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Obesity & Your Dog: What You Should Know

Send to Kindle Obesity is a serious issue in America. According to the CDC, “34.9% or 78.6 million adults in the United States are obese” (Source). Obesity may lead to a range of health issues, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and even heart problems (among other issues), according to WebMD (Source). But while a number of […]

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Coconut Oil for Dogs 7 Ways

Send to Kindle If you like to follow the natural health scene, I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of great things about how coconut oil can benefit your health (if not, check out this post). But did you know that you can also use coconut oil for dogs? Check out some of the great things this […]

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Heartworm Preventatives: Do Dogs Need Them?

Send to Kindle Every pet parent knows there are a lot of choices you have to make for your pet’s health. What kind of dog food should I buy? Should I have a fenced yard? Am I giving him too many treats? With prime mosquito season on the way, the big questions on many dog […]

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