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7 Healthy Potluck Recipes for Your Next Dinner Party

Send to Kindle  It’s the time of year for parties and feasting! And this usually means plenty of get-togethers with family, round robins with friends, and celebrations with people from your church. Now all you need to do is find a few good recipe ideas to share with everyone. We saved you the hassle of […]

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6 Healthier Holiday Candy Recipes!

Send to Kindle  Avoiding sweets during the holidays can be problematic. Avoiding toxic sweets, even more so. You start out strong, but by mid-December your willpower takes a nose dive – especially after a glass of wine. Before you know it, you’ve gobbled up a series of goodies loaded with trans-fats, high fructose corn syrup, and […]

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Essential Oils, The FDA and What You Need to Know

Send to Kindle One of the biggest recent trends in natural health is the use of essential oils. Maybe you’ve heard about using essential oils for aromatherapy, massage oils, in beauty products like shampoo, even to help flavor certain foods. But many people have more questions than answers. There are critics who say using essential […]

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5 Popular Health Myths Busted

Send to Kindle In the 15 years I’ve been doing natural health research, I’ve found plenty of things to question. But I’ve found far more truth than fiction. There’s just one problem… These truths don’t sit well with mainstream medicine. There are plenty of popular medical myths perpetuated by Big Medicine and Big Pharma that […]

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Natural Healthy Concepts Wins Best of the Valley 2014!

Send to Kindle It’s awards season here in Appleton, Wisconsin. Natural Healthy Concepts is proud to announce that people in the Fox Cities have voted us “Best Nutrition Center” in the area. If you aren’t from our part of the country, and only order from us online, you may not even realize that we have […]

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Foods That Cross-React with Gluten: 24 Possibilities

Send to Kindle Whether you’re new to the gluten-free lifestyle, or have lived it for many years, you’ve likely seen at least one article on the Web that states there are foods that can cross-react with gluten while you were trying to educate yourself. I came across five while getting ready to write this post. Yes, five. […]

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Epigenetics: Can You Control Your Genetic Destiny?

Send to Kindle I hear this a lot, “My entire family has diabetes and I know I am going to get it as well. What can I do if it’s all in my genes?” You can insert whatever disease that runs in your family …maybe it is cancer or heart disease or Alzheimer’s. It can […]

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The Many Faces of Depression: The Types & Symptoms

Send to Kindle According to MediLexicon, depression is “A mental disorder characterized by sustained depression of mood, anhedonia, sleep and appetite disturbances, and feelings of worthlessness, guilt, and hopelessness.” It’s hard to get through one day without seeing or hearing the word “depression.” Many people use it incorrectly or as a joke, but for many […]

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PANDAS: Unbearable Strep Infections

Send to Kindle Every day people are misdiagnosed with psychiatric disorders and often placed on risky medications. Today, more and more of them are children. Natural Healthy Concepts is passionate about your families health. We care deeply about getting to the root problem when someone’s health (and behavior) is compromised. Our goal is to help […]

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Facts About Flame Retardants & Ways You Can Protect Your Family

Send to Kindle I know you might be thinking… Please, not again! Not another reason I need to worry about the health of my kids. Believe me, it was hard to bring myself to research flame retardants. I couldn’t help but think maybe I just don’t want to know. I was already aware that the […]

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