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Why Meditation is Great for Your Health

Send to Kindle St. Francis de Sales once said, “Half an hour’s meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed.” Meditation has been growing steadily in popularity over the last 10 years or so, but there are still plenty of people who dismiss the simple practice of […]

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Vegetarians & Vegans: Who they are and how to become one

Send to Kindle Human herbivores are enigmas. Vegetarians. Vegans. We’re all crazy. Seriously, what kind of person wouldn’t want to eat bacon on everything possible? We come in two categories: 1)hippies who don’t shower and are essentially the Amish but instead of working hard, we smoke homegrown weed, or 2) entitled snobs with huge egos […]

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9 Natural Ways to Avoid Armpit Sweat & Stains

Send to Kindle I’ve stuffed paper towels in my cold, sweaty pits to try and absorb some of the sweat. I’ve used a hair dryer to blow my sweat circles dry – Although that doesn’t do anything for those stubborn stains. If you’re like me, you know armpit sweat can be an embarrassing problem. Plus, […]

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Detox Guide: Day 7 – Post Detox Diet Plan

Send to Kindle So, how was your detox journey? I hope this 7-day guide offered the instructions and information you needed to make this detox a more effective and fulfilling process. My goal was to promote daily interaction so you would stay focused and motivated! Was that the case? Consider sharing your results below with […]

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Detox Guide: Day 6 – The Benefits of a Detox

Send to Kindle On Day 6 of your detox, you are most likely starting to feel some of the benefits beyond weight loss! Those of you who have completed a cleanse before, have realized a variety of benefits and you are definitely feeling some now. But this may be quite a different experience for those […]

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Detox Guide: Day 5 – Weight Loss With Detox

Send to Kindle Well, here it is, Day 5 of the Step by Step Guide to Detox Series. I hope you are all hanging in there and starting to experience more energy. If you’ve been practicing clean eating and supporting your body’s detoxification effots, you may have noticed some weight loss by now. See what […]

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Detox Guide Day 4: Detox Symptoms

Send to Kindle Welcome to day four of your detox guide! Many people worry about having detox symptoms, also known as Herxheimer reaction symptoms, so I wanted to briefly share some insights about it. Occasionally, an individual undergoing a detox or cleanse program may experience a Herxheimer reaction (named after Karl Herxheimer). This generally occurs […]

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Detox Guide: Day 3 – Improving the Paths of Elimination

Welcome to day three, everyone! Today the focus is on elimination. Not the most glamorous of topics, but important all the same, even critical! As I mentioned in my introduction to this series, toxins are everywhere in today’s environment — in our water, food, air, carpet, cleaning products, skin products, fillings, nonstick cookware, […]

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Detox Guide: Day 2 – How Much Water to Drink on a Detox?

Send to Kindle Welcome back for day two of The Detox Guide to a successful detox! I hope all is going well. Many people ask, how much water should I drink on a detox? The correct answer depends on you, your activities and your environment. The question really is, how much water does your body […]

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Detox Guide: Day 1 – Your Detoxification Food Plan

Send to Kindle Welcome to Day 1 of The Detox Guide series! I am excited to share information about this process with all of you, and I am hoping it will help you be even more successful with your efforts. Today’s topic is your food plan. Obviously, there are foods you are going to need […]

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