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top probiotics

Top Probiotics for Digestive System Health

Without a doubt, probiotics have been one of the biggest health trends in the past year, and with good reason! These supplements have tons of potential benefits, from supporting digestive system health to maintaining a healthy immune system However, one of the problems with the popularity of probiotics means there are hundreds of supplements available […]

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natural beauty trends

Easy Ways to Wear this Summer’s Hottest Natural Beauty Trends

When temperatures soar, we’re all about embracing minimalism. Whether we’re sipping on gut healthy drinks, spring-cleaning, or working out, we’re constantly looking for the easiest (and breeziest) ways to live healthy lives. Naturally, this also applies to makeup routines. We love finding the quickest routines that yield gorgeous results, using products that are made without harsh […]

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sunscreen alternatives

Natural Sunscreen Alternatives to Protect Your Skin this Summer

There’s nothing like seeing blue skies again after a long winter. Whether you’re an early bird or night owl, you need a certain amount of sunlight to support your health. Sunlight exposure not only supports vitamin D production in our bodies, it also supports a healthy mood and promotes healthy melanin production. However, before you […]

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