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What Does Gluten-Free Actually Mean, Anyway?

It’s pretty hard to go to a grocery store or corner market and not see products that are labeled gluten-free. If you’re celiac like me or suffer from gluten intolerance, seeing this label more often probably makes you pretty happy. After all, more gluten-free labels mean more food options. It seems that anything and everything […]

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Workout Wednesday: The Fat-Burn Kickboxing Routine

I love kickboxing, and that’s really no secret. I love it because of the broad spectrum of great things it can do for your body and your health. From improving your flexibility and confidence to building muscle, boosting your cardiovascular health, and generally making you look (and feel) like a badass, kickboxing seems to cover […]

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April Showers contest

Two Chances for You to Win Our April Showers Giveaway Prize Package!

Spring has arrived and it’s time for another exciting giveaway from Natural Healthy Concepts! You can win a prize package full of items that will turn shower-time into a refreshing, all-natural experience. It includes personal care products from 100% Pure, as well as some unique items from Earth Therapeutics that can help you pamper yourself […]

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What’s Your Shower Style? Take Our Quiz and Enter to Win the April Showers Giveaway!

This contest is now over. Thanks to everyone who played. The random winner of our Shower Styles Personality Test is Jocelyn McGuire. Jocelyn gets the big prize package full of shower goodies from 100% Pure and Earth Therapeutics. Still want to try some natural bath products? Check them out at Natural Healthy Concepts and get […]

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bridal and baby shower healthy recipes

6 Healthy Bridal and Baby Shower Recipes (Easy, too!)

Do you like entertaining? Are you one of those talented people that make it all look so easy and perfect? I like to entertain, but Martha Stewart I’m not. My intentions are good, and often before any special event, I have dreams of making fabulous recipes, setting a beautiful table, and wowing my guests with […]

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17 Nutritious Treats & Fun Ideas For Easter

For those of use who celebrate Easter and who want to fill our kids’ baskets with fun and nutritious things, these ideas should help you do just that. While you may not have enough time to order and receive all of the items on this list, you could probably find somewhere to get what you […]

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motherlove health hero

Kathryn Higgins of Motherlove – Helping New & Expectant Moms with Organic, Herbal Products

Nobody cares about you in quite the same way as your mom. Whether she was encouraging you to eat your veggies, telling you to put on a sweater, or helping nurse you through a bout with the flu – your mom was always concerned about your health. And if you’ve become a mother, then you […]

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Workout Wednesday: What is a HIIT Interval Workout?

I don’t think I can count how many times I’ve heard someone say they’re no longer making progress at the gym and that they want to give up. It’s frustrating, I know. I’ve been there a number of times myself. The question that sticks at the forefront of your mind is always “How do I […]

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Fight Seasonal Allergies With Nasal Irrigation

According to, if you live in the central US, you’re in the “medium-high to high pollen zones” and if you’re not taking measures to manage your allergies, you may be pretty miserable right now. Years ago, my sister lived in very rural country and her allergies would get so bad, she gave up on the Kleenex® and just carried a cloth […]

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Rough-and-Ready High-Fiber Recipes

People often associate the word fiber with a list of unpleasantries: gas, bloating, diarrhea and cramps to name a few. Where’s the love?! The fact is, dietary fiber is an important part of a healthy diet. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t eat enough. According to MedlinePlus, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the […]

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