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Too Acidic or Alkaline? The Importance of pH Balance and How to Maintain It

Send to Kindle You may have read about pH balance in health articles, but do you really know what it’s all about? What do the experts say? pH stands for “potential of hydrogen.” So, for example, the lower the pH level of a solution, the more free hydrogen ions contained within it, and vice versa. This measurement is […]

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An Introduction to Clean Living: The Path to a Healthy, Toxin-Free Life

Send to Kindle In our last series, we talked about clean eating. Well, now it’s time to think even bigger about your health. If you’re avoiding chemicals in your food, shouldn’t you avoid them in the rest of your life, too? Join us as we explain and explore the ideas of clean living to bring […]

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clean eating grocery list

Clean Eating Grocery List

Send to Kindle The grocery store is not everyone’s favorite place, so I’d like to make it a better experience for you by helping you plan ahead. Use my clean eating grocery list as a guide, then make the choices that are right for you. Using a list helps you resist temptation. If it’s not […]

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Healthiest Greens: Three All-Stars

Send to Kindle   As a general group, leafy greens are low-calorie sources of nutrition. They’re rich in vitamins and minerals to help meet your nutritional needs, along with unique plant-based substances that can help protect you against a variety of conditions. Some are great for salads, while others better lend themselves to steaming or […]

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clean eating series meal planning

Clean Eating Meal Planning

Send to Kindle In my last post, Clean Eating Guide for Beginners, I focused on what clean eating is all about and some of most generally accepted principles of the practice. In this second article of the series, I offer meal planning suggestions for eating clean. I’m hoping this will facilitate your efforts to clean […]

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The Health Benefits of Pomegranate

Send to Kindle One of the greatest joys of eating is when something tastes delicious and delivers incredible health benefits. Pomegranates are definitely one of these foods!

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Clean Eating Guide for Beginners

Send to Kindle If you’re up for a healthy challenge this year, why not try cleaning up your diet? This may be the perfect time to give clean eating a try! What is clean eating? You’ve undoubtedly heard about the “clean eating” trend on social media, at gyms and from nutritionists. But, you may not […]

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castor oi and mud packs

Castor Oil and Mud Packs: Detox Tools

Over the years, our bodies accumulate toxins that disrupt the body’s energy flow, and its lymphatic and nerve systems. Things like surgery, previous trauma, scars, vaccination sites and even dental work can also cause blockage in the flow of bio-energy in and around the body. In traditional Chinese medicine, castor oil and mud […]

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5 Tests to Take For Good Health and Disease Prevention

Send to Kindle Certain health tests can tell us a lot about how our bodies are functioning. A simple blood, urine or saliva test can give us the information we need to keep ourselves healthy and living symptom free.

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The Dangers of Artificial Food Dyes & How to Make Your Own Natural Food Coloring at Home

Send to Kindle It’s really no secret that artificial food dyes pose risks to our health. In many European countries, these types of additives have already been banned, or at least food products that contain them have warning labels to caution parents of the dangers associated with consumption. An article from Forbes indicates that even […]

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