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Workout Wednesday: One-Room Cardio and Finding Motivation

Let’s be honest, it can be difficult to find motivation for exercise some times. I love to exercise but still find myself lacking motivation some days. I have been in a workout funk for the last few months. I wake up knowing I should workout, but I have to force myself to get to the gym. […]

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Vega Maca Chocolate Bar – A Delicious Nutrient Powerhouse

If you love chocolate, you’ll also probably love knowing the health benefits – of healthy chocolate that is.  There are quite a few chocolate lovers at Natural Healthy Concepts, so we’re quite thrilled to be offering the delicious and super nutritious Vega Maca Chocolate Bars at our store and online. Benefits of Dark chocolate Did you know […]

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Submit a Recipe For Your Chance to Win a Vitamix!

Vitamix Giveaway Winners: Congratulations to the following entrants and thank you to all who shared a tasty recipe. It was a hard decision! Grand Prize: Wins a new Vitamix TurboBlend VS + 1 container of Garden of Life RAW Protein Powder - “Breakfast for Two” by Kris Second Place: Wins a container of Garden of Life RAW Meal - Nutty Buddy Protein Power Bars – […]

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Causes of Eczema & 4 Supplements That May Help

Nobody is 100% sure what causes eczema. But we do know that when someone has eczema, they also have inflammation lurking somewhere inside the body – often times in the gut. My son started breaking out with eczema in the first weeks after being born. He still suffers from the sassy rash that often spreads […]

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Workout Wednesday: 50/50 Circuit

Happy Wednesday! Are you ready for a workout? This week, we’re trying a 50/50 circuit, a mixture of cardio and strength. The workout is broken into three different sets. Repeat each set three times. You can rest 1 minute between each completed set but try not to rest between exercises in each set. If you’re […]

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What You Probably Don’t Know About How Supplements are Regulated

One of the most common reasons you’ll hear for avoiding dietary supplements is that they are not “regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.” Some people have this perception that supplements and natural health products are a complete sham. They think it is all witch doctors and snake oil salesmen peddling miracle cures without any […]

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natural skin lightener

Understanding Aging & Natural Solutions for Skin Discoloration

What do you think of when you think of aging? Wrinkles? Gray hair? What about skin discoloration? I’ll admit, as an early-mid twenties female, I’m cognizant of my skin and the aging process that is already beginning.  I try to keep my face out of the sun in hopes of slowing down the wrinkles and preventing […]

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Vaccine Research Questions & 7 Resources You Can Trust

Read the package insert on your child’s vaccines. That’s pretty much all I need to say if you’re wondering about vaccine safety. Then – do more research. My post on 19 Things You May Not Know About Vaccines, is a good place to start. I’ve come to learn that much vaccine information is tainted by […]

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Workout Wednesday: Tank Top Arms & Strength Training Myths Debunked

Supposedly, it’s spring here in Wisconsin. Hard to believe with the cooler weather we’ve been having but it’s spring nonetheless. After spring comes summer, and with summer comes tank top weather, meaning bare arms. This week’s upper body and arm workout can help get you (and your arms) ready for tank tops and other summer […]

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Tips to Help Sleep Soundly

18 Tips to Sleep Through the Night

Exhausted, you went to bed at 10 pm and fell promptly asleep. Then for no reason that you know of, you are wakened at 2 am. You lay, wide awake, waiting for sleep to come. The clock ticks incessantly. You start to get stressed that you can’t get back to sleep and then stress you […]

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