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10 Delicious & Super Healthy Frozen Treats

On those hot and humid days in summer, there’s nothing like a refreshing frozen treat to cool you off and satisfy your taste buds. Natural Healthy Concepts rounded up 10 simple and best of all healthy recipes that your whole family will love! Since fruit is definitely the main ingredient for these recipes, you’ll have […]

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A Tale of Two Industries – What Else Happened When Dr. Oz Went to Washington, D.C.?

It was pretty big news in the natural health world when talk show host Dr. Oz showed up on Capitol Hill to get a grilling from Sen. Claire McCaskill, the chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection. McCaskill said Oz was making unfounded claims about the effectiveness of weight loss supplements he features on his […]

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Workout Wednesday- Foam Rolling

Workout Wednesday- Foam Rolling

  I think I’ve shared this infographic before in a different post but it’s worth sharing on its own!  Foam Rolling is not technically a workout, but stretching/foam rolling are both important parts of a complete exercise program. Why should you foam roll? To sum it up, foam rolling is awesome and can benefit your body […]

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Win a Summer Camping Prize Package – Just Tell Us What Item You’d NEVER Leave Home Without!

  This Contest is Now Over – Thanks for Playing! Grand Prize -  Valerie Duffy Valerie says she wouldn’t leave home without Vitamin B12, which she says helps keep mosquitoes away. 2nd Place Prize – LWR Who says NOW Foods Colloidal Minerals – a “must have” every day. 3rd Place Prize Winners Tim Grenade – […]

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10 Foods You Never Knew Contained Gluten

If you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, or have a child who has been, you already know it’s important to read every ingredient label on the foods you buy. While most of us are vigilant about this, every once in a while, we end up with something we shouldn’t be eating. We’re […]

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Workout Wednesday-”Ab Attack”

Who doesn’t want great abs? Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, strong abdominal muscles help stabilize your torso. It’s estimated that 31 million Americans currently suffer from lower back pain. Your abdominal muscles play an important part in supporting your spine and stabilizing your back. Abdominal muscles are also important for proper posture. Stronger abdominal muscles […]

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The ‘Other Ingredients’ – What You Need to Know About Excipients in Supplements

The kinds of people who choose to get their vitamins, supplements and other products from Natural Healthy Concepts are people who truly care about their health and well-being. In addition, many of those people may have certain dietary restrictions, allergies and sensitivities or even ethical standards that make them very interested in each and every […]

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DHEA for Men DHEA for Women

DHEA Benefits for Men, DHEA Benefits for Women

The question comes up frequently whether DHEA benefits men and women the same or does it have different effects depending on the gender. Since DHEA is a steroid hormone directly tied to the sex hormones, it’s a valid question. This article focuses on researched key benefits. A previous article “What is Dhea and What is […]

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10 Recipes for a Great Gluten-Free Picnic

The 4th of July seems to traditionally be one of the most popular holidays for picnics. Whether it’s a family gathering during the day, or a picnic and fireworks at dusk, “4th of July” and “picnic” have been inseparable over the years. If someone in your party has celiac disease or gluten intolerance, it’s important […]

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Workout Wednesday- The 54321 Workout

This week we have what’s called the 5-4-3-2-1 workout and it looks tough! Let’s dive right in. No equipment is needed for this workout–it can be done at home, at the gym and even on vacation! Here’s how it works. Each chunk of the workout is broken down into 5 minutes, then 4 minutes, then […]

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