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Discover the Natural Pain Relief Supplement that Helped a Pro Football Player

Send to Kindle When you play 17 years in the NFL as a wide receiver – you’re guaranteed to take your share of big hits. That can mean dealing with plenty of pain. Tim Brown is a Heisman Trophy winner, nine-time Pro Bowler and a future NFL Hall of Famer. He’s considered one of the […]

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Tart Cherries for Gout

Does Cherry Extract Help with Gout or Arthritic Inflammation?

Send to Kindle Could it really be so simple? Could eating cherries or taking a tart cherry extract pills help with gout or arthritis? The 8 million or so U.S. adults affected with gout and looking for gout remedies would love to know the answer! An article by Dr. David Williams, says yes! Tart cherry is […]

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Impotency Natural Help

Win the Fight Against Impotency Without Those Little Blue Pills

Send to Kindle Impotence isn’t an easy subject to talk about. It’s private. It’s frustrating and can be more than a little embarrassing. People may say that sexual performance shouldn’t define anyone as a man. But try telling that to the guy who is having trouble in the bedroom. Impotence can affect your relationship, your […]

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Why Constipation Is Not Normal & 10 Natural Remedies

Send to Kindle Feeling fat and bloated from too much holiday eating? Are you suffering from “irregularity”? Most people are. Are you old enough to remember the old laxative commercials like this one below for Feen-a-mint from the late 70’s?  It’s about a mother and daughter who share the problem of constipation. It certainly puts […]

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Diabetes During the Holidays

7 Ways Diabetics Can Have a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season

Send to Kindle The holiday season provides plenty of temptations for everyone. But it’s particularly tough for those of us who have diabetes. My blood sugar spikes just thinking about all those cookies full of carbohydrates, sugary candy and potluck dinners packed with all sorts of dishes I’m supposed to be avoiding. We shouldn’t have […]

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Dealing with the Stress of the Middle-Aged Sandwich

Send to Kindle With your children becoming teenagers, you might be looking forward to the time when there are less demands for your time and finances. The reality is that for about half of adults age 40 to 59 that still have children at home, they will take on the extra demands of physically and […]

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Acne is a Big Problem Teenagers Face – Here’s How You Can Help

Send to Kindle Doesn’t it seem like today’s teens have a harder time coping with life than they did years ago? Suicide and substance abuse rates appear to be at an all-time high. As a parent, it’s hard to see your child hurt from all the mean and cruel behavior that goes on. Besides that, […]

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Maca for Low Libido, Stamina and Energy

Try Maca for Low Libido, Energy and Stamina!

Send to Kindle Had enough of the TV commercials for erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs? How about that endless list of side effects?  Low libido IS a problem and it isn’t just limited to men, it’s a problem for women, too. Its causes can be more complicated than you think (translation: taking a pill isn’t going to fix […]

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The truth about SAD – it isn’t winter blahs or cabin fever!

Send to Kindle I don’t know SAD directly but I do know it personally. Debilitating is descriptive but hardly accurate. I’ve seen a family member repeatedly suffer unbearably over the years and to the point of such weakening that she was nearly incapacitated. For her, SAD starts after the holidays in later January, almost like […]

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perimenopause symptoms

Symptoms of Perimenopause and Natural Solutions

Send to Kindle Your body is an intricate machine of hormones, enzyme action, nutrients, emotions and thoughts. Menopause is a natural event where all of these are impacted – drastically. So drastically that you may think you’re going crazy or that you’re getting Alzheimer’s disease! Menopause is a two-stage process, with both stages being unique […]

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