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Zinc supplements support immune system health. Don’t suffer from seasonal health challenges! Order yours today!

Why Zinc is Crucial to the Body’s Defense System

Zinc plays many key roles in the human body, including protecting the immune system. As seasonal changes bring the onset of new health challenges, your body depends on this essential mineral to stay healthy. Find out more about why taking a zinc supplement may be beneficial to your health.

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Biotin Benefits: How Vitamin B7 Improves Your Overall Health

Biotin, commonly referred to as vitamin B7, plays a key role in cell growth, the synthesis of fatty acids, and the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids. Eggs, nuts, and whole grains are just a few of our favorite foods that are rich in vitamin B7! While most of us get the nutrition we need […]

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What Is Moringa and Why Should I Take It?

Send to Kindle You may have read headlines comparing moringa to a miracle tree or labeling it as the newest superfood and wondered, “Should I give it a try?” Same here. So I figured if I was going to educate myself about it, why not take you along on my fact-finding journey?

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Find out more about the NHC brand of dietary supplements.

Natural Healthy Concepts Launches Exclusive NHC Brand

For over a decade, Natural Healthy Concepts has been a trusted nutritional supplement retailer for health-minded shoppers. We’re proud to introduce our new line of professional products that are identical to formulas in some hard-to-find professional brands! From multivitamins to minerals and more, we’ve got a wide variety of dietary supplements to meet […]

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Find out more about pregnancy and dietary supplements.

Pregnancy & Supplements: What You Need to Know

During pregnancy, moms and their babies need extra nutrients to nourish their bodies. It is especially important to eat a healthy diet and get enough vitamins and minerals to cover your unique nutritional needs. Here are some essential nutrients you may need to stay healthy during this exciting time.

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FDA Guidance: What New Regulations Mean for You

Send to Kindle In the past month, the FDA released a guidance draft related to supplement regulation. Although you may think that these new rules and regulations won’t apply to you, these proposed changes could have a direct effect on the supplement industry and your access to many different types of supplements.

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What Are Adaptogens and How Can They Support My Health?

Send to Kindle  Do you feel stressed, anxious and tired a majority of the time? This state of chronic “distress” has become common for people today. It seems that with hectic schedules, there’s no time to eat well, exercise regularly or sleep enough, and it’s taking a toll! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

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5 Essential Supplements for Your Child’s Immune System Health

Send to Kindle Back to school can be an exciting time for your child. A new school year often means the chance to make new friends and gain new knowledge. However, heading back to school can also mean more germs, and more opportunities for your child to get sick. Rather than spending your year dealing with the seemingly inevitable […]

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Calcium and Magnesium Together

Send to Kindle Does it surprise you to read that nutritional medicine experts have long warned that “people who supplement with calcium should also take adequate amounts of magnesium?” In fact, “assuming that excess calcium intake without regards to magnesium intake may increase heart attack and stroke risk,” warns Life Extension. Our health depends on […]

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How Aging Affects Our Eyes and What We Can Do About It

Send to Kindle Typically, when we think about aging, stiff muscles, swollen joints, and wrinkled skin come to mind. But age can take a toll on our eyes, too — not only impairing our vision, but also causing blindness. Let’s take a look at some of these ocular challenges. The Most Common Age-Related Eye Issues […]

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