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6 Health Trends Among Generation Y

Send to Kindle   Millennials: We’re young, egotistical, addicted to technology and spoiled, right? I should know – I scored 96 out of 100 on the Pew Research Center’s “How Millennial Are You?” quiz. (Take the quiz here.) I’m essentially the poster child of Millennials. Look up Millennial in the dictionary and you’ll see my […]

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9 Supplements That Address MS Progression & Symptoms

Send to Kindle   Multiple Sclerosis , commonly referred to as MS, is one of the most widespread disabling neurological conditions among people between the ages of 20 and 55. While most diagnoses seem to come between the ages of 30 and 35, diagnoses do fall outside of that range. While people typically experience relapsing […]

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The ‘Other Ingredients’ – What You Need to Know About Excipients in Supplements

Send to Kindle The kinds of people who choose to get their vitamins, supplements and other products from Natural Healthy Concepts are people who truly care about their health and well-being. In addition, many of those people may have certain dietary restrictions, allergies and sensitivities or even ethical standards that make them very interested in […]

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DHEA for Men DHEA for Women

DHEA Benefits for Men, DHEA Benefits for Women

Send to Kindle The question comes up frequently whether DHEA benefits men and women the same or does it have different effects depending on the gender. Since DHEA is a steroid hormone directly tied to the sex hormones, it’s a valid question. This article focuses on researched key benefits. A previous article “What is Dhea […]

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12 Nutrients in Foods That Fight Seasonal Allergies [Infographic]

Send to Kindle Some foods can actually trigger your allergies, or make them worse. This is because of something called Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS).  The proteins in some fruits and veggies are similar to the proteins in pollen that cause hay fever. It’s helpful to know some of those foods that may cause a cross […]

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side effects of berberine

Are There Side Effects of Berberine Supplements?

Send to Kindle Berberine has several amazing benefits but someone recently asked me, what are the side effects of Berberine? I wasn’t familiar with many so I did some research to find out if there were any. These are the Potential Side Effects of Berberine: One article I found from The Examiner lists things to know […]

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5 Nutrients That Can Help Kids Labeled With ADHD

Send to Kindle It’s unbelievable how much power food has. Food actually has the ability to cause diseases or prevent them. If we aren’t getting the essential nutrients we need from healthy foods – our bodies will react negatively. But because everyone’s genetics and biochemical make-up is so unique, what’s considered healthy for you just might not […]

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Vega Maca Chocolate Bar – A Delicious Nutrient Powerhouse

Send to Kindle If you love chocolate, you’ll also probably love knowing the health benefits – of healthy chocolate that is.  There are quite a few chocolate lovers at Natural Healthy Concepts, so we’re quite thrilled to be offering the delicious and super nutritious Vega Maca Chocolate Bars at our store and online. Benefits of Dark chocolate […]

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Causes of Eczema & 4 Supplements That May Help

Send to Kindle Nobody is 100% sure what causes eczema. But we do know that when someone has eczema, they also have inflammation lurking somewhere inside the body – often times in the gut. My son started breaking out with eczema in the first weeks after being born. He still suffers from the sassy rash […]

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10 Natural Alternatives For Every Mama’s Medicine Cabinet

Send to Kindle Whether your child is dealing with a cold, flu, allergies, teething, eczema or constipation, there’s always some sort of natural remedy out there that you can try first. As I’ve learned more about natural health and homeopathics, my medicine cabinet has started filling up with natural remedies you won’t typically find on […]

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