluate your current stress level and discover new ways to lower your overall stress. I believe that stress, anxiety and depression go hand in […]

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Fight Wrinkles And Anti-Aging with Pycnogenol

I’ll be reaching a milestone birthday this year and it’s starting to bother me. Yes, I know age is relative, but how did I get so old so fast? I’m suddenly more concerned with looking younger than I ever used to be. The wrinkles on my face, or rather the “laugh-lines,” are getting the best […]

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Workout Wednesday-Yoga

It’s Workout Wednesday-Yoga Edition! Yoga is a great part of any workout program. It increases flexibility, reduces stress and can also help you deal better with the day to day stresses that may pop up. In addition, yoga may also help boost immunity, ease migraines, improve sleep and help fight food cravings. Our “Beginner’s Guide […]

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The Deanna Protocol – Hope and Help for People Battling ALS

How would you feel if your child came down with an incurable disease – one which would force you to watch her waste away in a matter of years? That’s what Dr. Vincent Tedone faced when doctors diagnosed his 30 year-old daughter with ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. Dr. Tedone, a retired orthopedic surgeon, was […]

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9 Natural Plant-Based Weight Loss Supplements (Infographic)

It seems like there’s a newly discovered weight loss miracle trending everyday. Whether it’s a triple fruit concoction like Triphala, an herbal supplement or some sort of fad diet – people everywhere are searching for a way to shed pounds fast. Although many studies claim specific weight loss supplements alone can help you lose weight, I don’t […]

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Which Supplements Should I Take?

As a Certified Nutritionist, the most frequent question I hear from clients is, “Which supplements should I take?” It’s no wonder either with the huge variety of multivitamins, herbs, supplements and homeopathic formulas available! If that’s your question and you’re looking for an easy, yet inexpensive, way to sort through the maze of supplements, read […]

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Workout Wednesday-The Burpee Challenge

I love burpees. I think I might be one of the few people who feels this way but whether you like them or not, burpees are a great workout. For those of you who are not familiar with what, exactly, a burpee is check out the picture below from Buzz Feed. Burpees are often an […]

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