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5 Natural Ways to Manage Psoriasis

Send to Kindle   Many people who do not have psoriasis think, “It’s just a rash … no big deal.” But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Those who suffer with psoriasis live with painful physical as well as emotional symptoms. Consider these facts about psoriasis from the National Psoriasis Foundation: Psoriasis is the most […]

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What Are Adaptogens and How Can They Support My Health?

Send to Kindle  Do you feel stressed, anxious and tired a majority of the time? This state of chronic “distress” has become common for people today. It seems that with hectic schedules, there’s no time to eat well, exercise regularly or sleep enough, and it’s taking a toll! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

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Sleep and Your Health

Send to Kindle It’s no secret that getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your health. Sometimes though, knowing that sleep is important and getting the recommended amount every night can be two different practices. Between your job, social life, and family, it can seem impossible to balance your sleeping and waking hours.

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What Is the Human Microbiome and How Is It Tied to Obesity?

Send to Kindle Does it bother you to think about the fact that you have trillions of bacteria living in and on your body right now? If you’ve ever seen some of them under a microscope, the thought probably just sent shivers down your spine. But, it’s true! In fact, it is estimated that the […]

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How Aging Affects Our Eyes and What We Can Do About It

Send to Kindle Typically, when we think about aging, stiff muscles, swollen joints, and wrinkled skin come to mind. But age can take a toll on our eyes, too — not only impairing our vision, but also causing blindness. Let’s take a look at some of these ocular challenges. The Most Common Age-Related Eye Issues […]

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Causes of Anemia: Contributing Factors for Low Hemoglobin

Send to Kindle Anemia is the most common blood disorder, affecting more than 3 million Americans. (Source)  Are you familiar with the causes of anemia? If not, this post may give you a better understanding of this prevalent condition and how it is manifested in the body. Your Blood & Red Blood Cells Whole blood is comprised of red […]

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Is Your Heartburn Medication a Health Risk?

Send to Kindle Chronic heartburn is not fun; either is choosing what to take for it. There are antacids, foaming agents, H2 blockers, prokinetics, Bismuth subsalicylate products and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) … and then you have to consider the potential side effects of each. They are FDA approved, so that must mean they are […]

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Joint Care Tips for Healthy Aging

Send to Kindle It is most everyone’s dream to age gracefully, but it doesn’t just happen (for most of us, anyway). It takes some effort and the right attitude. You can make the aging process more positive by being proactive when it comes to joint care. Millions of Americans face joint pain as they age, but […]

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Men's Health Advice

Why Men Die Before Women – 6 Health Concerns & the Advice That Could Save Your Life

Send to Kindle The facts don’t lie. Men die earlier than women. But we’re not just talking about old age… Studies show male infants die more often than females. Little boys have a higher death and injury rate than little girls. The same goes for teens and males of any age group. Some experts say […]

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Win a Nutty Prize Package When You Take Our Health Nut Quiz

Send to Kindle There’s a lot to know about natural health, and there’s always more to learn. Trying to keep up with all of the new research and health news can drive you a little nutty! Here at Natural Healthy Concepts, we’re always learning something new and we’re nuts about sharing that information with you. For a […]

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