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5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy & 3 Supplements to Give Them

Send to Kindle   Do you treat your pet like one of the family? I confess, my dog, Bandit (pictured below) was rather indulged! Our pets love us unconditionally and bring great joy and companionship. There is even proof that they can improve the health and well-being of people! Read about it here. So, protecting […]

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5 Reasons To Take Digestive Enzymes

Send to Kindle Do you ever feel bloated or get constipated … or have diarrhea?  What about heartburn, irritable bowels or just a bad case of gas? More than 100 million Americans, or 1/2 the population, have digestive problems. These intestinal issues are just the beginning of what may lead to other chronic illnesses.

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3 Reasons You Should Use Natural Makeup

Send to Kindle   There is a lot of controversy surrounding skincare and makeup product safety these days. Manufacturers of conventional items in this industry site experts who believe that trace amounts of chemicals are not harmful to humans. Healthy living advocates say that all chemicals are bad, and the cumulative effect of using various contaminated products […]

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Natural Flea and Tick Control

Send to Kindle Fleas. Ticks. Ew! If you’re a pet parent, at some point or another, you’re going to have to worry about pest control. All those little creepy crawlies aren’t just gross, but they can also pose health risks for your pet. But is it really any better to cover your cat or dog […]

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Cleaning with Essential Oils: Easy Recipes

Send to Kindle Have you taken care of all your spring cleaning yet? Start cleaning with essential oils! Learn about the benefits and get super simple recipes for all areas of your home!

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Sinus Cleansing: Natural Products & Tips

Send to Kindle Sinus cleansing can benefit your health and well-being in a number of ways. It can help you get some relief from cold symptoms as well as allergy symptoms, and there are plenty of natural ways to do it. Learn more and check out the best natural products and home remedies for sinus cleansing.

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Eco-Friendly Brands – Supplements & Personal Care

Send to Kindle Does Earth Day have you thinking about your environmental impact and the products you purchase? For some of the most eco-friendly brands in the supplement and natural personal care industries, look no further than Natural Healthy Concepts! From vitamins and sports nutrition to skin care and cleaning products for your home, here […]

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The MIND Diet for Reduced Risk of Alzheimer’s

Send to Kindle Currently, dementia affects 1 in 20 individuals over the age of 65 and 1 in 5 over the age of 80. Alzheimer’s Disease International, the global voice on dementia, predicts that the number of people with dementia will nearly triple worldwide by 2050.

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Best Natural Sunscreens for Your Face

Send to Kindle Have you ever seen those pictures of people’s faces that show the unseen damage that has been caused to their skin by UV radiation — the “what you see/what you don’t see” comparison? If that isn’t enough to make you apply natural sunscreens, I don’t know what possibly could! Wait, there is […]

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Joint Care Tips for Healthy Aging

Send to Kindle It is most everyone’s dream to age gracefully, but it doesn’t just happen (for most of us, anyway). It takes some effort and the right attitude. You can make the aging process more positive by being proactive when it comes to joint care. Millions of Americans face joint pain as they age, but […]

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