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Grandmother of Health – The Hanna Kroeger Story

People with unconventional ideas are often ridiculed in their lifetimes. But sometimes – for better or worse – those who have what seem like radical beliefs end up changing the world. Hanna Kroeger has the look of a sweet little old lady, but she also had the tenacity and dedication to be a pioneer in […]

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Recipes with Rosemary, a Distinctive Spice

The first time I can remember using rosemary was as a young teen helping my mother make her special Italian spaghetti and meatballs recipe. It was a favorite of mine. Ever since, I seem to have considered it only for Italian dishes, not realizing what I was missing. Rosemary compliments so many foods so well!

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How You Can Help Kids Around the World Get the Nourishment They Need This Holiday Season

As we head toward the end of the year and straight into the holiday season, many of us will be thinking of all the blessings in our lives. We really do have quite a few things to be thankful for: Our families, our homes and our health. The holidays are also an important time to […]

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DIY Natural Essential Oil Play Dough Recipe

Kids LOVE play dough. The creativity, the mushing and mashing, the smell and even the delicious salty taste! MMM. Maybe that’s one benefit of making your own natural dough at home. But, have you ever thought of making homemade aromatherapy play dough that comes with even more benefits?

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Help Veterans and Shelter Dogs with Nordic Naturals

Help give veterans the support they need, and shelter dogs the chance they deserve, with Nordic Naturals and the nonprofit organization Paws and Stripes.

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Workout Wednesday: Cold Weather Exercise is Good For You, Too!

It’s no secret that most of us have a love/hate relationship with exercise. Even on our best days, it can be hard to get ourselves to the gym or outside for a run. Weather can play a big role, too. When the weather turns colder, getting to the gym gets a lot harder. Who wants […]

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6 Kombucha Recipes You Can Make Yourself!

If you’re at all naturally savvy, you’ve heard or read about kombucha more than a few times. So what’s the big deal about kombucha anyway? Why do people drink it? The answer is simple – it has great health benefits. However, before we dive into our featured recipes, you should know kombucha is not for […]

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Kombucha Safety – Should You Make Your Own?

Kombucha has become one of the hottest trends in natural health, and sales of the fermented beverage have been booming. At the same time, there are many people getting their hands on some SCOBY and trying to brew their own kombucha at home. So is kombucha safe to drink? And is this something that presents […]

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Workout Wednesday: The Stability Ball Workout for a Stronger Core

Sitting for extended periods of time has almost become an epidemic. Between day jobs, commutes, and fatigue, many of us are sitting way too often and for far too long. When you’re sitting, you’re rarely engaging your core muscles. They weaken as a result, and your posture suffers. Your overall health suffers, too. We’ve been talking about your core […]

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Save the Bees

Save the Bees – What’s Happening & What You Can Do

One of the biggest mysteries of modern times has been the dramatic disappearance of bees around the world. Maybe bees freak you out. Maybe you got stung as a kid and have had a fear of bees ever since. We guarantee this story will change your opinion – no matter how badly you’ve been stung! […]

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