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Clean Eating Recipes

Send to Kindle So far in this Clean Eating series, I’ve covered the basic guidelines and meal planning for the practice. Here, I would like to share some easy, clean eating recipes for meals and snacks to help you on your way. You’ll find that clean cooking may introduce you to many new ingredients. That’s […]

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6 Hot & Healthy Drinks for Holiday Warmth

Send to Kindle It’s a frigid, bone-chilling 10° outside, and you’re longing for a warm, tasty drink, but don’t want all the junk and calories. Where can you find some great recipes in a hurry? Right here! Here are six delicious and nutritious beverage recipes – alcoholic and non-alcoholic, to warm you inside and out. […]

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The Dangers of Artificial Food Dyes & How to Make Your Own Natural Food Coloring at Home

Send to Kindle It’s really no secret that artificial food dyes pose risks to our health. In many European countries, these types of additives have already been banned, or at least food products that contain them have warning labels to caution parents of the dangers associated with consumption. An article from Forbes indicates that even […]

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Healthy Baking Substitutes

Send to Kindle Who can resist a delicious treat fresh from the oven? No one! From pies and tarts, to cakes and muffins, there are so many goodies to indulge in. But with the fat, sugar, calories, allergens and other less-than-healthy things that come with your favorite baked goods, dessert can take a toll on […]

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