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10 Healthy, Easy Recipes & Snacks Even Your Kids Will Love

Send to Kindle Sticking to a healthy diet is tough when we’re constantly surrounded by unhealthy food choices. Our grocery stores are filled with processed junk that we buy because it’s quick, easy and convenient. But these so called “foods” are just not good for us. Besides being processed, most likely with GMOs – they’re […]

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Fight Wrinkles And Anti-Aging with Pycnogenol

Send to Kindle I’ll be reaching a milestone birthday this year and it’s starting to bother me. Yes, I know age is relative, but how did I get so old so fast? I’m suddenly more concerned with looking younger than I ever used to be. The wrinkles on my face, or rather the “laugh-lines,” are […]

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Which Supplements Should I Take?

Send to Kindle As a Certified Nutritionist, the most frequent question I hear from clients is, “Which supplements should I take?” It’s no wonder either with the huge variety of multivitamins, herbs, supplements and homeopathic formulas available! If that’s your question and you’re looking for an easy, yet inexpensive, way to sort through the maze […]

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6 Ways to Naturally Purify Your Home

Send to Kindle The air inside your home is 2-5 times more polluted with toxins than the air outside - EPA studies show. And sometimes even more than 100 times as bad. (Source) Indoor air pollutants are ranked among the top five environmental health risks causing a variety of short and long term health issues. You or […]

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Fermenting to Stretch Your Budget and Preserve Food (Apple Chutney Recipe)

Send to Kindle Last year, we were pleased to have Thomasa Meinnert, of Let’s Ferment, present a mini-class on fermenting foods as part of our Speaker Series. It was jam packed and filled with great information and countless tasty fermented treats. We asked her to write a post on the benefits of fermenting food and […]

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5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy & 3 Supplements to Give Them

Send to Kindle Do you treat your pet like one of the family? I confess, my dog Bandit, pictured below was rather indulged! Our pets love us unconditionally and bring great joy and companionship. There are even studies like this one in Life Extension Magazine that show owning a pet can make you healthier! But, […]

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3 Ways to Avoid Ear Infections + 8 Natural Treatments

Send to Kindle Three out of four children will have at least one “ear infection” by their third birthday, according to the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services. But do they really have an ear infection? Or, does a painful earache get treated as an infection leading to the unnecessary use of antibiotics? The […]

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Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet–A New Year’s Resolution You Can Feel Good About

Send to Kindle If you’re anything like me, you likely ate way too much lasagna, ham, mashed potatoes and sweets over the past few days months and probably have a New Year’s resolution that has something to do with a healthier diet and more exercise. At the start of every new year, many people vow […]

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Frankinsence and Myrrh

Facts About Frankincense and Myrrh and How They Affect Your Health

Send to Kindle We’re all familiar with the three guys who started the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas. In the New Testament of the  Bible, the Magi (aka the Three Wise men) sought the Christ-child and brought him gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh. Now we all know gold makes a pretty nice gift – […]

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Peppermint Healthy Uses

7 Healthy and Practical Uses for Peppermint (Besides Fresh Breath)

Send to Kindle The first things we all think of when it comes to peppermint is breath mints and gum, toothpaste and candy canes. But there’s much more to this refreshing herb than just a minty flavor. You may be surprised at all the valuable ways peppermint can be used in your everyday life. Not […]

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