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It’s a Lyme Life: Living with Lyme Disease

Send to Kindle  As a Lyme survivor myself, I was very grateful to Lisa for sharing her family’s struggles with Lyme disease. People all over the world are being told they have every chronic health condition but the one they really have – Lyme disease. They’re told they’re mentally ill, have ALS, Lupus, and a […]

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Thanksgiving with Diabetes – 7 Healthy Ways to Handle the Holiday

Send to Kindle This time of year, we all gather with friends and family to celebrate the holidays, and pack on the pounds before we make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. But for diabetics, extra weight gain isn’t the only issue. We also have to think about managing our blood sugar levels during […]

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Varicose Veins – Why You Get Them & What Can Help

Send to Kindle When you have varicose veins, summer is not your friend. I have varicose veins. I’m always glad to see fall arrive. Not only because I love autumn, but because I hate my legs. Yeah, I know all the psycho-babble about loving my body, but seriously, do my legs have to look like […]

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PANDAS: Unbearable Strep Infections

Send to Kindle Every day people are misdiagnosed with psychiatric disorders and often placed on risky medications. Today, more and more of them are children. Natural Healthy Concepts is passionate about your families health. We care deeply about getting to the root problem when someone’s health (and behavior) is compromised. Our goal is to help […]

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natural ways to relieve the itch

15 Natural Home Remedies for Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac

Send to Kindle Leaves of three, let it be. That old saying is worth remembering when trying to identify plants that might be poison ivy, oak or sumac. I have to admit, I have seen plants that I thought were poison ivy or poison oak , and other people said they were not. If you’re […]

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Raw milk freedoms

What’s Your Beef With Raw Milk Anyway?

Send to Kindle Years ago I spent time with friends in North Dakota who grew up on a farm. Raw milk was a staple in their home. I remember gagging at the sight of them pouring warmed cream over their peas. I wouldn’t touch it! I was ill-informed then – and today, I love raw milk. […]

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Tips to Help Sleep Soundly

18 Tips to Sleep Through the Night

Send to Kindle Exhausted, you went to bed at 10 pm and fell promptly asleep. Then for no reason that you know of, you are wakened at 2 am. You lay, wide awake, waiting for sleep to come. The clock ticks incessantly. You start to get stressed that you can’t get back to sleep and […]

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How Curcumin Helps Depression by Fighting Inflammation

Send to Kindle Did you know depression is the most common psychiatric disorder and leading cause of disability in the world? In 2011, a study of nearly 90,000 people showed France and the US as the two most depressed countries. Worldwide, 121 million people suffer from depression and the use of anti-depressants in the US […]

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Discover the Natural Pain Relief Supplement that Helped a Pro Football Player

Send to Kindle When you play 17 years in the NFL as a wide receiver – you’re guaranteed to take your share of big hits. That can mean dealing with plenty of pain. Tim Brown is a Heisman Trophy winner, nine-time Pro Bowler and a future NFL Hall of Famer. He’s considered one of the […]

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Tart Cherries for Gout

Does Cherry Extract Help with Gout or Arthritic Inflammation?

Send to Kindle Could it really be so simple? Could eating cherries or taking a tart cherry extract pills help with gout or arthritis? The 8 million or so U.S. adults affected with gout and looking for gout remedies would love to know the answer! An article by Dr. David Williams, says yes! Tart cherry is […]

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