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How Curcumin Helps Depression by Fighting Inflammation

Send to Kindle Did you know depression is the most common psychiatric disorder and leading cause of disability in the world? In 2011, a study of nearly 90,000 people showed France and the US as the two most depressed countries. Worldwide, 121 million people suffer from depression and the use of anti-depressants in the US […]

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Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday-Tabata

Send to Kindle The Tabata Protocol was created by Izumi Tabata. Tabata is a form of HIIT and was developed in the 90s. The traditional Tabata Protocol requires the following: 5 minute warm-up 20 seconds all out intensity, 10 seconds rest (8 times total) 2 minutes cool-down This Tabata workout comes from and is […]

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Natural Solutions for Stress and Anxiety

Natural Solutions for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Send to Kindle Are you over stressed? What if I told you 77% of Americans regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress? Alarming, isn’t it? April is Stress Awareness Month; a great time to evaluate your current stress level and discover new ways to lower your overall stress. I believe that stress, anxiety and depression […]

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Fight Wrinkles And Anti-Aging with Pycnogenol

Send to Kindle I’ll be reaching a milestone birthday this year and it’s starting to bother me. Yes, I know age is relative, but how did I get so old so fast? I’m suddenly more concerned with looking younger than I ever used to be. The wrinkles on my face, or rather the “laugh-lines,” are […]

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The Deanna Protocol – Hope and Help for People Battling ALS

Send to Kindle How would you feel if your child came down with an incurable disease – one which would force you to watch her waste away in a matter of years? That’s what Dr. Vincent Tedone faced when doctors diagnosed his 30 year-old daughter with ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. Dr. Tedone, a retired […]

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Could the Medications You’re Taking Hurt Your Baby?

Send to Kindle I’m no expert in child birthing, and would love a “do-over” of my five pregnancies, but I’ve learned an awful lot in the 35 years since my oldest son was born. Fortunately for my kids, I was relatively healthy, and the food I ate wasn’t loaded with GMOs. I’m really grateful they […]

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Minerals - Major and Trace

Major Minerals & Trace Minerals – How to Understand the Difference

Send to Kindle We’ve all heard that minerals are an important part of a healthy diet. But how much do we really know about why we need them and what they actually do to help promote good health? Minerals are actually inorganic substances. The knee-jerk reaction of some might be to assume anything that’s not […]

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What Changes in Food Labeling May Mean For You

Send to Kindle You may have heard on the news recently that there are changes coming to nutritional labels. The changes are still pending but this article from CNN says: If approved, the new labels would place a bigger emphasis on total calories, added sugars and certain nutrients such as Vitamin D and potassium. The article […]

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6 Ways to Naturally Purify Your Home

Send to Kindle The air inside your home is 2-5 times more polluted with toxins than the air outside - EPA studies show. And sometimes even more than 100 times as bad. (Source) Indoor air pollutants are ranked among the top five environmental health risks causing a variety of short and long term health issues. You or […]

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Is Your State One of the Happiest and Healthiest in the USA?

Send to Kindle How much does where you live affect your health and well-being? Of course, no matter where you call home, your lifestyle choices are your personal responsibility. But the people and places that surround us, and the resources made available to us, also play a big role in our quality of life. When […]

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