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Cloves: Tiny Herbs with Huge Health Benefits

Send to Kindle The aroma of cloves often sparks memories of holiday ham, mulled wine or a favorite perfume. This unique scent is described as “powerful, sweet-spicy and hot with fruity top tones.” Its strong taste is explained as “uniquely warm, sweet and aromatic.” The clove spice is made from the unopened pink flower buds […]

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Nutrient Deficiencies & Gluten-Free Diets: What You Should Know

Send to Kindle If you’ve been following a gluten-free diet for any amount of time, you know how difficult it can be. Not only do you have to watch what you eat, but you have to be aware of gluten in other things you use every day. (Shampoo, shower gel, cosmetics, and skincare products are […]

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Toxic Black Mold Symptoms, Testing The HLA-DRBQ Gene

Send to Kindle It’s pretty amazing how many health threats our environment poses. We live in a world of toxic-overload. You’ve probably heard that even babies are born with more than 200 potentially harmful chemicals already in their bodies. No matter how hard we try, we can’t really get away from it. Out of at […]

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The Difference Between Folate, Folinic Acid and Folic Acid

Send to Kindle You may have heard about the folic acid controversy and wondered what it has to do with you. At the center of this debate is the U.S. government’s folic acid food fortification program, which became mandatory in 1996 “due to overwhelming evidence for the protective effect of folic acid supplementation before conception […]

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Workout Wednesday: Are You Foam Rolling Correctly?

Send to Kindle Foam rollers—those foam sticks that look a little like the noddles your kids play with in the swimming pool—are just about everywhere these days. I’ve seen them at the gym and at the doctor’s office. I know a few people that even keep one or two at home, but many people have […]

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8 Nutrients That Can Help Protect You From The Sun’s UV Radiation

Send to Kindle We love the sun for a lot of reasons. It cheers us up, it keeps us warm and it gives us the vitamin D3 our bodies majorly depend on. On the other hand, the sun’s UV radiation in excess can produce genetic mutations that lead to skin cancer. Government organizations have even […]

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Meal Planning & Nutrition for Athletes

Send to Kindle  Whether you’re an athlete, fitness fanatic, or you just want to be healthier, you should already know one of the most important factors in maintaining your lifestyle—a nutrition plan that includes a healthy daily diet. Becoming an exceptional athlete requires a lot of time and effort, but if you’re neglecting good nutrition, that […]

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Your Dog & the 2015 Canine Flu Outbreak

Send to Kindle If you’ve been watching or reading the news at all since mid-March, you’ve no doubt heard about the new strain of canine flu that’s been infecting dogs throughout the Midwestern states of Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin. There have been headlines that stated that thousands of dogs have been sickened, that dogs have […]

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What’s a Healthy Weight? BMI May Not be the Best Measure

Send to Kindle At some point or another in your life – or regularly in your life – you’ve probably thought about your weight. The number on the scale, your favorite jeans feeling a little snug, those dimples on the back of your thighs, the super-fit models in every advertisement – there are a million […]

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What Does Gluten-Free Actually Mean, Anyway?

Send to Kindle It’s pretty hard to go to a grocery store or corner market and not see products that are labeled gluten-free. If you’re celiac like me or suffer from gluten intolerance, seeing this label more often probably makes you pretty happy. After all, more gluten-free labels mean more food options. It seems that […]

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