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Kathryn Higgins of Motherlove – Helping New & Expectant Moms with Organic, Herbal Products

Nobody cares about you in quite the same way as your mom. Whether she was encouraging you to eat your veggies, telling you to put on a sweater, or helping nurse you through a bout with the flu – your mom was always concerned about your health. And if you’ve become a mother, then you […]

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Workout Wednesday: What is a HIIT Interval Workout?

I don’t think I can count how many times I’ve heard someone say they’re no longer making progress at the gym and that they want to give up. It’s frustrating, I know. I’ve been there a number of times myself. The question that sticks at the forefront of your mind is always “How do I […]

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Fight Seasonal Allergies With Nasal Irrigation

According to, if you live in the central US, you’re in the “medium-high to high pollen zones” and if you’re not taking measures to manage your allergies, you may be pretty miserable right now. Years ago, my sister lived in very rural country and her allergies would get so bad, she gave up on the Kleenex® and just carried a cloth […]

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Rough-and-Ready High-Fiber Recipes

People often associate the word fiber with a list of unpleasantries: gas, bloating, diarrhea and cramps to name a few. Where’s the love?! The fact is, dietary fiber is an important part of a healthy diet. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t eat enough. According to MedlinePlus, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the […]

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Workout Wednesday: The No-Gym Workout

We’ve all experienced busy days. Many of us have them every single day, which can sometimes be a big factor in our decisions to skip the gym and opt for a nap instead. While napping rarely has consequences, skipping the gym for a day (rest days not included) can have them. For a number of people, […]

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The Good & Bad of Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine. That magical substance in your morning coffee, your afternoon espresso, and your evening cup of tea. It’s available in energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, and 5-Hour Energy, chewing gum brands such as Jolt and Java Gum, cola and non-cola soft drinks, including some root beer brands, green coffee bean and weight loss supplements, […]

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6 Meatless Recipes to Try During March Madness

Football fever may have died down after the Super Bowl, but March Madness is now in full swing – and that means it’s back to gathering with friends to watch the game and indulge in a lot of unhealthy – but surely delicious – foods. If you’ve created a bracket and entered into some friendly […]

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Your Health, Artificial Sweeteners & Healthy Alternatives

It’s pretty difficult to look around your local grocery store and not find a product that contains at least one artificial sweetener in it. Originally designed as less fattening alternatives to regular sugar, artificial sweeteners—especially aspartame—are regularly used (and sometimes even marketed) as the “healthier choices,” but are they really? According to Dr. Mercola, “artificial […]

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Workout Wednesday: The Benefits of Using Resistance Bands

You’ve seen them before. Those brightly colored stretchy bands known simply as resistance bands. They’re at the gym, on TV, and you might even have a set or two laying in a corner of your house somewhere. I know they might not look like much, but resistance bands offer a pretty wide range of workout […]

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The Origin Of Food Allergies & Natural Ways To Prevent Them

Have you ever wondered why so many children have food allergies or sensitivities? Some of the most common food allergy culprits affecting children today are peanuts, gluten, casein (in cow’s milk), soy, fish, eggs, tree nuts and yeast. Dr. Mercola says, in his article regarding Peanut Allergy Treatment, that food allergies affect 1 out of […]

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