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Clean Living: Indoor Air Pollutants at Work & Home

Send to Kindle Last week, the first post in this clean living series was published, and it offered an explanation of the clean living movement and why now more than ever, people are taking steps toward living a clean, healthier lifestyle. In the second post, we’re going to talk about clean living as it pertains […]

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7 Healthy Dips for Your Game Day Bash

Send to Kindle Super Bowl 50 – the pinnacle of the NFL season – is just a few days away, and many people are planning a big party to not only watch the game, but also celebrate the 50th anniversary of it. With any party comes fantastic spreads of everything from chicken wings to sandwiches, and of course, […]

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Award-Winning Health and Beauty Products Available at NHC!

Send to Kindle Our nontoxic health and beauty products are award winners! All of us at Natural Healthy Concepts are excited to share the list of DeliciousLiving’s 2016 Beauty & Body Award winners, especially since we sell so many of them! Making healthy products available to you, our customers, is at the heart of what we do. […]

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An Introduction to Clean Living: The Path to a Healthy, Toxin-Free Life

Send to Kindle In our last series, we talked about clean eating. Well, now it’s time to think even bigger about your health. If you’re avoiding chemicals in your food, shouldn’t you avoid them in the rest of your life, too? Join us as we explain and explore the ideas of clean living to bring […]

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Workout Wednesday: Can Physical Activity Help You Sleep Better?

Send to Kindle There’s been a bit of back-and-forth over the years about exercising before bed. First, it seemed to be a big no-no because the energy boost could keep you awake. Later, exercise was thought to be a good idea because it could wear you out and make you tired. So, what do we […]

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Best Teas for Natural Sore Throat Relief

Send to Kindle We’ve all experienced it … the raw, scratchy, painful throat that can come with seasonal illnesses. Viral infections that cause sore throat are more than irritating for the sufferer, they also contribute notably to our public health problem of overprescribed antibiotics. Research suggests that up to 75% of patients receive an antibiotic […]

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Recipes with Rosemary, a Distinctive Spice

Send to Kindle The first time I can remember using rosemary was as a young teen helping my mother make her special Italian spaghetti and meatballs recipe. It was a favorite of mine. Ever since, I seem to have considered it only for Italian dishes, not realizing what I was missing. Rosemary compliments so many […]

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How You Can Help Kids Around the World Get the Nourishment They Need This Holiday Season

Send to Kindle As we head toward the end of the year and straight into the holiday season, many of us will be thinking of all the blessings in our lives. We really do have quite a few things to be thankful for: Our families, our homes and our health. The holidays are also an […]

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Help Veterans and Shelter Dogs with Nordic Naturals

Send to Kindle Help give veterans the support they need, and shelter dogs the chance they deserve, with Nordic Naturals and the nonprofit organization Paws and Stripes.

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6 Kombucha Recipes You Can Make Yourself!

Send to Kindle If you’re at all naturally savvy, you’ve heard or read about kombucha more than a few times. So what’s the big deal about kombucha anyway? Why do people drink it? The answer is simple – it has great health benefits. However, before we dive into our featured recipes, you should know kombucha […]

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